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best towels for dogs

Even the most understanding and loving dog owners usually begin to dread the infamous wet dog smell, which often fills the air after baths or dips in the pool.

The best way to avoid this odor is by drying your dog quickly and effectively with a good pet towel or hairdryer.

We’ve discussed dog hairdryers before, so we’ll concentrate on good dog towels today. Below, you’ll find recommendations for five of the best dog towels on the market, as well as some of the things you’ll want to seek in a good pet towel.

See our quick picks below, or keep reading for more info and detailed reviews!

Best Towels For Dogs: Quick Picks

  • Snuggly Dog Easy Wear Microfiber Dog Towel [Best Overall Dog Towel] Looking for the best dog towel around? The Snuggly Dog Towel is a no-brainer. It’s absorbent and durable, and it can even be used as a post-bath robe for Rover!
  • Soggy Doggy Super Shammy [Most Effective Dog Towel] — Uninterested in aesthetics and simply need help drying off your water-logged woofer? You can’t beat the Soggy Doggy Shammy’s absorbency or ease of use.
  • Wooflinen Microfiber Pet Towels [Best Budget Pick] This two-pack of towels is undoubtedly the best option for cost-conscious owners, as it provides a great combination of quality and value.

Is a Dog Towel Really Necessary?

Most dogs – even those who enjoy bath time or swimming – freak out when they are wet. Many dogs will head directly from the bathtub to the closest piece of fabric or carpet they can find, where they’ll begin frantically rubbing their body all over it.

So, no; you don’t need a towel for your dog. But if you choose not to use one, you’ll probably want to check out some reviews about new bedsheets and couch covers, as Fido is sure to use these items in lieu of a towel.

He doesn’t care what he rubs his body on – he just wants to be dry!

But aside from protecting your linens and whatnot, there are several reasons to give your dog his own towel. For example:

  • It’s probably a bad idea to share a towel with your dog. Unless you wash your dog’s towel after every bath, it’ll probably develop a bit of a permanent dog odor over time, which could compromise your normally fresh-as-a-daisy smell. You don’t want your coworkers (or heaven forbid, your hot date) thinking you smell like a kennel. Having a stinky dog smell all over your apartment just isn’t very fun.
  • They cost about the same as a human bath towel does. Because you don’t want to share a towel with your dog, you’ll have to give him his own dedicated towel. But even an economy towel from the local big box store will cost about the same thing as a pet towel, and towels designed specifically for your pet’s fur will work better and last longer than a towel made for people will.
  • Towels made specifically for pets work better than normal towels. Most towels designed for dogs (or other furry pets) feature special materials that will help wick away the moisture more effectively, and several models feature hand pockets, which make it easier to grip the towel while drying off your pooch.
  • Dedicated pet towels help you contain your dog’s shed hair. Chances are, if you use a normal towel to dry your dog, you’ll just chuck it in the hamper after you’re done. This is likely to cause your laundry to be coated with a layer of fur. However, you’ll probably wash and dry your pet’s dedicated towel separately from the rest of your stuff, which will keep everything hair-free.
  • Pet towels are great for owners and pets on the go. You can also use a pet towel to help wipe down Fido after playing at the local park or splashing in the puddles during a walk. And because most pet towels fold up quite compactly, you can just stuff one in your bag or car.
  • Good pet towels absorb more water than traditional towels do. Your dog’s hair will hold a ton of water, which can cause most traditional towels to become saturated very quickly. However, most microfiber dog towels will absorb several times their weight in water, making it easier to dry your pooch.
  • Most pet towels dry quickly. Even though they will hold more water than most terry cloth towels will, high-quality pet towels are usually easy to wring out. They may not be completely dry after doing so, but they’ll usually be dry enough to store easily without soaking your dog’s gear bag.
dog towel

The Best Five Dog Towels Available

If you’ve yet to acquire a proper pet towel for your pooch, you should start your search by considering the following five options.

1. The Snuggly Dog Easy Wear Microfiber Dog Towel

About: The Snuggly Dog Easy Wear Microfiber Dog Towel is a wearable dog towel that functions much like a robe does. It is designed to be placed around your dog’s body until your pooch is completely (or mostly) dry. This helps to prevent your dog from catching a chill and it protects your furniture and carpets from his wet coat.

