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Lice shampoo for dogs

Best Dog Shampoo for Lice: Get Bugs Off Of Your Fur Baby!

Fleas and ticks are some of the most common parasites that bother dogs, but they aren’t the only bugs that like to dine at the canine buffet. Lice can also set up shop amid the hairs of your dog’s

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dog mange shampoo

Best Dog Shampoo for Mange: Keeping Your Dog’s Skin Healthy

The term “mangy mutt” is a common colloquialism, but is often used incorrectly. People often use the phrase to describe a dog that is dirty, unkempt, or smelly, but mange is actually a well-defined

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best dog grooming tables

The Best Portable Dog Grooming Tables for Professional (and At-Home) Groomers!

Whether you own a dog with a high-maintenance coat or you are considering starting up your own mobile pet grooming business, the first thing you’ll need to get started is a good dog grooming table! A

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best towels for dogs

The Five Best Towels For Dogs: Drying Off Your Doggie!

Even the most understanding and loving dog owners usually begin to dread the infamous wet dog smell, which often fills the air after baths or dips in the pool. The best way to avoid this odor is by drying

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Bathing dog outside

Best Dog Hose & Shower Attachments

Back in the day, most people washed the dog with little more than a garden hose. And while this works, it isn’t exactly a great way to give your dog a bath. There are a variety of different hose and

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4 Best Dog Ear Cleaners: From Liquid to Wipes!

Thinking that it’s high time to start cleaning your dog’s ears?   Maybe you’ve noticed wax build up, or there’s a funny odor that you’ve started to smell.  Or maybe your vet recommended you

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best dog nail grinders

Best Dog Nail Grinders + How to Grind Dog Nails

Does your dog go ballistic when you whip out those nail clippers? You can’t really blame your pup – a few bad experiences getting your nail cut to the quick (your dog’s nail cuticle)

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brushes for short-haired dogs

The Five Best Dog Brushes for Short-Haired Breeds

Short-haired dogs may not suffer from many matts or tangles, but you’ll still want to brush them down regularly to help remove the dust and debris that collects on their fur and to keep their coat looking

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best dryers for dogs

3 Best Dog Dryers + How to Use Them For a Clean, Dry Canine!

Oh no – wet dog on the loose! If you’re sick of your soaking wet dog leaving a water trail all over the house after bath time (or if your dog has so much fur that it never seems to dry on its

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DIY Dog Shampoos: 5 Homemade Shampoo Recipes For Your Pooch!

You shouldn’t have to spend hundreds to keep your pooch’s coat in top shape – or just to clean them off after they went running through the mud in backyard after a storm… again! If you’re

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