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Best Service Dog Vests

Best Service Dog Vests: Threads For Therapy Dogs!

A good uniform makes any job easier, and that goes for dogs too. If you expect your dog to work for a living, the least you can do is dress him appropriately. It’ll set your dog up for success and help

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Leash for Arthritic Hands

Best Dog Leashes for Arthritic Hands: Easy Grips For Better Walks!

We write about arthritis a fair bit around here, as many dogs begin suffering from the condition as they age. But today, we wanted to turn things around and talk about owners with arthritis. Human arthritis

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Best Dog Hiking Harnesses: Safety Essentials For Canine Adventuring!

Just you and your dog, exploring the mountains or forests together. You take in the sights, he takes in all the musky scents. You both share in the sounds, the whole experience of being out there, together.

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Puppy Period Panties

The Best Period Panties for Dogs: Undies For Your Girl In Heat!

If your pup is an unaltered female (meaning that she hasn’t been spayed), you will eventually have to deal with her first heat cycle. Although the process doesn’t unfold exactly as it does in humans,

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best dog strollers

5 Best Dog Strollers for Your Four-Legged Friend!

Walking your dog is a great way to help your pooch get exercise and enjoy fresh air! But not all canines are always up for a stroll. Some dogs fare much better getting out and about with the help of a

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best chewproof dog leash

Best Chewproof Dog Leashes: Leashes to Withstand Your Dog’s Chompers!

A lot of dogs exhibit problematic chewing behaviors, although different dogs decide to gnaw on different things. Some dogs like to chew up things they find in the trash, while others prefer gnawing on

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Best Rope Dog Leashes For Walking in Style!

For mountain climbers and sailing enthusiasts who are also parents to a pooch, a rope dog leash can be a fun look. But a dog leash isn’t just a cute way to include your canine in your hobby. Buying the

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best pet stairs

Best Pet Stairs & Ramps to Help Your Dog Around the House

Pet stairs and ramps are just the thing when your dog is having a tough time getting around. While pet stairs are often a great help to older dogs, they’re also a smart option for ensuring that even

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Best Dog Raincoats: Staying Dry in a Downpour

Just like their owners, dogs vary in their tolerance for nasty weather. Some are fearless, rough-and-tumble pups willing to go outdoors in anything short of a typhoon, but others refuse to venture out

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Beds for Greyhounds

Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds: Lounging for the Lean & Limber

Most dogs will benefit from a high-quality bed, but you don’t want to settle for the first one you find. Instead, you’ll want to select one that suits your pet’s specific needs. And while you

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