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dog grooming prices

Dog Grooming Prices: What’s the Going Rate?

Whether you are the proud new owner of a Puli, or you have a retriever mix who has started looking a little disheveled, many dog owners find themselves in need of a groomer from time to time. This can

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brushes for short-haired dogs

The Five Best Dog Brushes for Short-Haired Breeds

Short-haired dogs may not suffer from many matts or tangles, but you’ll still want to brush them down regularly to help remove the dust and debris that collects on their fur and to keep their coat looking

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Best Dog Paw Washers For Cleaning Cane Feet!

Even the prissiest dogs are often gravitationally attracted to mud, puddles, and other filthy areas – dogs will be dogs, after all. While you may not mind if your pooch gets a little dirty, you certainly

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Best Puppy Shampoos: Clean and Cute Pups!

Even the most indoor-oriented and prissy puppies require regular baths to keep them clean and smelling their best. However, you don’t want to use a soap or shampoo designed for humans on your dog (particularly

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How Much Should You Tip Your Dog Groomer?

Tipping is a subject that elicits strong opinions. Some people tend to tip freely, and hand over a few bucks to cable installers, mail carriers, hair stylists and everyone in between; others tip only when

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best dog glove brush

Best Dog Grooming Gloves: Handheld Grooming!

Of course we all love our pooches, but a matted, unruly coat can be unattractive and uncomfortable for your canine. And we won’t even get into the layer of dog hair that blankets every surface of our

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15 Maltese Haircuts & Hairstyles: White, Fluffy, and Looking Fabulous!

White, small, and cute as a button, Maltese are a popular breed, and it’s no wonder why! There are a few different types of haircuts that are often bestowed upon Maltese. We’ll cover some of

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dog dematting tool

Best Dog Dematting Comb & Essential Tools For Breaking Up Mats

Want to know exactly what grooming tools you need to break up your dog's matted fur? Below are the essential items you'll need.ProductUsed For:Where to Get ItDetangler SprayRelaxing and loosening

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Best Dry Shampoo for Dogs: Cleaning Your Canine Without Water

Looking to cut back on the number of baths provided to your pooch? Dog-friendly dry shampoo offers a potential solution! Bath Time: Fun For Some Dogs, Torture For Others If you’re lucky, your dog loves

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best dog grooming tables

The Best Portable Dog Grooming Tables for Professional (and At-Home) Groomers!

Whether you own a dog with a high-maintenance coat or you are considering starting up your own mobile pet grooming business, the first thing you’ll need to get started is a good dog grooming table! A

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