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Best Dog Grooming Gloves: Handheld Grooming!

Of course we all love our pooches, but a matted, unruly coat can be unattractive and uncomfortable for your canine. And we won’t even get into the layer of dog hair that blankets every surface of our homes!

With thick-coat dogs, regular and consistent grooming is a necessity, but a bulky brush or comb can be unwieldy and – more importantly – make our pups uncomfortable. Enter…the grooming glove!

So, what is a grooming glove? How is it different from a regular brush or a comb? As the name implies, it is a grooming implement that you slip over your hand, like a glove or a mitten. The glove usually contains rubber or silicone bristle-like nubs that are used to comb your pet’s coat.

Today we’ll be listing what to look for when shopping for a grooming glove, and reviewing a few top product picks.

See our quick picks here, or read on for full, more detailed reviews!

Quick Picks: Best Dog Grooming Gloves Where To Find It
#1 PICK: K9 of Mine Dog Dematting Comb + Glove Brush Set See on Amazon
#2 PICK: Mr. Peanut’s Pet Grooming Glove Brush See on Amazon
#3 PICK: Bemix Pets Pet Grooming Glove See on Amazon
#4 PICK: True Touch Deshedding Glove  See on Amazon

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Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Grooming Glove

There are a few different factors to consider when buying a dog grooming glove or mitten:

Features and Bonus Items. You can choose from a five fingered glove style, or a simple mitt design. Most gloves are right-handed, but there are products that come as a pair with right and left hand gloves. Others offer complementary bonus items, such as detangling combs, trimmers, or lint brushes. Or you may prefer the convenience of a velour lint brush right on the back of your glove!

Ease of Use. Any grooming tool is useless if your pup runs from the sight of it, and a soothing rubdown can quickly turn into a game of chase if your glove is awkward. For these reasons, it’s important that your grooming glove of choice is easily adjusted to the size of your hand, and maneuvers easily over your pet’s coat.

Durability. Everyone loves a good deal, but make sure that you purchase a product that is built to last. This is especially true for nippy puppies who may try to take a nibble of your glove.

Long or Short Hair. Pay attention to the size of the nubs or bristles on the glove that you choose. If you have a long-haired pooch, or a breed that carries a thick undercoat, you will do well to use a mitt with long teeth that can grab the excess fur without causing pain. Likewise, shorter, sleeker nubs will be more comfortable for short-haired breeds.

Size/Fit. Most dog grooming gloves are of the one-size-fits-all variety. But as we all know, one size seldom fits all. Some gloves run smaller, some larger. Be sure to pay attention to the measurements of the product, and how they compare to your own hand.

Cost. Grooming gloves can cost anywhere from $5 to $25. While most are comparable in performance, some cheaper options tend to fall apart more quickly.

Best Dog Grooming Gloves: Top Picks

1. K9 of Mine Dematting Dog Comb + Brush Glove

About: The professional grade K9 of Mine Brush Glove is accompanied by a quality de-matting comb. Gentle rubber tips work to improve circulation for a shiny, healthy coat. Opposite of the soft tips is a velour lint brush that you can use for clothes and furniture.

PROS: Users were impressed with K9 of Mine’s ease of use and quality construction. Our dog lovers appreciate how gentle the glove (and comb!) are on sensitive pooch skin, and report shiny, silky coats all around.

CONS: Since this grooming pack contains both a dematting comb and a glove brush, it’s a bit more expensive than other sets that sell only the glove brush. There also isn’t a ton of feedback on this product yet.

2. Mr. Peanut’s Pet Grooming Glove Brush

About: First up, Mr. Peanut’s Grooming Glove Brush. This company is notable for donating a sizeable portion of their profits to help animals in need, and backs their product with an unconditional lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Mr. Peanut’s is an eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and affordable option, for the more global-minded pet owner.


PROS: Mr. Peanut’s has received rave reviews for customer service! Lost or damaged items reported by customers were quickly replaced at no extra charge. The glove brush is effective at removing loose hair from your cherished pet, including from more difficult areas like the tail, chest, and face. This is thanks to the flexibility of the silicone rubber face and supple mesh cloth.

CONS: While excess loose hair is removed from your beloved pooch, many consumers reported that the hair did not cling to the glove as it should, and resulted in stray fur wafting about. Many suggested that this product be used outdoors only, to avoid the mess. This glove may be a bit large for those with smaller hands, and is better suited to short haired dogs.


3. Bemix Pets Pet Grooming Glove Kit

About: For those that want more bang for their buck, consider the Bemix Pets Pet Grooming Glove Kit. This pack includes a pair of grooming gloves, and a bonus trimmer. It is the only product on our list that accommodates left-handed dog lovers.

PROS: All told, Bemix users found this glove comfortable and easy to clean. Delivery was speedy and reliable.

CONS: Although advertised as a “2 pack + bonus”, it is unclear which product comes with the pack. Some received a right and left glove, some received a right glove and a mitt, and some did not receive the bonus trimmer that was advertised. Let that be a warning if you are expecting a specific combination of products. Other than that, the chief complaint among reviewers was that shorter animal fur did not stick to the glove as advertised, once again leading to the dreaded flurry of hair.

4. True Touch De-Shedding Glove

About: The True Touch De-Shedding Glove is another solid grooming glove option. It emphasizes the gentle touch of a loving owner, and even provides detailed videos about use of the glove and safety instructions.


PROS: The True Touch is an outstanding choice if you are looking to tame a long or wiry coat, and adequately removes hair. This one size fits all design received less complaints than most regarding the size of the glove. It is an easy to use, five-finger style glove instead of the popular mitten style.

CONS: Many users reported that they received their product with torn or loose seams, and some described it as “cheaply built”. The stiff bristles may make the True Touch glove less than ideal for short-haired breeds, or pups with sensitive skin. But the main complaint among reviewers was that the hair does not come off as effortlessly as advertised. Many reported having to pick the fur from the bristles repeatedly, rather than removing it smoothly in one large piece.


Use a Dog Brush Glove For a Better Grooming Session!

Not all dogs are receptive to grooming. Finding a gentle glove can reduce your pet’s anxiety, and even make grooming an enjoyable part of your routine!

While you are doing your due diligence to maintain a healthy coat, your dog gets all the love and attention he can stand.

Which grooming glove is your go-to for bonding with your pet? Tell us in the comments!

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