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Grooming By Kate Brunotts 19 min read April 23, 2020

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Best Dog Bath Tubs

It doesn’t take a lot to have muddy paw prints adorning your floors. You and your pup like to have fun together, and sometimes that means you’ll end up making quite a mess.

If you took your pup to the groomer every time he got a bit of dirt on him, you’d quickly wrack up a pricey grooming bill. Luckily, you can wash your dog up yourself by simply grabbing a dedicated dog bathing tub.

Dog bathing tubs allow you to keep your dog healthy and smelling of roses, without removing him from his comfortable home environment. 

Not to mention, a separate tub for your pooch keeps your own bathtub fur-free! 

Below, we’ll discuss our top picks, how they benefit pet owners, and some key features to look for when purchasing a dog bathing tub

But if time is short, just check out our quick picks below!

Quick Pics: Best Dog Bath Tubs for Home

  • Booster Bath Elevated Pet Tub — This elevated bathtub will work indoors or outdoors, and provides excellent value for its price.
  • BaileyBear Porta Tubby — A perfect option for pint-sized puppers, the BaileyBear Porta Tubby is collapsible, making it an ideal choice for owners who travel a lot with their dog.
  • Flying Pig Dog Bath Tub — A high-quality and durable option, the Flying Pig Tub is strong enough to hold dogs weighing as much as 150 pounds.

What Should You Look for When Picking Out a Dog Bath Tub?

Bathing needs vary by household, so make sure you figure out what features you want to prioritize before you start shopping. 

Tethers/Leash Hooks 

Some tubs come with convenient hooks or tethers to help keep your pup in place while taking a bath. You can also buy a separate hook attachment that sticks on to most surfaces, but a built-in hook will usually be sturdier and last longer. 

Non-slip Floor

Gripping a wet floor with paws can be especially tricky for your four-footer. Floor grips can go a long way to stop your dog from slipping and sliding during bath time. In general, a sturdy floor is likely to make your pup feel more secure and reduce stress.

 If your pooch is constantly attempting to flee bathtime, non-slip floors or mat inserts can help prevent injury, as jumping in and out of a tub without grip can make for a mean fall. 

Adjustable Height

If you have a smaller breed, a height-adjustable tub can make a world of a difference. 

Not only does this help your pooch recognize that they should stay stationary during bath time (your fur kid will be less likely to leap out of a tub 3 ft off the ground), but it also saves your back since you won’t have to bend over as far – this is especially beneficial for older individuals and owners who aren’t as mobile.


It’s important to consider what material will work best for your pup’s needs. If there are multiple pets in the house, or if you plan on grooming pretty frequently, a durable metal tub may be worth the initial investment. 

Plastic, on the other hand, is lighter, so it can be great for switching between indoor or outdoor environments and on-the-go grooming.

Product Holders

Some of the best tubs have special places designed to hold shampoos and other products. This feature may seem insignificant, but if your pup is jumpy in the tub, having the shampoo and soap that much closer can make a world of a difference. 

Sizing Guidelines

Make sure you’re looking at the sizing guidelines while shopping for a tub. Most doggie bathing tubs go by weight, but there are a few that include partial splash hoods that need to be adjusted based on height. 

Detachable Hoses and Plugs

If you’re looking to wash your pupper outdoors, detachable hoses and plugs can be extremely helpful. Some bathing tubs come with a hose attachment or a place to insert your own. An added draining plug makes for easy clean-up, and you won’t have to break your back flipping over a tub full of heavy water.

bath tub for dogs

Best Dog Bath Tubs 

Any of the doggie bathing tubs below should help you keep your pup squeaky clean, but be sure to look out for the features you and your pooch need most. 

1. Booster Bath Elevated Pet Tub

The Booster Bath Elevated Pet Tub is an easily assembled pet bath, which can be used indoors or outdoors. Its elevated design helps reduce any back pain you’ll suffer while washing your pup, and if you need it any higher, you can pick up a set of optional boosters that’ll raise it up even farther. 


