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Have a new dog and not sure where to start on training?

Your first 30 days with your new dog are big – you need to establish routines, bond with your new buddy, and teach them what being part of your family is going to be like.

In our new online course, certified dog behavior consultant Kayla Fratt will take you through the 30 most important skills to teach your dog in your first 30 days together!

Whether you’ve just adopted an adult shelter dog and given them a fur-ever home, brought home a brand new puppy, or are looking to refresh you and your dog’s relationship, this course will teach you how to communicate with your dog and begin a positive relationship grounded on trust that will last a lifetime.

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Learn how to build trust with your canine companion and begin your training journey together!

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Standard course price is single payment of $99



Bonding exercises you can do to strengthen your connection with your new dog!


Essential training skills to help your dog be successful in his new home like “leave it”, “drop it”, “stay”, “off”, and other basics. Also, learn how to teach your dog to relax and calm himself.


Home grooming tips that will save you money spent on costly groomer visits.


Toys, games, and challenges to prevent boredom and keep your dog’s brain engaged.


How to better understand your dog, his unique play preferences, and individual needs!

Are you sick of your dog grabbing at your socks?

We’ll show you how to redirect your dog’s chewing and nipping with dog-friendly toys and training games, along with instilling a solid “drop it”.

Do you feel like your dog never listens to you and is easily distracted?

Learn how to teach your dog to pay attention and focus on YOU!

Do you wish you could take your dog out in public, but can’t due to his naughty behavior?

Discover how to teach calm, relaxed behavior when out and about.

Do you want to be a confident leader for your dog without resorting to fear?

Concepts based around being an “alpha” to your dog are outdated, but there’s plenty of real science we’ll teach you about how to be a compassionate and fair leader for your dog.

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Create a bond that will last a lifetime

Learn how to strengthen your relationship with your dog and earn your dog’s trust.

get the course now!

Standard course price is single payment of $99

About Your Instructor

Kayla Fratt is a certified dog behavior consultant accredited through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

Kayla has several years of experience privately training dogs and owners, as well as past experience working on the behavior team at a local Colorado animal shelter (the 4th largest in the US) and helping to rehabilitate thousands of dogs.

She and her own dog Barley enjoy competitive dog sports including herding, scentwork, canicross, skijoring, and more.



Kayla (and Barley) have done a remarkable job demonstrating a wealth of skills and strategies to maintain a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle for you and your dog. There is a ton of information packed into this course and I look forward to coming back to refresh with the videos and resources in it because they set such a great example for how for how to train, care, and get the most out of every day with your pup.

– Daniel D


My anxiety prevented me from going to in person classes. This course allowed me to bond with new rescue pup, give her the boost in her own self confidence and show me where her skills and bond had led us in just the short few weeks she had been with us.

– Courtney C


I dreaded taking my dog out as he was always trying to jump on other people and dogs, barking, etc. This course showed me how to change all that! He’s such a good dog now!

Teresa L

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The course was a different way of looking at how to train your dog. I appreciated the husbandry unit and mat training especially. The basics are all there. The ‘target’ command is brilliant. If my puppy is being stubborn it always brings him back to earth. If my puppy turns out anywhere as great as Barley I will be very happy.

– Carol A

Learn from a certified animal behaviorist

We don’t just say we know dogs — we have the credentials to prove it! Our instructor for this course is an IAABC-certified dog trainer with a rich understanding of canine cognition.

get the course now!

Standard course price is single payment of $99

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What’s Included in the Course?


30 video lessons, demonstrating our 30 essential must-learn skills for new dogs, broken down into 5 modules.


The course includes eight quizzes to test your learning and ensure you understand valuable dog training concepts.


We’ll share our insider top picks for recommended gear to get your new pooch.


Get exclusive doggie discounts on dog food, training tools, and private online puppy training consultation – if you still need help after the course!


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We’re so confident that you’ll love our course that we’re happy to let you try it free for 30 days!

Purchase the course and if you decide it’s not for you, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund you – no questions asked!

what’s inside the course?


  • Video Lesson 1.1: Good Stuff Comes From You! Learn how to start bonding with your dog immediately and show that you’re a great friend to have!
  • Video Lesson 1.2: Paying Attention to Me is Great! Start off showing your dog that good things happen when he pays attention to you to establish a focus on you right off the bat.
  • Video Lesson 1.3: Hand Targeting. Teach your dog to direct his nose to your hand – an essential skill that can be used to get your dog attention as well as easily move him.
  • Video Lesson 1.4: Door Manners. Learn how to stop your dog from rushing the door when you open it – important for basic manners as well as safety.
  • Video Lesson 1.5: Teaching “Leave It”. Stop your dog from eating gross garbage on the street and help him redirect his attention to you.
  • Video Lesson 1.6: Getting Used to Alone Time. Show your dog that being alone is OK (even fun sometimes) and help prevent separation anxiety from developing.


