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Presidential Dog Names

Do you have a historical hound? Many owners like to name their dogs after historical figures, and some of the most obvious names come from U.S. presidents who brought their fur babies into the White House. 

We’ll run down the first and last names of all the presidents that may make an excellent namesake for your furry friend. But as you probably know, there have only been 46 presidents throughout history, so we’ve also included some other patriotic dog name ideas you can consider as well as some of the names from presidents of other countries. 

Presidential Dog Names: The First & Last Names of U.S. Presidents

Roosevelt Dog and Family
The Roosevelt Family and Skip. Image from Wikipedia.

What’s more pawtriotic than a presidential dog name? Our family pets follow us far and wide to the top levels of our nation. Here are some possible namesakes for your furry friend, broken down by first and last names. 

Presidential First Names for Dogs

Hoover and King Tut

Want a name that’s a casual shout out to your favorite president? From current animal lovers and leaders like Joe and Jill Biden to past presidents, there’s no shortage of inspiration for your furball!

  • Abraham (Abraham Lincoln)
  • Andrew (Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson)
  • Barack (Barack Obama)
  • Benjamin (Benjamin Harrison)
  • Bill (Bill Clinton)
  • Calvin (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Chester (Chester A. Arthur) 
  • Donald (Donald Trump)
  • Dwight (Dwight D. Eisenhower) 
  • Franklin (Franklin Pierce, Franklin Roosevelt)
  • George (George Bush, George H. W. Bush, George Washington)
  • Gerald (Gerald R. Ford)
  • Grover (Grover Cleveland) 
  • Harry (Harry Truman)
  • Herbert (Herbert Hoover)
  • James (James Buchanan, James A. Garfield, James Madison, James Monroe, James K. Polk)
  • Jimmy (Jimmy Carter) 
  • John (John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Tyler, John F. Kennedy)
  • Joseph (Joseph Biden) 
  • Lyndon (Lyndon B. Johnson)
  • Martin (Martin Van Buren)
  • Millard (Millard Fillmore)
  • Richard (Richard M. Nixon)
  • Ronald (Ronald Reagan)
  • Rutherford (Rutherford B. Hayes)
  • Theodore (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • Thomas (Thomas Jefferson)
  • Ulysses (Ulysses S. Grant)
  • Warren (Warren Harding) 
  • William (William Harrison, William Mckinley, William Taft)
  • Woodrow (Woodrow Wilson)
  • Zachary (Zachary Taylor)

Presidential Last Names for Dogs

Looking for a more formal presidentially inspired doggo name? Consider these last names! As a bonus, several of them apply to multiple American presidents!

  • Adams (John Adams, John Quincy Adams)
  • Arthur (Chester A. Arthur) 
  • Biden (Joseph Biden)
  • Buchanan (James Buchanan)
  • Bush (George Bush, George W. Bush)
  • Carter (Jimmy Carter) 
  • Cleveland (Grover Cleveland) 
  • Clinton (Bill Clinton)
  • Coolidge (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Eisenhower (Dwight D. Eisenhower) 
  • Fillmore (Millard Fillmore)
  • Ford (Gerald R. Ford)
  • Garfield (James A. Garfield)
  • Grant (Ulysses S. Grant)
  • Harrison (William Harrison, Benjamin Harrison)
  • Harding (Warren Harding) 
  • Hayes (Rutherford B. Hayes)
  • Hoover (Herbert Hoover)
  • Jackson  (Andrew Jackson)
  • Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson)
  • Johnson (Andrew Johnson, Lyndon B. Johnson)
  • Kennedy (John F. Kennedy)
  • Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln)
  • Madison (James Madison) 
  • Mckinley (William Mckinley) 
  • Monroe (James Monroe) 
  • Nixon (Richard M. Nixon)
  • Obama (Barack Obama)
  • Pierce (Franklin Pierce)
  • Polk (James K. Polk) 
  • Reagan (Ronald Reagan)
  • Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt)
  • Taft (William Taft)
  • Taylor (Zachary Taylor)
  • Truman (Harry Truman)
  • Trump (Donald Trump)
  • Tyler (John Tyler) 
  • Van Buren (Martin Van Buren)
  • Washington (George Washington)
  • Wilson (Woodrow Wilson)

Vice-Presidential Dog Names: The First and Last Names of Vice Presidents 

Ford and Dog
Gerald Ford as a youngster with his dog. Image from the National Archives.

