About K9 of Mine


At K9 of Mine, our goal is to bring readers the very best dog care resources and info to help owners better care for their canine companions.

After all, we believe man's best friends deserves the best treatment!​

We cover a wide range of topics, including:​

  • dog nutrition, diet, and food
  • canine health
  • training resources
  • product reviews and recommendations
  • grooming education
  • breed profiles
  • common canine care FAQs​​​​
  • & much more!


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Meg Marrs

K9 of Mine Founder & CEO

Megan has been an avid dog enthusiast since childhood. She started K9 of Mine in hopes of helping owners find answers to questions she had after owning her first dog.

ben team image

Ben Team

Dog Owner | Professional Writer

Ben Team is one of our senior staff writers, covering everything from dog food nutrition to dog mobility aids and more.

kayla fratt image

Kayla Fratt

Dog Trainer & Behavioral Expert

Kayla Fratt is our resident training expert, helping owners learn how to raise and teach their dogs to be good canine citizens!


Want to get in touch? Email us at info (at) k9ofmine (dot) com.