  • 2 piece quick-snap tub and quick-snap legsPortable and lightNew two piece quick-snap tub
  • Dimensions: 45" x 21.25" x 15"
  • 19 inch leg height, 20 inch U Entrance, 32.25 inch total height when assembled
  • Leg Foot Print - 27" x 48"

Features: This tub is made out of durable plastic and is designed for quick disassembly, making it ideal for pupper parents who are constantly on the go. It supports dogs up to 125 pounds and features a drain hose so you can direct wastewater to the desired place. 

It also comes with a built-in leash attachment and an included collar, but you can easily attach your own collar to make Fido more comfortable. The tub comes in three different colors and is made in the USA. 


There are a lot of positive reviews for this tub, and owners generally found the product easy to set up. Several owners also felt that the tub provided great value for the price. It also appears durable enough to for larger pets who aren’t super fond of bath time.


Some customers found the tub difficult to store, so make sure you have the space for this bathing tub before committing. Some customers also found that the drain hose detached too easily, which caused messes in some cases. However, you could always remove the hose if you like. 

2. Flying Pig Professional Stainless Steel Grooming Bath

The Flying Pig Grooming Bath is a great option for owners that want a professional-caliber pet tub with all of the bells and whistles. Although this option may be a bit over-the-top for typical owners, it is ideal for professional groomers or those with several pets. The bathing tub is also a solid choice for those with large pets, as it is sturdy and wide enough to accommodate pups weighing up to 220 pounds. 


  • Made of rust resistant 304 stainless steel which provides great sealing, solid durability, and easy...
  • Stainless steel removable overhead arm with loops that can be adjust to accommodate many...
  • Backsplash and sidesplashes can be removed for greater versatility and feature waterproof seals when...
  • Free Accessories: Tub Faucet w/ hoses, Sprayer w/ hose, Overhead arm, Drain kit with flexible hose...

Features: This grooming bath is made from rust-resistant stainless steel and comes with removable sides and front splash hoods, which will help you keep bathing messes to a minimum. 

Notably, the bath has hot and cold water faucets so you can easily adjust the temperature without having to walk all the way back over to the water source. It also includes safety tethers and adjustable ramps to help your pup enter, hang out, and exit safely.  

This option is certainly the priciest of our list, but it will pay off for owners want a bathtub with lots of included extras. 


Most owners reported that the body of the tub was very well designed and sturdy. The plastic bottom provides problem-free drainage and makes cleanup easy. A couple of customers also reported that the tub provided exceptional water pressure. 


It appears that the tub doesn’t always hold up in transit — a couple of customers report small dents in the detachable hoods. However, these dents did not change the effectiveness of the tub, and customer service was quick to reach out to the pet owners and resolve the issues.

3. BaileyBear Porta Tubby

The BaileyBear Porta Tubby is uber flexible and portable, geared specifically to small and medium-sized breeds, weighing up to about 25 pounds. The tub is designed to be easy to use and very affordable. 

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Features: This tub is super light-weight (it weighs less than 5 pounds), and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is made from non-slip silicone so your pooch won’t slip around during the bath. There are also handy cup holders for shampoo and other bathtime supplies, as well as a built-in drain plug. 

The BaileyBear Tub is unique in that it can collapse down to less than three inches so that it can be stowed away and packed for road trips (making it a great choice for dog sporting trials). The tub also fits right into a standard tub for simplified in-home use. It comes in light green, pink, and blue. 


Customers loved how sturdy the silicone was, even for pets who liked to scratch at the bottom and sides of the tub. Owners also found the tub’s compact nature pretty handy, and several reported that it was very easy to store and transport.


Some customers wished the tub had a built-in tether or leash attachment to keep their pet stabilized. Other than that, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive! 

4. Flying Pig Dog Bath Tub

The Flying Pig Dog Bath Tub is a great solution for breeds up to 65 pounds and offers adjustable elevation to prevent back strain. The unit is made of heavy-duty plastic and resembles a human tub, so it’ll fit right in with your bathroom decor. 


