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When Do Dogs Stop Growing? Understanding Your Pup’s Final Size!

One of the most rewarding things about puppies is watching them grow. But just like most other mammals, dogs eventually reach their mature size and stop growing. While many individuals continue to “fill

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Can Dogs Sleepwalk?

Dogs do a lot of funny things in their sleep. My Rottie usually sleeps on her back in a way that always reminds me of Hobbes.She jerks around a bunch, wiggles her legs from time to time and vocalizes

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What Do Different Dog Barks Mean?

Dogs bark. Whether you find that fact irritating, scary, or amusing, you probably wonder what your pooch is saying when she barks at the wind.While humans haven’t created a dog-to-English translator

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how often do dogs get periods

How Often Do Dogs Get Periods?

If you have an unaltered female dog for long enough, you’ll eventually notice that she gets a period from time to time. Like humans, dogs get periods if they fail to become pregnant during the fertile

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dog having puppies

How Many Puppies Can a Dog Have?

If you have a pregnant pooch, you have probably started wondering how many puppies will be popping out in a few months. After all, you have to start getting ready for all those adorable pups and buying

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dog digging at bed

Why Do Dogs Dig At Their Beds?

At best, dog behavior can seem just a little odd to the rest of us humans; among these odd behaviors, you might’ve spotted your beloved furry companion doing their scratching-ritual before picking a

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Why Do Dogs Curl Up When They Sleep?

Because it’s cute. OK, that’s not the reason they curl up to sleep, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. There isn’t a completely clear-cut answer to this question, and no matter how many times

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why do dogs hump toys

Why Do Dogs Hump Toys?

For this article, we’re getting serious about the birds and the bees – and, well, the legs, the pillows, the slippers and sometimes the horrified-looking stuffed giraffe that’s seen better days… Yes,

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why do dogs kick after they poop

Why Do Dogs Kick After They Poop?

Dog owners encounter a range of weird poop-related behaviors from their pooches – and not all of them are pleasant! Some dogs inexplicably develop the habit of coprophagia – that’s a fancy

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catnip for dogs

Catnip For Dogs: Does It Exist?

Even people who have never owned a cat are familiar with the psychedelic, tripped-out, mellow effect catnip seems to have on big cats and kittens alike. Buying catnip can even make you feel a little bit

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