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Best Cities for Dogs

Best Cities for Dogs: Where to Move With Fido

There’s a lot to think about when you’re considering relocation, especially if you’re a dog owner. You’ll not only have to think about all of the typical stuff, like employment and the cost of

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choosing doggie daycare

How to Pick a Good Doggy Daycare + Will Your Dog Even Like It?

Doggie daycares are a popular way to help your pup burn off excess energy and stay entertained while you work long hours. But like everything in life, not all doggie daycares are created equal. From your

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Best Grass for Dogs

Best Grass for Dogs: Creating a Dog-Friendly Lawn!

Generally speaking, grass is a great groundcover for dogs. It’s soft to the touch, it doesn’t present any serious toxicity issues, and–as long as you mow it on a reasonably frequent schedule–it’s

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Best Dog Proof Fencing: Yard Containment For Your Canine!

Few things will make your dog happier and your life easier than a big, fenced-in yard. But because many dogs are escape artists, you must be sure to select a fence that will keep your canine contained.

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dog kayaking

Beginner’s Guide to Kayaking With Your Dog

Kayaking with your dog can be intimidating. If you’ve never done it but have dreams of taking your furry best friend out on the water, don’t worry! From preparing your dog beforehand to what to do

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monthly subscription boxes for dogs

Dog Subscription Boxes: Our 12 Top Picks!

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, and so why shouldn’t our beloved canines get in on the action too? There are many dog subscription boxes on the market, specializing in everything

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dog teeth cleaning cost

How Much Does Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost?

So your dog needs a teeth cleaning – but how much will it cost? Generally speaking, for a basic teeth cleaning process for a young, healthy dog, you can expect to pay $200-$300. However, the truth

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Paint Your Life Review: How I Finally Got a Portrait of My Old Benzy Dog

My dog Benzy passed away five years ago, and ever since I’ve wanted to get a portrait of him. Benzy was actually the reason I decided to start K9 of Mine – after his passing, I found myself

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Best Pools for Dogs: Letting Spot Go for a Splash

Many dogs love to go swimming, but few public pools will welcome your dog-paddling companion. It can also quite the hassle to load up the pup and drive to the local lake or beach on a regular basis. Thankfully,

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best dog door

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Doors: Going In and Out As They Please!

Dog ownership can be quite a bit of work – plenty of folks would say it’s just a step or two below human parenting! For fur parents, it’s always nice to find helpful hacks that make it easier to

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