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high fiber dog food

Best High-Fiber Dog Food: Keeping Fido Loaded Up With Fiber

If I didn’t know better, I’d think that dietary fiber had the best lobbying apparatus in the civilized world! Everywhere you look, you see studies explaining the health benefits of fiber for one bodily

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simply nourish dog food reviee

Simply Nourish Dog Food Review

Today we're reviewing Simply Nourish dog food to help you decide whether or not it's a good choice when it comes to feeding your beloved pup.  ​Simply Nourish: HISTORY & BACKGROUND Simply Nourish

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Best Dog Food for Toy Breeds: Nutrition For Pint-Sized Pooches

The small size of toy breeds makes them instantly adorable, but the diminutive dimensions of these dogs don’t just make tiny breeds cute: They also make the care and maintenance of these pups a bit easier. For

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automatic dog feeder

Best Automatic Dog Feeders: Feeding Your Pooch On Auto Pilot

Most dogs will thrive best on a twice-per-day feeding schedule, but many people have trouble providing such a schedule, given the demands of work, school and family. This is where automatic dog feeders

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Dog-Proof Cat Feeders: Keeping Fido Out of Your Feline’s Food

Although some dogs are finicky feeders, most spend their lives perpetually hunting for anything delicious. And, as multi-pet families can attest, this sometimes includes cat food. This behavior can be

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The Best Dog Food for Picky Eaters + Feeding Tips & Tricks

Most dogs will gladly devour anything you’d dump in your garbage disposal, eating anything that smells like it is remotely edible. But other dogs exist at the opposite end of the spectrum. Like

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The Best Dog Foods for Malteses to Munch On!

Even though they greet most people as friends they’ve yet to meet, Malteses are fantastically loyal companions who instantly endear themselves to their owners. While their luxurious locks can make them

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freeze dried dog food

The Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food: The Benefits of Dehydrated Food!

Have you ever had astronaut ice cream? That dry, room-temperature treat offered at science centers and space camp? Although little more than a novelty, these snacks are made with the same technology used

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best dog food for diabetic dogs

5 Best Dog Foods for Diabetic Dogs

Unfortunately, dogs can suffer from a number of the same health problems that people do. One of the most common and serious examples is canine diabetes — a disease characterized by improper pancreas

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