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Interview With Pawsitive Collars – The “Toms” of the Dog World!

Today we’re talking with Steve May, owner of Pawsitive Collars. Pawsitive Collars takes a unique approach to dog supplies, offering a get one, give one system that helps shelter dogs in need.
Let’s get to our interview!

1. Tell us about your business and how you got started!

My business is called Pawsitive Collars. I founded Pawsitive Collars with the mission of providing durable pet products while also helping shelters in need.

The products we sell are all developed in response to the most needed items from rescues donation lists.

I have owned many rescue dogs over the years and they have been the most loving amazing dogs. I wanted to start a business that could give back to them!

2. What inspired you to set up a “get one, give one” approach to dog collars and leashes?

I feel the “get one, give one” model is a simple yet effective way to give back.
When you buy a Pawsitive Collars product we donate the exact item to a shelter. It’s a win-win!
We currently choose a new shelter every month and as we grow donations will become more frequent. We are so excited to be helping these amazing organizations!

3. Tell us about some of the shelters you’ve contributed Pawsitive collars and leashes to.

We have only been in business a month, so we’ve still got a long list of shelters we want to contribute to in the future!

Our first donation went to one of our favorite local shelters; Austin Pet’s Alive.  They have been a driving factor in Austin becoming a no-kill city. Our next donation will be going to the Austin Humane Society.

We are starting with shelters in Texas and will be expanding outward as we grow.

4. Do you plan on releasing any other products in the future?

We have so many products in the works! Our next products will be martingale collars and double handle traffic leashes.

From there we will expand into durable dog toys to keep our furry friends company while searching for their forever homes. We also have plans to offer pet grooming products such as shampoo, balm, and grooming brushes.

5. Where can pet owners find Pawsitive Collars?

You can find Pawsitive Collars available for sale on Amazon or on our website, PawsitiveCollars.cm


Thanks Steve, it’s always awesome to talk with pet-oriented businesses – especially ones that have such a great cause behind them!

Do you have any dog-related businesses you think we should interview next? Tell us in the comments!


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