K9 Round Up: Fun Stuff From the Web

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k9 roundup
k9 roundup

Today I’m starting a new series – a K9 Roundup, a regular recap of some of the best, most tail-waggy content on the web! Here’s some great stuff I found this week:

1. Artistic Street Dogs

Procure1Amigo is launching an exhibit at São Paulo’s Perestroika as part of their “Canismo” campaign, which is an artistic movement encouraging the adoption of shelter animals.

This exhibit features artwork by 18 shelter dogs, who shook off non-toxic paint to make Jackson-Pollock-styled paintings. Both the artists and their artwork are up for adoption!

Thing this looks fun? You can do it too with your dog – they just used food coloring and corn starch.

If you can’t get enough of shelter dogs, also check out my new post this week with 12 Incredible Dog Rescue Stories. The before and after adoption photos will blow you away.

before and after pet adoption

2. Mother Dogs Who Need a Break

In honor of Mother’s Day, we can’t pass up this post from Barkpost with 11 Dog Moms Who Totally Need a Mutherpuppin’ Break This Mother’s Day.

boxer puppiesSource: @bellah_the_boxer

3. Animals Celebrate Star Wars Day!

We also can’t forget that it was Star Wars day this week, and our canine friends celebrated too! The Frisky celebrated with 13 dogs and cats dressed in their finest Star Wars cosplay outfits (and they are all up for adoption!)

may the forth be with you dogs

If you liked those, also be sure to check out my own collection of dogs dressed as Star Wars characters. Too cute, amiright?

4. Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

I also couldn’t help but smile at this Paws and Prada post with 14 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand. I’m feeling 13. Sorry dog haters, you just aren’t welcome here.

paws and pradaHoping to make this a regular thing! If you find any awesome dog stuff on the web, toss it my way on Twitter!

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