Best Overall Dog Towel

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THE SNUGGLY DOG -Dog Towel, Quick-Drying Microfiber Dog Bathrobe Towel for After a Bath or Any Wet Dog Moment. Wrap Them up in Our Soft Dog Robe Towel to Keep Them Warm & Comfy Until Dry. RED, Small

The Snuggly Dog Microfiber Dog Towel

This plush pet towel doubles as a wearable robe

Features: The Snuggly Dog Towel is a super-luxurious towel, made from 400gsm microfiber – a much denser material than is used to make most other dog towels. Designed to remain securely in place, it comes with a belt, adjustable neck toggle, and button-and-loop closure to keep it cinched around the tail.

The Snuggly Dog Easy Wear Microfiber Dog Towel is available in both red and blue, and it comes in small, medium, large and extra-large. It is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

The Snuggly Dog Towel can be machine washed on the delicate cycle, but it should NOT be placed in the dryer. Simply let it air dry instead, to protect the fabric.


Most owners found that the Snuggle Dog Microfiber Towel fit their dog well, helped to dry them off quickly, and generally helped make the drying process easier. Plus, as many owners expressed, it is a ridiculously cute way to dry your pup and protect your belongings.


There weren’t a huge number of reviews for this product, but negative ones were quite rare. A small number of dogs don’t seem to like wearing the towel like a robe, so it is probably wise to consider your dog’s personality before using this product.

2. Soggy Doggy Super Shammy

About: The Soggy Doggy Super Shammy is a super-absorbent chenille microfiber pet towel. It is also designed to dry quickly, and it incorporates a few features that will make the drying process easier.

Most effective towel for dogs

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Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Dog Towel, Washable Microfiber Dog Towels for Drying Dogs and Cleaning Paws, Fast-Drying Dog Bath Towel with Hand Pockets, Beige/Red Trim, 31 x 14 Inches

Soggy Doggy Super Shammy

Shammy-style dog towel makes drying your dog easy

Features: The Soggy Doggy features relatively long microfiber tassels, which increase the amount of fabric that will come into contact with your dog. This helps them to absorb water more quickly than towels that lack such lengthy strands. In fact, the Soggy Doggy can absorb up to 7x its weight in water.

The Soggy Doggy comes with two hand pockets (one at each end), which make it much easier to keep a grip on the towel while trying to dry off your dog’s belly, ears, and legs.

The Soggy Doggy only comes in one color (beige) and one size (31” x 14”). It can be machine washed and machine dried, just be sure to use gentle cycles for each.


Most owners loved the Soggy Doggy Super Shammy, and praised its ability to absorb water extremely effectively. In fact, several owners reported that this product outperformed every other bath towel they’d tried. Terms like “amazing” and “great” were common among user reviews.


While complaints about the Soggy Doggy were rather rare, a few owners reported that the Soggy Doggy started falling apart after only a brief time.

3. Wooflinen Microfiber Pet Towel Two-Pack

About: The Wooflinen Pet Towel Two-Pack is a set of microfiber bath towels that are made specifically for pets. They are likely the most affordable (while still being effective) option on the market, and these two-packs are less expensive than many single dog towels!

Most Affordable Pet Towels

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Wooflinen Microfiber Pet Bath Towel, 2-Pack, Ultra-Absorbent, Double Density, Machine Washable for Dogs and Cats

Wooflinen Microfiber Pet Towel Two-Pack

No-frills microfiber two-pack

Features: Wooflinen Pet Towels are made from from an 80/20 polyester-nylon blend, which means they’re both absorbent and durable enough to last for a long time.

They’re also machine-washable, which will make it easy to keep them smelling and looking great. Additionally, since they’re sold in pairs, you can alternate the one you use to help reduce the wear and tear they’ll suffer over time.

These towels are grey in color (with stone-colored trim), and they measure 24-by-36 inches.


Most owners reported that these towels worked exactly as they’d hoped. They’re quite absorbent and they seem to dry pretty quickly too. Also, we love that the manufacturer donates a portion of each sale to dog-oriented causes.


Complaints about the Wooflinen Pet Towels were pretty rare. Most of the criticisms owners shared related to the lack of bells and whistles, like hanging loops. But, this is to be expected of a budget-priced product.

4. Bone Dry Microfiber Pet Bath Towel

About: The Bone Dry Microfiber Bath Towel is a simple, yet effective towel that will help you get your pet dry. It’s also pretty adorable, which will make it fun to use at the park, pond or pool, and it means it’ll be easy to match with your current bathroom color scheme.

