Bark Box Contents: What’s Inside a Bark Box?

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Thinking about getting a Bark Box subscription for the pooch in your life? We don’t blame you – Bark Boxes are a fun and easy way to surprise your doggie pal with get new treats and toys each month!

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image from Flickr user Loren Sztajer

Let’s delve into what you can expect from your Bark Box.

Bark Box Contents: What Comes in a Bark Box?

Each monthly BarkBox contains 4-6 content pieces, including:

–       All-Natural Treats

–       Super Fun Dog Toys

–       Hygiene products (less often)

No BarkBox is ever quite the same, and each is carefully though out and crafted by the BarkBox team. Life is like a BarkBox – you never know what you’re going to get!

While you may never know exactly what content will come in a BarkBox each month, know that each BarkBox contains treats from trusted vendors who use top-notch ingredients. No scary stuff here!

Toys are tested for optimal doggie enjoyment by the Bark Box team’s very own pups, ensuring that each Bark Box keeps your canine happy and healthy (unfortunately BarkBox doesn’t offer a kitty option, but we have our own list of cat subscription boxes you should check out if you’re a cat lover.)

Bark Box Cost of Subscription

Here’s how it breaks down:

12 Month Bark Box Plan (aka 1 year) = $219. This amounts to $18/month. [best value]

6 Month Bark Box Plan = $114. This amounts to about $19/month.

3 Month Bark Box Plan = $72. This amounts to $24/month.

1 Month Bark Box Plan = $29/month.

 Note: You pay upfront for the entire cost of subscription

Bark Box Sizes: How Does it Work?

whats in a bark box

Bark Boxes come in different packages depending on the size of your dog. Sizes include:

  • Small BarkBox: For dogs 0-10 lbs
  • Medium BarkBox aka “Just Right” : 20-50lbs
  • Big BarkBox aka “Big & Bold” : 50+ lbs

 Is Bark Box a Good Value?

Bark Boxes generally have products whose collective value is much higher than the cost of the Bark Box. Generally it’s great to have a solid collection of dog toys around for your pooch so that they can stay occupied and challenged, especially when leaving a dog home alone.

To top it off, BarkBox gives 10% of proceeds to support doggie rescue groups. How awesome is that?

what comes in a barkbox

Bark Box for Dog Allergies

If your dog has allergies, Bark Box also offers pup packages with Bark Box content specifically designed to be allergy-friendly. These allergy-friendly Bark Boxes contents consist of toys and treats that do not include any of the following:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Gluten
  • What
  • Soy
  • Corn

Sound good? Go order a BarkBox for your pup!

Alternatively, you can read up on more info in our more thorough BarkBox review!


Image with bark box by Flickr user Loren Sztajer

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Marc Sorino


Could you tell me the weight of each box, please? (Small, medium and large)

Ben Team

You can double-check with Bark Box to be sure, Marc, but the weight of the boxes will likely vary as the contents change.


Found a great coupon for Barkbox!

1 month FREE with order! (2 months for only $29!)

Each box has around $40 worth of great toys, treats and care products… always great products, never junk! LOVE BARKBOX!


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