19 Top R/Aww Photos of 2014

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If you’ve never been to Reddit’s r/aww subreddit, you’re in for a treat! R/aww is where users post the cutest, most “aww” worthy photos of pets and other furry pals.

With 2014 coming to a close, we’re bringing you the 19 most popular r/aww posts of this year!

1. Furry Bond Villain

Reddit user MrMiller introduces us to the cutest bond villain ever.

“Do you expect me to die?”

“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to squirm while I bat you around.” 

That dastardly feline fiend.

cat bond villian

Source: Reddit

 2. Flying French Bull Dog

Watch as this french bull dog puppy leaps into his owner’s arms. Now that’s trust!


Source: Reddit

3. Black Leopard Cuddle Attack

This black leopard goes nuts when he sees his favorite zoo keeper! Wouldn’t want to be on that cat’s bad side though…

Black Leopards reaction when he sees his favorite zoo keeper.

Source: Reddit

 4. Mysterious Boat Visitor

This little guy jumped up and paid one Reddit user a visitor on his boat!

seal on boat

Source: Reddit

5. Pudding the Fox

The Reddit r/aww community loved this snapshot of Pudding, a resident of the National Forest Welfare Society. Pudding was supposed to be released into the wild, but he’s too friendly, so he’ll have to spend the rest of his days being doted upon. Poor thing 😛

pudding the fox

Source: Reddit

 6. Lemur You Can Drive My Baby

Ma’am, I don’t want to alarm, you, but there’s a lemur on your baby. Best trip to the zoo. Ever.

lemur baby

Source: Reddit

 7. Unlikely Companions

Siblings – can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

dog with kittents

Source: Reddit

 8. The Abominable Snow Beast

Some dogs can’t get enough of the snow, even when they start to turn into dog Frostys.

snow dog

Source: Reddit

9. Guard Dog Duty

This guard dog takes duty very seriously. Or not seriously at all. We’re not sure.


Source: Reddit

 10. No Idea What I’m Doing Dog

This pooch was made internet famous by her “no idea what I’m doing” pic. Her owner (Golden_Bailey) came out with even more pic in an entire album! Check them all out!

no idea what i'm doing

Source: Reddit

 11. Magic Circle Cat Trap

Reddit user admancb discovered the easiest, most fool-proof cat trap in existence – circles. Check out the whole album here, and make your own!


Source: Reddit

12. Before And After

Reddit users kansa2 shows his pets’ reaction before and after realizing their owners is in the room.


Source: Reddit

13. Kitty Bunk Beds

Kitties enjoying bunk beds! Too cute!

cat bunk beds

Source: Reddit

 14. You’re Being Tailed

Reddit user OwlCo snaps a shot of the moment his dog realizes he is in the truck behind him! “Don’t get lost,” he’s probably saying. If only dogs could talk – they’d probably say the wisest dog quotes.

dog in car behind

Source: Reddit

 15. Pretty Bird!

Birds are cute too, lest we forget!

cute bird

Source: Reddit 

16. Star Wars #1 Dog Fan

This super Star Wars fan won 3rd place in Petco’s Star Wars contest. If you ask us, he was robbed of 1st place!

If you love this pic, be sure to check out our photo collection of dogs in Star Wars costumes!


Source: Reddit

 17. Elephant-ception!

An elephant painting an elephant! How meta!

elephant painting

Source: Reddit

18. DIY Puppy Feeder

Reddit user Glenn_Chong shows off his make shift puppy feeder. It sure seems to work! No designer dog bowl needed here!

diy puppy feeder

Source: Reddit

 19. Polite Elephant Crossing a Fence

Who thought a giant could be so dainty? What a darling!

polite elephant

Source: Reddit

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dog enjoying cheeseburger
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