If your pooch isn’t a canine commander but still a top dog, a vice presidential or political dog name might make the perfect pick. Here are the first and last names of vice presidents that might make an excellent namesake for your furry friend. 

Vice Presidential First Names for Dogs

Some of the first names of former vice American presidents are fairly normal (even, dare we say, boring), but others are quite distinctive! Seriously — when’s the last time you heard the name “Elbridge?”

  • Aaron (Aaron Burr) 
  • Adlai (Adlai Stevenson)
  • Andrew (Andrew Johnson)
  • Al (Al Gore)
  • Alben (Alben Barkley)
  • Calvin (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Charles (Charles Fairbanks, Charles Dawes, Charles Curtis)
  • Chester (Chester Arthur)
  • Dan (Dan Quayle)
  • Daniel (Daniel Tompkins)
  • Dick (Dick Cheney)
  • Elbridge (Elbridge Gerry)
  • Garret (Garret Hobart)
  • George (George Clinton, George Dallas, George H.W Bush)
  • Gerald (Gerald Ford) 
  • Hannibal (Hannibal Hamlin)
  • Harry (Harry Truman)
  • Henry (Henry Wallace, Henry Wilson)
  • Hubert (Hubert Humphrey)
  • James (James Sherman) 
  • Joe (Joe Biden) 
  • John (John Adams, John Calhoun, John Tyler, John Breckinridge, John Garner)
  • Kamala (Kamala Harris)
  • Levi (Levi Morton) 
  • Lyndon (Lyndon B. Johnson)
  • Martin (Martin Van Buren)
  • Mike (Mike Pence) 
  • Millard (Millard Fillmore)
  • Nelson (Nelson Rockefeller)
  • Richard (Richard Johnson, Richard Nixon)
  • Schuyler (Schuyler Colfax)
  • Spiro (Spiro Agnew)
  • Theodore (Theodore Roosevelt) 
  • Thomas (Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Hendricks, Thomas Marshall)
  • Walter (Walter Mondale) 
  • William (William King, William Wheeler)

Vice Presidential Last Names for Dogs

Can’t find an appropriate vice presidential first name for your four-footer? Maybe one of these last names will fit the bill inspired by second-in-command leaders in history!

  • Adams (John Adams)
  • Agnew (Spiro Agnew)
  • Arthur (Chester Arthur)
  • Barkley (Alben Barkley)
  • Biden (Joe Biden) 
  • Burren (Martin Van Buren)
  • Burr (Aaron Burr) 
  • Bush (George H.W Bush) 
  • Breckinridge (John Breckinridge) 
  • Calhoun (John Calhoun)
  • Cheney (Dick Cheney) 
  • Clinton (George Clinton)
  • Colfax (Schuyler Colfax)
  • Coolidge (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Curtis (Charles Curtis)
  • Dallas (George Dallas)
  • Dawes (Charles Dawes)
  • Fairbanks (Charles Fairbanks)
  • Fillmore (Millard Fillmore)
  • Ford (Gerald Ford) 
  • Garner (John Garner) 
  • Gerry (Elbridge Gerry)
  • Gore (Al Gore)
  • Harris (Kamala Harris)
  • Hamlin (Hannibal Hamlin)
  • Hendricks (Thomas Hendricks) 
  • Hobart (Garret Hobart)
  • Humphrey (Hubert Humphrey)
  • Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson)
  • Johnson (Andrew Johnson, Richard Johnson, Lyndon B. Johnson)
  • King (William King)
  • Marshall (Thomas Marshall) 
  • Mondale (Walter Mondale) 
  • Morton (Levi Morton) 
  • Nixon (Richard Nixon) 
  • Pence (Mike Pence) 
  • Quayle (Dan Quayle)
  • Rockefeller (Nelson Rockefeller)
  • Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt) 
  • Sherman (James Sherman) 
  • Steveson (Adlai Stevenson)
  • Tompkins (Daniel Tompkins)
  • Truman (Harry Truman)
  • Tyler (John Tyler) 
  • Wallace (Henry Wallace)
  • Wheeler (William Wheeler) 
  • Wilson (Henry Wilson)

Patriotic Dog Name Ideas 

patriotic dog names

Not feeling any of the presidential dog names for your pooch? Don’t worry! Check out some of these patriotic dog names and see if one would suit your pupper better. 