  • Flying Pig Grooming perfect sized tub for medium to small size pets
  • Whole unit size: 37.5"L x 19.5"W x 35.5"H. Maximum weight: 150 pounds
  • Basin is made of heavy duty plastic material. Stand(legs) is made of stainless steel.
  • 360 degree access and leveler is adjustable for uneven floor

Features: The tub has a rubberized bottom to prevent your pup from slipping and sliding during bath time. It easily fits inside of a tub but is large enough to accommodate longer breeds, as it is 38 inches long.  

The plastic is pretty lightweight, so it’s fairly easy to take this tub from house to house. It comes in two different colors, and it has an optional drain hose attachment. 


Customers loved the adjustable elevation and the ability to fit the unit in a standard shower. Most users found the tub to be very sturdy and well worth the cost.


Some customers found assembly to be a bit difficult, but it seems customer support was quick to reach out and resolve any issues. Moreover, the removable drain hose seemed to break easily for some users, but this could easily be rectified with a quick trip to the hardware store.

5. Rubbermaid Commercial Foam Stock Tank

Although the Rubbermaid Foam Stock Tank is not traditionally used for dog bathing, many owners enjoyed the tank’s sturdy quality and found that the multipurpose unit does just the trick for keeping Spot clean. 


  • Seamless construction for outstanding durability
  • Five sizes to fit all your watering needs; from 50 gallons up to 300 gallons
  • Optional all-plastic anti-siphon float valve provides constant water level
  • Measures 51-2/3" x 31" x 12", Made in the USA

Features: The tub comes in sizes from 50- to 500-gallons, so there’s definitely enough flexibility to use this tank to wash dogs of different sizes. The tank is created with industrial polyethylene making it able to withstand the test of time. Larger breeds may especially take to this tub purely because it is roomy and massive. 

It has a large drain plug and an optional anti-siphon float valve to keep the water level consistent. This tub is great for outdoor use as it is resistant to most weather conditions and is a bit heavier than the other listed tubs. 


Owners loved that the tub is extremely sturdy and scratch-proof. Also, since the tub can be used for multiple purposes, it seemed to be less of a space hog than other doggie bathtubs. The tank was also deep enough for owners to apply flea and tick medication, which is a huge plus.


Since the tub isn’t elevated, some dog owners expressed a degree of back pain after using the tub. However, several owners have found it easy to make an elevated stand for the tank (making it an ideal choice for DIY dog owners). The tub isn’t a great choice for skittish pups, as there is no tether or leash attachment. 

6. Laundry Sink Utility Tub with Pet-Friendly Accessories

The Laundry Sink Utility Tub is as cute as it is functional. This tub supports small dogs and doubles as a handy sink to keep in your laundry or mudroom.

Features: This doggie bathing tub comes with hanging baskets to hold bath products, and paw decals that double as anti-slip spots. Along with the traditional sink hot and cold nozzles, there’s a detachable sprayer for added convenience. 

The tub has a capacity of 19 gallons, making it the perfect capacity for pint-sized pups. It’s created with scratch-proof thermoplastic and features metal legs to elevate the tub and help prevent backache. 


Most owners loved the versatility of this tub. The material is super sturdy and should prove to be a worthy investment. A few owners also enjoyed the fact that they could leave this tub set up semi-permanently. 


Some owners found that the faucet came backwards and was not easy to find a replacement for. The sink must be attached to a direct water source, which some customers find inconvenient. So, make sure if you get this tub you’re committed to indoor washing alone. 

7. Master Equipment Bathe & Go Dog Groomer’s Tub

The Master Equipment Bath & Go Tub has a sleek look and is perfect for bathing small and medium breeds. You can use it with or without the included stands based on your height preferences. 


  • Simplifies Bathing – Lightweight and versatile pet tub can be used by groomers and pet owners...
  • Made for Quality – Constructed from a durable plastic material with steel tubing, this dog...
  • Convenient Design – Makes dog-bathing hassle-free with an open design for easy access; Features...
  • Includes Extras – Master Equipment Dog Groomer’s Tub includes three grooming hooks, a drain, a...

