15 Best Dog Articles of 2014

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Dog Care By Meg Marrs 4 min read April 2, 2019 1 Comment

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top dog stories of 2014
top dog stories of 2014

We’ve compiled the most popular dog-related news and info articles from 2014 – if you didn’t catch these the first time around, now is your chance!

1. Didn’t See That Bite? Look Harder

In this article, Nina Stively, a contributor for Dogtime, explains why it’s so essential to understand dog body language, and how some of the “adorable” dog-with-children videos that go viral online are actually lucky near-misses.

2. Training Your Dog With Treats [Infographic]

This fun and color infographic from the PetSafe blog offers advice on training your pup with treats.

3. 14 Tips for Dog Walking Saftey

This great post from Carrie Boyko of All Things Dog Blog offers helpful advice on how to keep you and your four-legged buddy safe when out for a walk.

4. Rescued Pit Bull Stars in Mice and Men 

This lovely and inspirational story from Dog Tipper writer Grace Sydney tells of a abandoned Pit Bull finding a new home and becoming a thespian along the way! Violet, the deaf and unwanted Pit Bull, finds her true calling on stage, playing a role in the Broadway production, Of Mice and Men. This shows it’s never too late to follow your dreams, whether human or canine!

5. How No-Kill Shelters Save More Dogs and Cats

Lindsay Stordahl of That Mutt explains how no-kill shelters save more pets through adoption specials, clever advertising, open adoptions, and other life-saving ideas.

6. 3D Printer Dog Cart

We always knew 3D printers were going to do amazing things, and it’s great to see them being put to use to benefit our canine buddies! Check out this incredible new 3D printed wheelchair featured on Modern Dog Magazine and see how it’s giving Turbo a new lease (or should we say leash?) on life.

7. Surfdog Competition from Unleashed

Earlier this year, Unleashed by Petco hosted the coolest surf competition of all time, featuring wave-loving dogs hanging ten! Don’t miss the adorable photo highlights from the competition!

8. Vet Sits in Hot Car

In an effort to raise awareness and help prevent dog death from overheated cars, veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward recorded his experience sitting in a sweltering hot car for 30 minutes. Drenched in sweat in a mere matter of minutes (and keeping in mind that dogs don’t have the ability to sweat as humans do), Dr. Ward shows how dangerous it can be to leave a pet in a hot car, even for a short period of time. Brandy Arnold of The Dogington Post has the full story!

9. To Gamergate, the Death of Brianna Wu’s Pet is Another Opportunity for Abuse and Harassment

This article from Dogster offers the latest upset in the Gamergate scandal, as female gamer Brianna Wu continues being harassed, this time about the death of her pet. Wu was sent horrific images of tortured animals and cruel messages online after announcing on Twitter that her beloved dog had passed away.

If you don’t know the whole Gamegate scandal, this Dogster article by Chris Hall gives some background. It’s quite an upsetting situation, and I felt especially drawn to it as a female gamer.

I couldn’t help but call attention to this post as a female gamer myself.

10. 5 Ways I Take Better Care of My Dog Than Myself

On a more uplifting note, Dogster also had a popular post this year in which Wendy Newell details 5 ways that she takes better care of her dog than herself! Nice advice on topics like medicine, dog insurance, and food.

11. Shelter Dogs Shine As Psychiatric Service Dogs

We already know that shelters dog rock, but now even non-pet people can understand why! In this post, Mary Haight of Dancing Dog Blog discusses how shelter dogs are working wondering in the psychiatric field. Mary interviews author psychotherapist Jane Miller about her book Healing Companions, as Miller details her experience working with service shelter dogs.

12. 19 Dog-Friendly Stores Where You Can Shop With Your Pup

This BarkPost article by Marissa Rubenstein highlights 19 stores you can shop at with your furry friends. These aren’t store catered to pets either – places like Lowe’s, Old Navy, and more! Great to see more businesses opening their doors to dogs!

13. 2014 Best Cities for Dog-Friendly Vacations

In this article, Amy Burkert of Go Pet Friendly details the 8 greatest cities for traveling with your canine. These are defininate must-stops on your next road trip. They’ll be pet-friendly in 2015 too!

14. Pets As Presents: A Good Idea?

Writer Lyn Mettler details the pros and cons of pets as presents in this very seasonally appropriate article on Petfinder. Take all these questions into consideration when planning a pet for a surprise present.

15. Exit Strategies for Emergencies

In this article, Ruthanne Johnson of The Humane Society of the United States details proper evacuation plans for homes with pets. This is a great post to read over going into 2015 to ensure you have a proper emergency game-plan set up for the new year.

Did we miss your favorite canine-related article from this year? Share it in the comments!

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