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Help! My Dog Ate a Crayon! What Do I Do?

If you have kids, chances are there’s a crayon or two lurking in your couch cushions or under your child’s bed. And from time to time, an entire box may even be left out on the floor. This can give

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Meats Dogs Like

The Best Meats for Dogs: Which Protein Is Perfect For Your Pup?

Dogs may be best described as omnivores, but meat is critical for their health and well-being. You probably could concoct a vegetarian diet that’ll satisfy your dog’s protein needs, but this is probably

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CBD oil for dogs

Best CBD Oils for Dogs: Treating Your Dog’s Aches With CBD!

As more people have begun using marijuana and marijuana extracts for medicinal purposes, an increasing number of dog owners have started wondering if these products – particularly CBD oil — may

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Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin? Are These Gourds Canine Friendly?

It is always important to be cautious about giving your dog people food. Many things that humans eat without a second thought can make your dog sick. Some things can even put her life in jeopardy. But

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken

Help – My Dog Ate Raw Chicken! It Is Time For Poultry Panic?

Spend enough time around dogs and you’ll surely see them eat a few questionable things. Some will slurp up bugs without a second thought, while others will gladly gnaw on the rancid food they find near

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Pet Assure

Pet Assure Review: Is It Worth It?

It’s a good thing that dogs are such loving and wonderful companions, because they sure can be expensive. Food is probably the most significant regular expense most dog owners face (particularly for

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Dewormers for Dogs

Best Dog Dewormers: Keeping Your Pooch Parasite Free!

Like all other animals (including humans), dogs contract worms and other parasites from time to time. Left unchecked, these parasites can lead to a variety of health problems and make your pup feel miserable.

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post neutering changes

Will My Dog Change After Being Neutered?

Pet owners have their dogs spayed or neutered for a variety of reasons. Many do so to avoid the possibility of puppies, while others do so for the health benefits these procedures may provide. Others

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Trazadone for Dogs

Trazodone for Dogs: What You Need to Know

Thunderstorms, fireworks, and a variety of other things (such as being separated from their families) can cause dogs to experience anxiety. And because anxiety is probably just as unpleasant for dogs as

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Post operative depression in dogs

Help! My Dog Seems Depressed After Having Surgery. Is This Normal?  

Dogs who’ve recently had surgery often appear a bit down in the dumps after returning home. This concerns many owners, who don’t know if the problem is serious or what to do to cheer up their pet.

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