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Leash for Arthritic Hands

Best Dog Leashes for Arthritic Hands: Easy Grips For Better Walks!

We write about arthritis a fair bit around here, as many dogs begin suffering from the condition as they age. But today, we wanted to turn things around and talk about owners with arthritis. Human arthritis

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Best Dog Hiking Harnesses: Safety Essentials For Canine Adventuring!

Just you and your dog, exploring the mountains or forests together. You take in the sights, he takes in all the musky scents. You both share in the sounds, the whole experience of being out there, together.

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Dog Collars vs. Harnesses: Which Works For Your Pooch?

The dog collar and harness section of any pet store in 2018 is an overwhelming cacophony of colors, patterns, buckles, snaps, and velcro. There are lots of amazing dog collars and harnesses for training,

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best dog e collar

Best Dog Cones and E-Collars to Help With Healing

As we’ve discussed before, dogs often tend to their wounds orally. This usually involves licking away any debris in the wound lathering it up with spit. But while this is a good adaptation for dealing

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Escape-Proof Harness

The Five Best Escape-Proof Dog Harnesses

Have you ever been walking with your dog and notice that the leash suddenly became much lighter? I have. It wasn’t even my dog – I was walking him for a friend. I’d never experienced this phenomenon

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Best Dog Collars & Harnesses For Training: Top Picks!

Training your dog well can be challenging, but having the right gear will make it immensely easier and less frustrating. We’ve already talked about the best treats for training (spoiler alert: the smellier,

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Best Dog Head Halters: A Method For Pull-Free Walking

If you’ve got a dog who pulls hard on the leash and can be hard to control, a dog head halter can really help you regain control on your walks. There are several excellent brands of dog head halters

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vibrating dog collars

5 Best Vibrating Dog Collars for Training

Dog owners and trainers use a variety of different tools to help teach and train four-footers, including various collars. Shock collars, which produce a small amount of electricity to help get your dog’s

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small dog harness

7 Best Dog Harnesses for Small Dogs

In a lot of ways, small dogs are much easier to care for than their larger counterparts. Small dogs require less space than their larger counterparts do, they make smaller poops than big dogs and they

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Best Dog Leashes for Biking: Keeping Fido In Tow

Whether you’re on the hunt for new ways to exhaust your high-energy pooch or you simply love to ride a bicycle, you may have considered taking your dog out with you while you bike on the road. But this

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