  • Video Lesson 2.1 Sit + Basics Training. How to teach your dog to sit and behave himself.
  • Video Lesson 2.2 Down + Adding Cues. Teaching your dog the “down” command as well as different methods for adding cues (like a clicker or verbal signal).
  • Video Lesson 2.3 Implied Stay. Teach your dog to stay and implied stay commands.
  • Video Lesson 2.4 “Off” Command. Learn how to teach your dog “off” and get him off furniture or other areas you want him to stay away from.
  • Video Lesson 2.5 “Drop It” Command. Learn the “drop it” command, which can be used to teach fetch, get your shoes back, or even grab something gross (or dangerous) from your dog’s mouth.
  • Video Lesson 2.6 Mat Training. Mat training is a fantastic skill for teaching your dog to rest and relax calmly around the home. Eventually, these mat training skills can be used to teach your dog how to chill at cafes, breweries, etc.


  • Video Lesson 3.1 Trimming Your Dog’s Nails. Learn how to trim your dog’s nails and how to introduce your dog to the clippers gently so he won’t develop fear of them.
  • Video Lesson 3.2 Ears & Wrinkles. How to clean your dog’s ears and wrinkles to prevent infection and skin sores.
  • Video Lesson 3.3 Collar Grabs. Teach your dog to handle being grabbed by the collar without squirming away.
  • Video Lesson 3.4 Brushing. Learn how to brush your dog and get introduced to some basic brushes and gear.
  • Video Lesson 3.5 Restraint & Getting Held. Learn how to properly and safely restrain your dog and how to get your dog comfortable with being handled all over. This is an essential skill for vet visits!
  • Video Lesson: 3.6 Pat, Pet, Pause. Learn how to read your dog’s body language and show him that you’ll respect his space with this bonding exercise.


  • Video Lesson 4.1: Ignore. Teach your dog how to ignore exciting stimuli and pay attention to you instead. Key for easily excitable or nervous dogs.
  • Video Lesson 4.2: Car Trips. How to keep your dog comfortable in the car and prevent distracted driving.
  • Video Lesson 4.3 Loose Leash Walking (LLW). One of the most common canine issues is dogs pulling on walks. Gear can help, but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. We’ll show you how to teach your dog to walk politely on leash with plenty of slack so you can both enjoy your daily walks!
  • Video Lesson 4.4: Go To Your Bed. Teach your do the “go to bed” command so that you can easily send him to his bed or place when visitors come over or when he needs a break.
  • Video Lesson 4.5 Puzzle Toys. We’ll explain the true value of puzzle toys, why they’re great for enrichment, and how puzzle toys can even resolve many behavior issues.
  • Video Lesson 4.6 Distractions. Learn how to work with your dog with increasingly difficult distractions to better instill your training lessons so your dog will always listen to you – no matter what else is going on!


  • Video Lesson 5.1 Personal Play & EngagementLearn about the importance of play time with your pooch and how games and toys can improve your dog’s quality of life.
  • Video Lesson 5.2 Teaching the “Up” Command. Learn how to teach your dog to hop up on surfaces.
  • Video Lesson 5.3 Tug. Tug is a favorite dog game for many pooches – learn how to safely play tug with your pup.
  • Video Lesson 5.4 Fetch & Retrieving. Fetch is great for burning out excess energy – see how to teach your dog to fetch and retrieve.
  • Video Lesson 5.5 Leg Weave. This fancy-pants skill will impress your guests and is tons of fun to teach!
  • Video Lesson 5.6 High Five. Teach your pup how to give you a high five!


How long do I have to access the course once I purchase it?

It’s yours forever! You’ll get full access to the entire 30-video course once you make the one-time purchase. After that, watch the videos at your own pace. There is no monthly fee or membership required – the videos are yours to keep forever once you purchase the course.

Where do I access the course?

Our course uses Thinkific’s online education course platform, so once you set up an account and purchase the course, just continue to visit K9 of Mine’s 30 Things to Teach Your Dog course page to continue your lessons.

Who is the instructor for this course and what are their qualifications?

Your instructor for this course is Kayla Fratt is a certified dog behavior consultant accredited through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

She is an advocate for positive reinforcement training and has several years of experience privately training dogs and owners. She has also had past experience working on the behavior team at a Colorado animal shelter.

Who should I contact if I have order issues or questions?

For any issues with your order or questions about the course, you can contact info(at)k9ofmine(dot)com and a customer service member will get back to you ASAP.

What if I don’t like the course? Do you offer refunds?

Yes – you have 30 days to try out the course and see if you find the content valuable or not. Reach out to our customer service team within 30 days from your initial purchase date and get a full refund if you’re not happy with the course.