  • Admiral 
  • Bell 
  • Cadet
  • Capital
  • Captain 
  • Eagle 
  • Equality
  • Firecracker
  • Glory 
  • Governor 
  • Hero 
  • Justice 
  • Knox
  • Liberty 
  • Patriot 
  • Peace
  • Scout 
  • Senator 
  • Star 
  • Tank 
  • Veto 
  • Victory

Names of Presidential Dogs 

Eisenhower and Heidi

There are plenty of canine companions that have found themselves in the White House. Here are the names of American presidential dogs past and present. 

Male Presidential Dog Names

Coolidge's dogs
Grace Coolidge, Warren Harding’s Laddie Boy, and Rob Roy. Image from Wikipedia.

Does your boy deserve to be named after a current or former first four-footer? Check out these male dog names inspired by White House pets for some ideas!

  • Barney (George W. Bush)
  • Blaze (Franklin D. Roosevelt)
  • Bo (Barack Obama) 
  • Boston Beans (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Big Ben (Herbert Hoover)
  • Big Boy (Herbert Hoover’s other wirehaired fox terrier)
  • Captain (George Washington)
  • Champ (Joe Biden) 
  • Charlie (John F. Kennedy) 
  • Drunkard (George Washington)
  • Duke (Rutherford Hayes) 
  • Eaglehurst Gillette (Herbert Hoover)
  • Edgar (J. Edgar Hoover)
  • Feller (Harry Truman) 
  • Forester (George Washington)
  • Glen (Herbert Hoover)
  • Hector (Rutherford Hayes) 
  • Him (Lyndon B. Johnson’s Beagle) 
  • Mopsey (George Washington)
  • Jack (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • King Kole (Calvin Coolidge)
  • King Timahoe (Richard Nixon) 
  • King Tut (Herbert Hoover)
  • Laddie Boy (Warren G. Harding’s Airedale Terrier)
  • Le Beau (John Tyler) 
  • Major (Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joe Biden)
  • Mike (Harry Truman) 
  • New Purchase (Thomas Jefferson’s Newfoundland)
  • Old Boy (Warren Harding’s Bulldog)
  • Paul Pry (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Pat (Herbert Hoover)
  • Patrick (Herbert Hoover)
  • Pete (Theodore Roosevelt’s Mutt)
  • Peter Pan (Calvin Coolidge) 
  • Rex (Ronald Reagan’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
  • Rob Roy (Calvin Coolidge’s Collie)
  • Sailor Boy (Theodore Roosevelt) 
  • Satan (John Adams) 
  • Taster (George Washington)
  • Tiny Tim (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Tipsy (George Washington)
  • Tipler (George Washington)
  • Vulcan (George Washington)

Female Presidential Dog Names

FDR and His Dog
FDR and Fala. Image from Wikipedia.

There have also been a number of female dogs who’ve called the White House home. Check out some of these name ideas for your patriotic gal!

  • Bessie (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Calamity Jane (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Cloe (George Washington)
  • Fala (Franklin Roosevelt’s famed Scottish Terrier)
  • Heidi (Dwight D. Eisenhower) 
  • Her (Lyndon B. Johnson’s Beagle) 
  • Juno (John Adams) 
  • Lady Rover (George Washington)
  • Lara (James Buchanan) 
  • Meggie (Franklin Roosevelt)
  • Millie (George H.W. Bush)
  • Miss Beazley (George W. Bush)
  • Nellie (Rutherford Hayes) 
  • Pasha (Richard Nixon) 
  • Ruby Rough (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Shannon (John F. Kennedy) 
  • Sonnie (Herbert Hoover)
  • Yuki (Lyndon B. Johnson) 
  • Vicky (Richard Nixon) 

Gender-Neutral Presidential Dog Names

Sunny and Bo Obama
Bo and Sunny. Portugese Water Dogs From the 44th presidency. Image from Wikipedia.

Looking for a gender-neutral name idea inspired by a former presidential pooch? Check out some of these pup names inspired by past White House hounds!

