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Help! My Dog Ate Weed! Is He Going to Get Crazy High?

Discovering that your Shih Tzu ate your stash is an instant buzz kill. One minute, you’re lost in your favorite song and trying to figure out if Goofy was actually a dog, and the next, you’re looking

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Help: My Dog Ate A Diaper!

First of all, if you are reading this, you have my condolences, because ew. But don’t feel bad – diaper-eating behavior isn’t all that uncommon among dogs, and it’s probably not any grosser than

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Turmeric for Dogs

Turmeric for Dogs: Can Turmeric Treat My Dog’s Illness?

A growing number of dog owners are considering using turmeric to treat their dog’s health problems. But before you start administering a turmeric supplement to your dog, you’ll want to learn more about

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Puppy Shots

When Can Puppies Get Shots?

Vaccinations are one of the first things most pet parents need to think about after getting a new puppy. Puppies are very susceptible to a number of dangerous diseases, and the only way to protect your

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Imodium for Dogs

Can I Give My Dog Imodium?

Most dogs will suffer from the occasional bout of diarrhea. If you went around licking the ground, stealing delicious items from the trash can, and raiding the cat box, your intestines would probably object

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The Risks of Raw Meat: Is Your Dog’s Dinner Dangerous?

It’s impossible to predict whether your dog will become sick from eating raw meat. All dogs are different, as are samples of raw meat. Your pup may crunch up a raw chicken wing and remain in perfect

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Dog Ate Ant Trap

Help! My Dog Ate an Ant Trap

Of all the things that dogs eat, items containing poisons are often the most troubling. This includes ant traps – the little plastic doodads many people place under kitchen counters and inside pantries

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dog at vet office

Help – My Dog Ate Plastic! What Should I Do?

Given the amount of plastic in the average home, it’s not surprising that dogs occasionally choke some down. Some dogs may eat plastic inadvertently while trying to get their teeth on something delicious,

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Help! My Dog Ate A Corn Cob!

Of all the strange things dogs eat, a few strike me as somewhat understandable. And believe it or not, I think that corn cobs actually fall into this category. After all, there are usually plenty of corn

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Dog Ate Soap

Help! My Dog Ate a Bar of Soap! What Do I Do?

Dogs eat a variety of strange things (many of which we’ve discussed before), but a bar of soap is surely one of the most bizarre things your dog could decide to consume. It makes me mildly nauseous to

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