Features: This bathing tub is 11 inches deep so small pups probably won’t be able to hop out. For added security, there are 3 metal rings to which you can attach a leash or tether. It also comes with a large drain and drain stopper so removing fur won’t be a hassle. 

The Bathe & Go Tub has convenient product holders and adjustable legs for maximum convenience. Your pup is sure to be comfy as the bottom of the tub is lined with cute paw prints that provide plenty of traction, even when the tub is full of water. 


Owners loved the height of the tub and found it very easy to use. The plastic material stayed strong and appeared quite durable, even when used with wiggly, uncooperative pets. 


Some owners found the tub difficult to store and a bit of a space hog. Granted, there wasn’t a whole bevy of reviews like some of the other tubs listed, but the few that were here were overwhelmingly positive. 

Why Use a Dog Bathing Tub?

An entire tub for your pet can seem a little over the top, but there are a surprising number of benefits that can make the investment wise. 

They’ll Keep Your Pup More Comfortable

Doggie tubs are also specifically designed to keep Fido comfortable, and they include a number of additional features to make bath time less stressful for your pooch. 

For example, dog bathing tubs usually come with some sort of mat insert, so your dog isn’t slipping and sliding all over the place. Many tubs also come with a tether, which should help prevent your pooch from leaping out of the tub while coated in suds. 

Doggie Bath Tubs Will Keep You More Comfortable

For one thing, doggie bath tubs are a lot easier to use than traditional tubs and are designed to reduce backache that comes with the strain of bending over a regular bath tub.  This is especially important if you have a smaller breed, which would require you to bend over even further. 

Dog Bath Tubs Help You Bond with Your Pooch

Your dog will most likely feel more comfortable with you cleaning him, rather than a mysterious groomer. 

It’s also important to note that grooming can be a bonding experience for you and your floof. Because you have control over your home environment, you can create positive associations with bath time by offering up generous praise or treats to your pup. 

Dog Tubs Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Dog bathing tubs are also easy to clean, and they can help keep your pet’s grooming cycle more consistent. Regular baths help keep your dog’s coat in tip-top shape, they’ll help protect him from skin infections, and they’ll reduce the number of allergens floating around your house.

Do You Use a Dog Bath Tub Indoors or Outdoors?

Most of the tubs discussed below can be used indoors or outdoors, but there are certain advantages and disadvantages that come with each environment.

Bathing indoors provides a little more control over the environment.

If, for example, your pooch is easily startled by passing cars or squirrels, an outside bathing session may not be the best choice (as your dog might struggle to escape and chase the rodent, thereby making him messy all over again). 

But, if your dog is not especially excitable or reactive, bathing outdoors can reduce the mess created inside your home and give your dog some time to enjoy the natural sunlight. 

Outdoor bathing can also be a great choice for larger breeds as it’ll give your pupper more room to spread out during the process and shake off the water in his coat afterward without spraying down your entire bathroom. You’ll also be able to avoid wet-paw tracks on your floor, and end up with less fur in your house. 

Smaller breeds may enjoy indoor bathing more, as they are more temperature-sensitive.

Your pup’s level of comfort may also vary from season to season, depending on where you live. Keep in mind the thickness of your furball’s coat and what sorts of weather put him most at ease. 

The choice is ultimately up to you and your pooch — there isn’t a single solution for each and every dog. Feel free to try out both and figure out whether your pup prefers indoor or outdoor baths

bath tubs for dogs

Dog Bathing Tips and Tricks 

Giving your pooch a decent bath isn’t rocket science, but there are definitely some important things to keep in mind to keep him healthy and happy at bath time.

When Should I Start Bathing my Puppy?

If you have a puppy, make sure you aren’t washing him until you get the green light from your vet. Usually, your pup is good to go after 8 weeks or as soon as he is able to regulate his own body temperature. 

