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Canicross 101: Info, Gear, and Training Info

What is Canicross? Canicross is the practice of running with your dog (aka canine cross country). Canicross got started in Europe, where mushers began the practice to exercise with their dogs during the

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stop dog nipping

How to Stop a Dog From Nipping When Excited!

Many dogs like to grab at arms, legs, shoes, scarves, or even hair when they’re excited. Dogs that nip when they’re excited can be pretty frustrating, embarrassing, painful, or even scary to work with. Some

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urban mushing

Urban Mushing 101: Equipment, Commands, & How to Start!

Strolling along the local bike path with your pooch, another dog – nearly just a blur – shoots past you. His tongue is lolling, he’s stretched into a gallop. He looks thrilled. Should you

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best free online dog training videos

Best Free Dog Training Videos: YouTube and Beyond

Want to start training your dog but aren’t ready to put down a big cash deposit for a dog trainer? Luckily there are plenty of free dog training videos on the web that can jump-start your dog training! Whether

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choosing dog trainer

How to Pick a Good Dog Trainer: Questions to Ask + Who to Hire!

Did you know that it’s legal for someone with a history of criminal animal abuse to be a dog trainer in many states? In states as varied as California, Oklahoma, Florida, and Connecticut, dog trainers

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best dog podcasts

Best Dog Training Podcasts: Expert Advice For Teaching Your Canine!

When I can’t be training dogs, I like to listen to other people talk about training dogs. I’m a pretty huge podcast addict – between walking Barley, jogging, and road trips, I am an ultra-regular

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dog crying in crate

How To Stop Your Dog From Crying in the Crate

You’re excited about your new puppy, but it’s been five hours and he’s still crying in the crate. You didn’t get any sleep last night and are at your wit’s end. If this is what dog ownership

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Dog Walking Games: How to Spice Up Your Dog’s Daily Walk!

Naomi surged forward, straining at the leash. Nearly an hour into our rainy hike, the young German shepherd still had boundless energy. We needed another strategy to wear her out. But with an injured hip

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how to socialize aggressive dogs

How to Socialize an Aggressive Dog

Socializing a puppy is one of the best ways to create a happy, well-rounded, and sociable dog. But sometimes, for whatever reason, you miss out on that critical socialization period and your dog ends up

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loose leash walking

Loose Leash Walking 101: Training Your Dog to Not Pull on the Leash!

You close your eyes and see your beloved dog, walking along beside you in perfect harmony, both of you enjoying a sunny afternoon stroll through the park with all the other dogs and owners out. You open

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