  • Beagle (Lyndon B. Johnson) 
  • Blackberry (Calvin Coolidge’s Chow Chow)
  • Blackie (John F. Kennedy) 
  • Blanco (Lyndon B. Johnson) 
  • Buddy (Bill Clinton) 
  • Butterfly (John F. Kennedy)
  • Clipper (John F. Kennedy) 
  • Checkers (Richard Nixon’s Cocker Spaniel) 
  • Faithful (Ulysses Grant) 
  • Grits (Jimmy Carter) 
  • Liberty (Gerald Ford’s beloved Golden Retriever)
  • Little Beagle (Lyndon B. Johnson) 
  • Lucky (Ronald Reagan)
  • Manchu (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • Palo Alto (Calvin Coolidge)
  • President (Franklin Roosevelt)
  • Pushinka (John F. Kennedy) 
  • Ranger (George H.W. Bush)
  • Spot (George W. Bush)
  • Sunny (Barack Obama) 
  • Sweetlips (George Washington’s Foxhound)
  • Searcher (George Washington)
  • Skip (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • Streaker (John F. Kennedy) 
  • Tiny (Franklin Roosevelt)
  • Weejie (Herbert Hoover)
  • White Tips (John F. Kennedy) 
  • Winks (Franklin Roosevelt)
  • Wolf (John F. Kennedy) 
  • Yukon (Herbert Hoover)

International Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Royalty Names for Dogs 

World leaders with dogs
Image from Wikipedia.

A name for a powerful pooch can certainly pay homage to presidents, prime ministers, and royalty around the globe. Here are some namesakes for your four-footer inspired by famous faces and global leaders outside of the White House. 

Dog Names Inspired By Male Leaders

Want to open things up a bit and find a global leader’s name for your doggo? Check out some of these male leaders for inspiration!

  • Alberto — President of Argentina
  • Andrzej — President of the Republic of Poland
  • Boris — Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • Cyril — President of South Africa
  • Charles — Named after the King who inspired the namesake of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Emmanuel — President of France (check out our other french dog names too!
  • Francis — The Pope 
  • Gaston — Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda
  • Jair — President of Brazil
  • Justin — Prime Minister of Canada
  • Joko — President of Indonesia
  • Klaus — President of Romania
  • Lotay — Prime Minister of Bhutan
  • Pedro — Prime Minister of Spain (make sure to check out our Spanish dog name ideas!)
  • Putin — President of Russia (see more Russian dog names)
  • Scott — Prime Minister of Australia
  • Sebastian — President of Chile
  • Narendra — Prime Minister of India
  • Mario — Prime Minister of Italy
  • (while you’re at it, check out our Italian dog name ideas!)

Dog Names Inspired By Female Leaders

Male leaders may outnumber female leaders in the world, but we’ve still dug up plenty of ideas for your little gal from leaders in and outside the United States! These powerful names are inspired by leaders and ladies in history. Check ’em out!

  • Ana — Prime Minister of Serbia
  • Angela — The Chancellor of Germany
  • Bidhya — President of Nepal
  • Dilma — Former President of Brazil 
  • Erna — Prime Minister of Norway
  • Halimah — President of Singapore
  • Ingrida — Prime Minister of Lithuania
  • Jacinda — Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • Jackie — Inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • Kaja — Prime Minister of Estonia
  • Katerina — President of Greece (check out our list of Greek dog names)!
  • Kertsi — Former President of Estonia
  • Maia — President of Moldova
  • Mette — Prime Minister of Denmark
  • Michelle — A nod to first lady Michelle Obama
  • Mia — Prime Minister of Barbados
  • Salome — President of Georgia
  • Sanna — Prime Minister of Finland
  • Sheikh — Prime Minister of Bangladesh
  • Park — Former president of South Korea (see our list of Korean dog names)
  • Vjosa — President of Kosovo
  • Zuzana — President of Slovakia

Not seeing anything you like? Consider pursuing our list of royal and regal dog names to name your pooch after a king or queen!


Presidential dog names can be perfect for powerful pooches. Hopefully, this list helps you find the perfect namesake for your leading lad or lass. 

Which presidential name was your favorite? Do you have a favorite White House woofer? Are you partial to FDR’s Scottish terriers or Bill Clinton’s Labrador retriever? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below! 

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