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dog lift harness

Best Dog Lift Harnesses: Help For Mobility-Impaired Canines

I’m just going to go ahead and say that this topic makes me a bit sad, and I’m not exactly stoked to write about sick and injured pups. But unfortunately, many dogs suffer physical ailments that prevent

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declawing dogs

Is It Possible to Declaw a Dog? Should I Consider It?

Although it is becoming increasingly rare, many cats undergo a procedure called an onychectomy – better known as declawing. Typically, the procedure is performed to prevent cats from injuring people

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dog paw yeast infection

My Dog Has a Yeast Infection on His Paws: How Do I Treat It?

Paw yeast infections are one of the more common ailments of dogs. And although they aren’t life-threatening or likely to ruin your dog’s quality of life, they can be quite irritating for your pooch. Accordingly,

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dog ate tampon

Help, My Dog Ate a Tampon! What Do I Do?

More than one owner has come home to find that their dog has picked through the bathroom trashcan. And while there are often plenty of things in there that can catch a dog’s attention, used feminine

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Coconut oil for hot spots

Should You Treat Your Dog’s Hot Spots with Coconut Oil? 

Hot spots are a relatively common ailment that afflicts many dogs. But, while hot spots are a relatively minor health issue, they can make your dog absolutely miserable, so you’ll want to treat them

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dog broken tail 1

Broken Dog Tail: How to Heal Your Pup’s Busted Wagger

Your dog uses his tail for balance and communication. It helps relay information to other dogs, it keeps him swimming in a straight line when he uses it like a rudder, and it allows you to understand when

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allegra for dogs

Allegra For Dogs: Can I Give My Dog Allegra?

Dog allergies are a relatively common health problem, which often prove incredibly frustrating to treat. Although food allergies often get the bulk of the attention, many dogs are also allergic to things

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dog chattering teeth

Why Do Dogs Chatter Their Teeth?

Teeth chattering is a bit of a strange behavior dogs sometimes exhibit, and it can stem from a variety of causes. Intermittent, isolated, or sporadic episodes rarely indicate a problem, but there are a

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cortisone for dogs

Is Cortisone Safe for Dogs?

Safety is often a relative concept when it comes to medications. Take a couple of acetaminophens for a headache and you’ll probably be fine; take a couple of them every day for the next decade, and your

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dog fitbit

Fitbit For Dogs: Best Canine Activity & Wellness Trackers!

Is there a Fitbit for dogs? Yes, in fact, there are several! Dog activity trackers are still a relatively new phenomenon (just like their human counterparts), and while the prospect might seem a bit strange,

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