BarkBox for Cats? Monthly Subscription Boxes for Cats

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monthly boxes for cats

Is There a BarkBox for Cats?

monthly boxes for cats

No, unfortunately Bark Box does not offer a monthly subscription box for cats. However, there are some Bark Box alternatives that can serve the needs of your kitty.

Monthly Subscription Boxes for Cats

Below is our list of the top monthly subscription boxes for kitties!

1. MeowBox

MeowBox: MeowBox delivers a monthly box of kitty treats and fun! MeowBox plans boast free shipping and have all edible treats made in the USA or Canada, so you know your kitty is getting only the best.

meowbox review box

Some really cool features about the MeowBox cat subscription box include:

  • Each box contains 4-6 items for your purrfect kitty!
  • All edible items are made in the USA or Canada.
  • If your cat had unique dietary needs or isn’t so food friendly, you can have your MeowBox customized to only contain toys and non-edible goodies.
  • Your MeowBox is personalized, with your cat’s name written on the inside of the box.
  • For every MeowBox purchased, a can of cat food is donated to a feline shelter.
  • MeowBox ships to the USA and Canada (and shipping is always free!)

MeowBox Pricing

$22.95 for 1 month (on month by month basis) or for bi-monthly subscriptions.

They also offer different options for gift subscriptions if you want to give a MeowBox to a feline friend!

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2. KitNipBox

KitNipBox: The KipNipBox offers a feline care package that comes in three sizes depending on how many goodies and toys you want delivered for your feline friend.

  • Happy Cat KitNipBox: 4+ toys and treats. Costs $19/month with value of at least $30.
  • Multi-Cat KitNipBox: 6+ toys and treats. Costs $29/month with value of at least $40. (Geared at owners with multiple cats).

KitNip Boxes can include:

  • Cat Toys
  • Treats
  • Kitty Accessories
  • Health & Hygiene Products
  • Innovative New Gadgets
  • Who Knows? A Surprise!

Wondering what kind of goodies to expect? Here’s a list of items included in a recent KitNipBox:

  • Smart N’ Tasty Salmon Treats: These all-natural nutritious crunchy treats are grain, gluten, soy, and dairy free, and made in the USA. The ingredients are used to fight plaque and tartar, as well as promote fresh breath. [Regular Price: $7]
  • Handmade Catnip Apple Slice: This toy apple slice is made by an artisan in Wisconsin, who hands sews all products. This lightweight toy can be carried by your cat around the house, and they can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! [Similar Item: $6]
  • Catnip Mushroom Toy: This mushroom toy is filled with organic catnip, which your cat is sure to love! [Similar Item: $6]
  • Roller Friend Toy: This toy encourages your cat’s natural hunting instincts. It features a thick stack of cardboard with a thread that connects a mouse head and tail. Your cat will love swatting at the feathery tail while stalking and hunting this perfect prey. [Regular Cost: $4]
  • Wooly Fun Leather Barrel: This eco-friendly toy is made with renewable resources. Its combination of organic catnip and feathers will make your cat ecstatic! The barrel is handmade from 100% wool, making it durable and safe while stimulating your cat’s natural instincts. [Regular Cost: $12]

If you bought these items independently, you’d be spending approximately $48, but with KitNipBox, this pack is only $30.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: When you sign up for KitNipBox, use the discount code K9OFMINE for 15% off your first KitNipBox order!

3. PetBox

PetBox: PetBoxes offer some affordable options for those who have smaller budgets but still wants to treat their cat to something special each month.

monthly subscription box for cats

Things get a little confusing, so we divided prices into 3 bracket tiers:

month-to-month price with 3-month subscription price with 6-month subscription
1 Treat Package: $9.95/month $8.95/month $7.95/month
2-3 Treats & Toys Package: $20/month $17.95/month $14.95/month
4-6 Treats & Toys Package: $39.95/month $34.95/month $29.95/month
7-12 Treats & Toys Package: $59.95/month $54.95/month $49.95/month

What’s awesome about the packages with 4-6 treats (and the higher packages) is that you get customization regarding what kinds of toys or treats you want sent out. If you want to be able to choose exactly what gets sent to your pet, this is the box for you.

The 7-12 package is great for if you have multiple pets. What’s awesome with this package is the option for customization, which means you can have one box that contains toys and treats for both your cat and dog cohabitating.

 Of course, if you have a dog, you can always check out the original BarkBox and read our BarkBox review!

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Tina Broderick

Please cancel my account and refund the money for the extra boxes I got that I didn’t order. Thank you
Tina Broderick

Ben Team

Hey, Tina. We’re not part of BarkBox — you’ll have to contact them directly.
Sorry it doesn’t seem to have worked out for you.


As a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady”, I’ve tried all three of these boxes (usually through a coupon via Groupon) and my favorite thus far has been KitNipBox. October 2015 was my first month and I ordered the Multi-Cat box, (at the time, I had two cats, now I have three!), and have received the box every month since. I think the value of the box is really great and certainly the toys have been my cats’ favorite by far out of all the boxes that I’ve tried. Each of my cats have distinctive tastes and there’s always at least one item that satisfies each of them…and they always all love the wand or other interactive toy that gets sent nearly monthly. The treats are definitely the best variety that I have seen in any of the boxes, and there have been a few boxes that have started me on buying treats regularly that I was exposed to via the box. I’ve received about 7 boxes so far and I can say that the KitNipBox definitely get the meow of approval in my household!


I can confirm the Kitnip Boxes do contain unsafe toys. I have received two boxes now (purchased a three month subscription) and have had to throw half of the items away, including some of the treats because of the poor quality of ingredients. So far, I’ve gotten toys for my cat that had the following: elastic string, plastic film (seriously.. what the hell?), mylar streamer, and small pieces that break off easily. I have already canceled my subscription so the one I receive next month will be the last.


Wow..I was thinking of new business ideas and thought that there was 0 competition in this space..totally wrong! I think my idea would rock all of these though.


Thank’s for the post! Feel free to use promo code YAY10 to get 10% off your first order 🙂


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