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DIY Elevated Dog Bowl

DIY Dog Bowl Stands: Crafting a Custom Dog Eating Area!

A lot of dog owners are interested in using an elevated stand for their pet’s food and water dish. While there are a number of commercially produced models on the market you could purchase, you could

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Agility Course Obstacles

DIY Dog Agility Courses: Homemade Obstacles For Fun & Training!

Agility courses provide dogs and their owners with a fun and healthy way to bond while getting some exercise. You can even sign your dog up to compete in organized activities, called agility trials, if

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DIY Dog Collars: Homemade Dog Collars For Your Pup!

There are dozens of reasons to create your own collar for your dog. Puppies grow out of their collars. Although collars are adjustable, pups can outgrow their initial collars more than twice by the time

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DIY E Cones

DIY Dog Cone: Homemade E-Collar For Your Canine in Recovery!

Dogs have a pretty universal reaction to wounds, itches, and assorted types of skin irritation: They lick or chew the area to “clean” it and make it feel better. These are natural behaviors that often

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DIY dog crate

DIY Dog Crates: How to Build Your Hound’s Home!

There are an astonishing array of crates on the market, but some owners still have trouble finding one that fits the bill. You may, for example, have trouble finding one that is large enough for your

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diy thundershirt

DIY Thundershirt: How to Make Your Own Canine Anxiety Wrap

Whether your dog has separation anxiety or is deathly afraid of fireworks, seeing your dog frightened and shaking is no fun for any owner. The miraculous Thundershirt is heralded by many dog owners as

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diy dog ramp

DIY Dog Ramp: How to Make A Ramp For Your Canine

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to build a dog ramp for your pooch. Maybe you have a senior dog who has a tough time getting around. Or perhaps your dog is in a wheelchair, or is otherwise

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