Bathing is an excellent practice to introduce early and can strengthen your bond. Training your dog to like water is an important part of socialization, and will set them up for a secure and fear-free lifestyle. 

How Often Should I Wash my Dog? 

How often you should wash your dog really depends on your pet’s coat type, lifestyle, and overall skin health. Thicker coats may require more regular maintenance, while thinner coats can hold up longer in between washes. In general, bath guidelines range from once a week to once every 4 to 6 weeks. 

However, it’s important that your pup’s specific bathing schedule is discussed with a veterinary professional. Overbathing your canine can strip the natural oils in his coat that keep him protected and moisturized. On the flip side, under bathing makes him prone to disease and infection. 

If you’re worried about your pup smelling less than fresh in between frequent washes, try out a dog-friendly dry shampoo. These can hold your pup over until their next proper bathe, and also serve as spot cleaners if your dog were to get messy on a small portion of his body. 

Making your Pup Comfortable

For a lot of dogs, bath time can be a source of stress. If you know your pup has a difficult time with water, place him in the dry tub ahead of time to get him more acclimated to the space. Positive reinforcement, like treats or toys, is also a good idea.

Tubs that come with non-slip mats help make your pet feel more stable and secure. Make sure this is a priority while picking out your doggie bathing tub. The more you commit to bathing as a regular activity, the less daunting it will be for your pup.  

Preparing Properly

Make sure before you start washing your pup you have assembled the necessary dog bathing supplies.

In a pinch, you can use human shampoo, but it is not recommended and ends up being too acidic for your pooch’s skin. Instead, invest in a pet shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for fur babies. 

Should your pet have sensitive skin, seek out more natural and gentle dog shampoos designed for sensitive pups.

After gathering all of your supplies, you’ll want to pick a location for the bath. Ideally, this will be a recurring bath spot, as consistency breeds comfort. Additionally, an area that your dog has created positive associations which can help reduce initial stress.

While a kitchen faucet and sink may be enough space for a toy dog, a full-sized tub or specialty dog tub will be preferred for any dog larger than 5 lbs or so.

In addition, make sure you have a pet-specific hose or shower attachment to make it easier to hose down Fido. 

dog bathing tub

Dog Bathing 101

Many owners (especially first-time owners) are a bit overwhelmed by the notion of bathing their pupper. But don’t worry — we’ll walk you through the entire process below!

 1. Start by making sure the water temperature is not too hot nor too cold — shoot for lukewarm, room temperature water. Splash your dog’s paws before beginning the bathing process to prepare him for what’s to come.

2. Proceed to wet your dog’s coat along his body, avoiding the facial region and head. Instead, this area can be dabbed with a wet cloth and will prevent your pup from getting water or product in his eyes. Also, wet facial hair tends to make dogs shake, which will result in more mess than is necessary. 

3. Apply a thin line of shampoo to your pup’s back, running from the top to the bottom of the spine. Use your hands to massage the product into his coat. Make sure you’re covering all of Fido’s body from top to bottom. Pay special attention to the paws, armpits, and underbelly. 

4. Rinse your pooch until the water runs clear. This is especially important since residue can cause skin irritation. Rinsing can be time-consuming, so make sure you set aside a good chunk of time to properly rinse your pet. 

5. Pat your pet dry with a towel (use a dog-specific towel for even better results). You can also use a dog hair dryer to speed the process up (it’s typically a bad idea to use hair dryers designed for humans, as they get too hot). 

6. Detangle your dog’s coat with a grooming brush. This will help keep your pupper’s coat looking and feeling great between baths. 

7. Provide copious quantities of scritches, treats, kisses, and praise! This will help create a positive association with bath time (not that we really need an excuse to spoil our four-footers!). 


Washing your pooch regularly is important for his health and happiness, and a great doggie bathing tub will only make that process easier. Bath time is also a great bonding activity, and it will keep Fido smelling as fresh as a daisy. 

Have you and your pup tried out any of our bathing tub picks? What helps you prepare your pet for bath time?

We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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