How to Build a Stray Cat Shelter

Dog Adoption By Meg Marrs 1 min read February 24, 2022

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stray cat shelters

It’s important to recognize when someone is doing awesome work for our furry friends!

That’s why I want to take today to do a quick call out for Reddit user imactuallyalion, who recently shared his personal project: to build shelters for stray cats in his neighborhood. Not everyone has a comfy cat or orthopedic dog bed to keep them comfy during the winter, but do gooders like this user help give them a warm place to call home.


Check out his picture tutorial of how to make these cozy kitty cottages.

If you plan on building one of these, also be sure to check out the comments related to this tutorial, as some users have suggestions for improving this original design.

Many cats will be warmer this winter thanks to do-gooders like this online user. Keep up the good work!

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

giving up dog at shelter
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