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first week with new dog

Dog Adoption Guide Part 3: The First Week & Beyond!

So you’ve survived the first 24 hours with your new dog. You made it through the night - and hopefully you still have your sanity intact. As you’re on your way to work, you wonder: what’s

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stop dog from being bored

5 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Getting Bored

Your dog spends most of every day lazing around the apartment, waiting for you to come home. Aside from a few walks or visits to the yard per day, his life is probably pretty boring. While sleeping all

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bringing home dog

Dog Adoption Guide Part 2: The First 24 Hours (Bringing Your Dog Home)

Picture this: you’re on your way to the shelter to pick up a new dog. You’ve done all the prep that we covered in part 1, and are confident that you’re ready for your new family member.As you arrive

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dog peeing in crate

How To Stop A Dog From Peeing In The Crate

Many dog aficionados recommend using a crate to potty train your new puppy. This works wonders for many dogs and is the technique that I personally use. But what do you do when your dog continues to have

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how to calm hyperactive dog

How to Calm a Hyper Dog

The young pit bull mix zoomed around the room at top speed, her face in a wide play grin, her tail tucked far under her butt. She slammed into my legs, nearly knocking me over despite the bent-knee stance

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dog fight

7 Ways to Break Up a Dog Fight (Without Getting Bitten)

Dog fights are your worst nightmare.Snarling, flashing teeth, fur flying, and - heaven forbid - blood.Even if no one gets hurt, it’s a terrifying experience that can permanently scar human and dog mentally.

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dog fetch obsessed

How to Deal With a Fetch-Obsessed Dog: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

I wanted a dog that loved fetch more than I do. That’s what I told everyone. And I love playing fetch. I grew up with labs and was pretty proud of my tennis-ball-throwing skills. Enter Barley. Barley

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stop dog crying crate

How To Stop Your Dog From Crying in the Crate

Crating dogs is a great way to help with potty training or reduce destruction when you can’t supervise your dog. But it comes with some challenges - namely, lots of dogs cry or bark in the crate.You

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dog calming signals

15 Calming Signals and What to Do When You See Them

I pick at my nails when I’m uncomfortable. My boyfriend blinks a lot when he’s trying to calm me down. My dog licks his lips when he’s nervous. We all have our own calming signals. These signals

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why dogs lean

Why Does My Dog Lean On Me?

You’re settling down onto the couch, and your dog saunters over. He leans his ribs against your knees, sighs, and stands there. What does he want? How do you respond? We All Need Somebody to Lean On:

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