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dog coats with legs

The Five Best Dog Coats with Legs For Full Canine Coverage in the Cold!

Most dogs will appreciate a coat when walking in inclement weather, but some may require a little extra protection. Typical dog coats usually have a poncho-like design, which shields a dog’s back, neck,

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dog crate cover

Best Dog Crate Covers: Calm and Quiet Your Canine

People use bird cage covers for a variety of important reasons: They help to calm pet birds for bedtime and they can help prevent screech-inducing freakouts, among others. But they aren’t only helpful

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two-way dog camera

The Five Best Treat Dispensing Dog Cameras

Treat-dispensing cameras are a great way to interact with your dog and give her a little love when you are away. While an electronic display and treat slinger will never replace in-person attention, these

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Best Dog Head Halters: A Method For Pull-Free Walking

If you’ve got a dog who pulls hard on the leash and can be hard to control, a dog head halter can really help you regain control on your walks. There are several excellent brands of dog head halters

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corner dog bed

Best Dog Corner Beds: Cozy, Space-Efficient Snoozing!

Most dogs need a comfortable bed, but beds can take up a lot of space in your home and they always seem to be in the way. Fortunately, there are a number of corner beds on the market, which will give your

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beds for dogs with hip dysplasia

The Best Dog Beds for Hip Dysplasia: Keeping Joints Safe 

Hip dysplasia is a painful, potentially debilitating disease from which many dogs suffer. There are a variety of different treatment strategies that may provide afflicted dogs with some relief, ranging

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vibrating dog collars

5 Best Vibrating Dog Collars for Training

Dog owners and trainers use a variety of different tools to help teach and train four-footers, including various collars. Shock collars, which produce a small amount of electricity to help get your dog’s

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camping with dogs

5 Best Dog Beds for Camping: The Wild Wilderness!

There is no one better to share the great outdoors with than your best friend—man’s best friend, that is. Taking your dog with you on a camping trip is an excellent way to bond while providing a much-needed

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small dog harness

7 Best Dog Harnesses for Small Dogs

In a lot of ways, small dogs are much easier to care for than their larger counterparts. Small dogs require less space than their larger counterparts do, they make smaller poops than big dogs and they

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best washable dog bed

Best Washable Dog Beds: Low-Maintenance, Easy-to-Clean Beds for Messy Canines!

Even indoor dogs who rarely venture outside have a supernatural ability to collect dirt, dust, and various residues while going about their daily routine. And unless you bathe your pooch daily, these foul

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