125+ Sweet Swedish Dog Names for Your Hund

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Swedish Dog Names

Are you a lover of all things Swedish? Does just talking about this northern nation make your heart skip a beat? Why not harness all that love with a Swedish dog name for your pooch? 

From Norse gods to delicate literary picks, we have the Swedish dog names for you! 

Sensational Swedish Dog Breeds

While they aren’t as popular as others like the German Shepherd or English Cocker Spaniel, several Swedish breeds are some of the most loyal and hard-working dogs in the land.

The most well-known is the Swedish vallhund, a spunky spitz with a compact, corgi-like build who once herded cattle. 

Other awesome Swedish breeds include:

  • Swedish elkhound: Also known as the Jämthund, this spitz has a primitive, wolf-like appearance and a tremendous work ethic. They’re a dominant breed that requires an experienced owner.
  • Swedish lapphund: This long-haired beauty is beloved for its playful spirit and intelligence. Originally used to herd and protect reindeer, the lapphund is now a star in the agility and obedience arena.
  • Småland hound: A medium-sized scent hound with the coloring of a Rottweiler, the Småland is an incredibly rare breed with a gentle spirit that makes it ideal for families. They are intelligent and driven, however, and require regular exercise and mental stimulation. 
  • Hamilton hound: Similar in appearance to the foxhound, the Hamilton hound is a hunting dog who loves to follow his nose. While friendly and personable in the home, he does require an experienced owner due to his strong-willed nature.

Even if you don’t own one of these awesome breeds, check out these super-duper Swedish-inspired names with us below.

Swedish Male Dog Names

These picks are traditionally chosen for Swedish baby boys, but they’re just as sweet on a doggo.

  • Agaton – Good
  • Alf – Elf
  • Alvar – Elf warrior
  • Axel – My father is peace
  • Balder – Prince
  • Benkt – Blessed
  • Björn – Bear
  • Canutus – Knot
  • Christer – Christian
  • Dag – Day
  • Ebbe – Wild boar
  • Edvard – Wealthy guard
  • Egil – Awe, fear
  • Elof – Forever heir
  • Enar – Lone warrior
  • Fisk – Fish
  • Folke – People
  • Frej – Lord
  • Fritjof – Thief of peace
  • Gjord – Peace from God
  • Greger – Watchful
  • Gunnar – Warrior
  • Halsten – Rock
  • Halvar – Rock Guardian
  • Hasse – God is Gracious
  • Ingmar – Famous
  • Ivar – Warrior
  • Jesper – Treasurer
  • Nils – Victory of the people
  • Olle – Descendent
  • Rikard – Brave power
  • Roffe – Famous wolf
  • Rune – Sacred lore
  • Sigge – Victory
  • Viking – Raider

Swedish Female Dog Names

From fierce to frilly, these female names are perfect for your darling doggo diva.

  • Agda – Good
  • Alva – Elf
  • Anja – Grace
  • Annika – Grace
  • Asta – Beautiful goddess
  • Barbro – Foreign
  • Bengta – Blessed
  • Brita – Exalted one
  • Carina – Pure
  • Dagmar – Day maid
  • Dagny – New day
  • Ebba – Wild boar
  • Eira – Mercy
  • Elin – Torch
  • Elsa – God is my oath
  • Freja – Lady
  • Gerd – Enclosure
  • Gunilla – Battle
  • Hedvig – Battle
  • Henrika – Home ruler
  • Hjördis – Sword goddess
  • Inga – Ancestor
  • Ingrid – Ing is beautiful
  • Juni – June
  • Kajsa – Pure
  • Kjerstin – Christian
  • Linnea – Flower
  • Lisbet – Pure
  • Lovisa – Famous battle
  • Maja – Dream
  • Pernilla – Yokel
  • Ragna – Advice
  • Saga – Fairy tale
  • Sigrid – Fair victory
  • Tova – Beautiful
Swedish Names for Dogs

Swedish Place-Inspired Dog Names

Looking at landmarks and sifting through cities is another great way to come up with a Swedish dog name.

