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how to survive a dog attack

What To Do If a Dog Attacks You: Surviving a Dog Attack

Dog attacks are terrifying, there’s no denying it. Some professions can put you more at risk for a dog attack. If you’re a mailperson, a dogwalker, a shelter worker, a dog trainer, or really just someone

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Dog Who Ate Cigarette

Help! My Dog Ate A Cigarette (Or Even a Pack)!

Dogs are notorious for eating strange things, and sometimes this includes items we’d usually consider inedible. Some dogs eat rocks or sticks, others try to chow down on discarded sanitary items, and

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Are tennis balls good for dogs

Are Tennis Balls Bad for Dogs – Harmless Toy or Hazard?

I don’t know who the first person to give a tennis ball to a dog was, but he or she was a genius. Most dogs love playing with tennis balls, and some lose their minds at the mere sight of one.   But

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How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks on the 4th of July

With so many dogs terrified of fireworks, 4th of July can be a frightening time for pups everywhere. In fact, July 5th is often the busiest day of the year at animal shelters, as pets run off from home

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dog chewing socks

Help! My Dog Ate a Sock – What Do I Do?

You don’t have to be a dog owner for long before you realize that your pet may eat just about anything you leave lying around. They may rummage through the bathroom to find something fun to devour. Some

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keeping dog cool in car

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Car on Cross-Country Adventures!

With summer upon us, many dog owners are excited to get their dogs out and about more. Whether you’re looking forward to afternoons on the water, evening strolls around parks, or Sunday picnics, summer

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Dog Life Vests: Our Top Picks For Flotation Safety!

Does your canine have a taste for the high seas? Some dogs love to go on boating adventures with their owners, and who can blame them? While nautical dogs make great skippers, they need to be outfitted

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signs of aggressive puppy

Signs Of An Aggressive Puppy: Is My Puppy Normal, Or a True Terror?

All puppies play bite, but some puppies are more intense than others. It’s rare, but even at a very young age, some puppies have an “edge” to them. As a dog behavior consultant who’s worked with

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How To Introduce Your Dog To Your New Baby: Prepping & Meeting!

Properly introducing your dog to your baby is an important step towards integrating your family together. Even the most well-behaved and friendly dog can be frazzled by a screaming, crawling, fur-pulling

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Best Dog Vests for Hunting: Keeping Fido Safe on the Hunt!

Dogs are fantastic hunting companions. They not only provide a bit of company, they can help you achieve success in the field. Most hunting dogs are tasked with finding or retrieving birds, but some breeds

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