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Best Dog Hammock Beds: Swing & Snooze in Style

Humans and dogs alike love a good snooze in a hammock!

With their gentle rocking motion and raised surfaces, hammock dog beds are favorites among owners and their pets. Plus, they look super cool!

Let’s dig into our top picks for the best dog hammock beds around.

1. Pet Lounge Hammock Bed

About: The Pet Lounge Hammock Bed from Be&D features an x-shaped base with a suspended cushion for your dog to lounge on.


  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • Designed to relieve pressure points that can lead to doggy joint pain
  • Removable and reversible suede cushion
  • Comes in several designs and colors

Pros: Owners love the stylish design and soft cushioning in this bed.

Cons: Some owners report issues with the straps coming apart when the dog jumps off the bed, since it seems the straps are attached via velcro.

2. K&H Hammock Bed Cot

About: The K&H Hammock Dog Bed Cot is a raised dog bed that uses mesh material, great for outdoor use. While this bed is classified more accurately as an elevated dog bed, it may suit needs for a hammock dog bed as well.


  • Made of waterproof, highly durable mesh fabric
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in multiple sizes depending on the size of your dog
  • Provides support and can reduce joint pain for senior dogs

Pros: This highly rated, super durable dog bed can be used inside or outside. Plus, it’s easy to clean (just wipe down the mesh canvas) and is designed to keep your dog cool during hot weather.

Cons: The K&H bed lacks the same sleek hammock style of other dog beds.

3. Be & D Pet Hammock

This bed features a bamboo frame and a removable (as well as reversible) ultra-suede cushion. It comes in several sizes, with designs for pets 25-50 lbs as well as a model for pets up to 85 lbs!

Pros: Folks love the elegant design of this bed – it looks great!

Cons: Despite the attractive look, which owners agree is fantastic, those who have larger dogs note that this bed really is not stable enough to hold heavier dogs. Despite the labeling saying that the larger bed can hold dogs up to 85 lbs, this seems to be far from true!

4. Gen7Pets Cool Air Pathfinder Pet Cot

This hammock-inspired bed (although it has more in common with a cot bed than a hammock) is great for keeping your pooch cool in the heat, featuring mesh fabric designed to promote airflow.

The mesh also allows for drainage, so you don’t need to worry too much about taking this bed in when it rains (plus it’s easy to spray down if your dog has an accident).

This bed uses a metal frame with assembly using snaps so that it can easily be collapsed and taken to the beach, camping – wherever you and your dog wander! The curved and raised backing of the bed also means it’s great for dogs that like to cuddle up and provides an added sense of security.

Pros: Owners love how easy this bed is to assemble and take around while on the go. It seems to be just the thing for dogs that spend a lot of time outside!

Cons: One owner notes that his dog won’t sleep on this bed – but most dogs seem to love it!

5. Jumbl Bamboo Dog Hammock

The Jumbl hammock bed features a unique design and an interesting look!

This bed uses a solid 2-piece bamboo cross-frame to hold up the hammock. It’s made to be very easy to assemble, and the ultrasuede cushion is reversible and can easily be removed for washing. It can hold a pet that weighs up to 33lbs.

Pros: This bed is quite cute looking with its hammock design.

Cons: More cat owners seem to be using this bed than dog owners. Some owners were happy with the quality, but just as many found the product cheap and unreliable. This bed may be a case of aesthetics over function!

Do you have any top picks for the best hammock dog beds that we didn’t cover here? Share your favorites in the comments!

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