  • Stockholm: Sweden’s most populated city is seen as the cultural center of the nation. It doesn’t get anymore Swedish than the capital city!
  • Vasa: A maritime museum steeped in history, it contains one of the best-preserved 17th-century ships in the world. It’s an excellent pick for a water-loving doggo.
  • Boden: A northern city and military stronghold, it’s a rich place name with power. It’s an excellent choice for a guardian breed.
  • Kalmar: A picturesque southern city, Kalmar has incredible historical significance for Swedes. The fancy feel of the name makes it ideal for the pampered pooch.
  • Kiruna: The northernmost Swedish town is home to a world-famous ice hotel. Its Arctic associations work well on cold-weather breeds like huskies.
  • IKEA: While it’s not a specific place, this furniture chain is a worldwide favorite that doubles as an adorable doggy name.

Scrumptious Swedish Food Names for Dogs

Names inspired by food are always beloved for puppers — especially those who love to chow down! 

  • Raggmunk: This cold-weather potato dish is often served around the holidays.
  • Lingonberry: Similar to a cranberry, this small red berry is a Swedish staple.
  • Smörgåsbord: This massive spread of food is intended for indulgence and celebration.
  • Gravlax: Seen as a delicacy, this is a dill-marinated salmon.
  • Knäckebröd: Often served as a side, this is a crisp bread.
  • Meatball: Okay, maybe it isn’t blatantly Swedish, but their meatballs sure are beloved worldwide.

Swedish Music-Inspired Dog Names

Sweden is a powerhouse in terms of churning out world-famous music acts, many of which also make magnificent mutt monikers.

  • ABBA: Founded in the 70s, this pop act’s name is short and sweet, perfect for a pup.
  • Avicii: Wildly talent and energetic, this DJ moniker works well on a playful dog.
  • Roxette: This soft rock duo doubles as a spunky pupper name.
  • Alcazar: The magical vibes of this nu-disco act sounds just as awesome on a four-footer.
  • Spotnicks: The instrumental group from the 60s has a name right at home on a spotted pooch.

Swedish Words That Work Well as Names

Sometimes all you need is a splash of word-name fun for your floof.

  • Tungsten – metal
  • Nej – no
  • Hej – hello
  • Goddag – good day
  • Snalla – please
  • Tack – thank you
  • Kärlek – love
  • Gauntlet – glove
  • Strumpor – socks
  • Moped – small motorized bike
  • Stövlar – boots
  • Modig – brave
  • Sötnos – cutie
  • Kram – hug
  • Vatten – water
  • Flicka –  girl
  • Energisk – energetic
  • Vecka – week
  • Imorgan – tomorrow
  • Göra – do
  • Skratta – laugh
  • Liten – small
  • Vacker – beautiful
  • Kaffe – coffee
  • Fika – coffee break
Swedish Names for Dogs

Historical Swedish Names for Your Hound

Sweden is steeped in history from viking times to the present with plenty of namespiration to sort through.

  • Gustav: The name of several Swedish kings, it’s a regal pick for a handsome hound.
  • Nobel: The surname of the famed inventor and founder of the Nobel prize is a great name for a smart pupper.
  • Anders Celsius: Either part of the famed scientist’s name works great, as Anders is easy to call, and Celsius is super cool for a cold-weather floof.
  • Björn Borg: The famous tennis star is seen as one of the greatest of all time, and his both his first and last name are fitting for an active doggo.
  • Linnaeus:  The surname of the acclaimed botanist sounds super cool on a canine.
  • Greta Garbo – Both of the classic movie maven’s names work well on a puppy princess.

Swedish Nature Names for Fur Friends

Sweden is a nature lovers dream with miles of pristine wilderness. Tap into it for awesome dog names!

  • Fjord: These deep inlets are Scandanavian as can be.
  • Lapland: This northern stretch is beloved for its rolling hills and untouched feel.
  • Abisko: The national park has full of great viewing points for the Northern Lights and sounds right at home in the agility circuit.
  • Sarek: This rugged national park is an experienced outdoorsman’s delight.
  • Alpine: These trees make up much of Swedish forests.
  • Baltic: The sea between Sweden and Europe makes for a supreme pup name.
  • Koster: This chain of islands is car-free and perfect for getting reacquainted with nature.
  • Mullein: A great name for a tough pup, this hardy plant is well-known for growing in desolate locations.
  • Smörboll: This small, stinky flower is the perfect name for a little stinker of a dog.

Still haven’t found the perfect name for your pooch? Check out some of these other name idea articles!

Does your dog have a Swedish name? Do you have any others in mind? Let us know in the comments! We can’t wait to hear!

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