Most stylish pet towel

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Bone Dry Pet Grooming Towel Collection Absorbent Microfiber X-Large, 41x23.5', Embroidered Taupe

Bone Dry Pet Bath Towel

Attractive towel available in multiple colors

Features: The Bone Dry Bath Towel is a super-absorbent microfiber towel, which will help absorb the water in your dog’s fur quickly and easily. And because the material is so soft, it won’t irritate your pup’s skin when you use it. The towel will also dry quickly after use, making it easy to use and store.

The Bone Dry Towel is available in 12 different attractive color patterns and each features a cute little paw-print or bone graphic (it varies from color to color). It only comes in one size (44” x 27.5”), but it is large enough for all but the biggest breeds.

The Bone Dry Bath Towel is machine washable, and you can even toss it in the dryer after it’s clean.


Most dog owners were very happy with the Bone Dry Microfiber Pet Towel. Most explained that it worked well, was very soft, and absorbed water very effectively. Most dogs seemed to find it comfortable too.


Unlike some other pet towels, the Bone Dry Bath Towel doesn’t feature hand pockets. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but it does make the towel a bit harder to use than some others. A few owners did report that the towel didn’t work especially well for long-haired breeds.

5. Zwipes Microfiber Pet Towel Two Pack

About: The Zwipes Microfiber Pet Towel Two-Pack is an attractive set of pet towels that aredesigned to be super soft, incredibly absorbent and fast drying. These are sold in packs of two, yet they’re priced comparably to most other pet towels. This not only makes it more affordable than most other options, it lets you use one towel, while the other makes its way through the laundry cycle.

Cutest Pet Towel Graphics

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Zwipes Large Microfiber Pet Towels (Size: 30' x 36'), 2-Pack Soft Terry Cleaning Cloths, White with Black Bone/Paw Print

Zwipes Microfiber Pet Towel

A super-absorbent, super-adorable towel two pack

Features: Zwipes Microfiber Towels are, as the name implies, made from high-quality microfiber fabric. In fact, Zwipes manufacturers a variety of different microfiber rags, towels, mops and similar products – it is the primary thrust of their business.

Zwipes Microfiber Pet Towels can be machine washed and machine dried. They are only available in one size (30” x 36”), and they are white with adorable black paw print and bone graphics.


Most owners spoke highly of Zwipes Pet Towels, and found that they absorb water from their pet well. They appear to dry very quickly and are large enough for most medium-sized dogs. A number of owners also praised the appearance of the towels, as well as the thickness.


A few owners complained that these towels became saturated too quickly, which made it difficult to get their dog completely dry. Also, a few owners found that these towels were too small for large dogs.

Our Recommendation: The Snuggly Dog Easy Wear Dog Towel

Although any of the five towels mentioned above should work well for drying your dog, the Snuggly Dog Towel is clearly the best of the bunch. In addition to serving as a very high-quality towel, you can use this product like a doggie-robe, making it a great value (and ridiculously adorable).

You will pay a good bit more for the Snuggly Dog Towel than you will others, but because it will help contain the post-bath mess and keep your dog warm while he dries, it is the best choice of any towel on the market.

However, if you can’t fit the Snuggly Dog Towel in your budget, the Soggy Doggy Super Shamy is a great alternative.

Things You Want in a Dog Towel

It is important to understand the things you’ll want in a dog towel before you pick one for your pup. So, look for the following features when making your choice. You may not need a towel that provides all of the features listed below, but you’ll want to select one that provides most of them.

Absorbent Materials

If you’ve ever used a cheap bath towel yourself, you know that some are more absorbent than others.

Most dog towels are made from microfiber, which is a highly absorbent, soft and comfortable fabric. However, there are varying grades of microfiber, and it pays to seek those made from the highest-quality versions of the material, such as 400gsm.

Hand Pockets

Several high-quality dog towels come with sewn hand pockets at the ends. These pockets make it much easier to grip the towel while using it on your dog – especially when you are trying to dry his belly, ears, face, and legs. Hand pockets can also serve as make-shift loops for hanging the towel.

Quick-Dry Design

Your dog’s coat can hold a ton of water, which will quickly end up in his towel. This water can cause towels to develop pretty stinky odors, so you’ll want to look for a towel that dries quickly.

Quick-drying towels are also more convenient to use away from the home; you don’t want to toss a sopping wet towel in the back seat of your car.

Non-Hair Trapping Design

Some towels are made from super-densely woven fibers, which will not trap shed hair like conventional towels will.

This will not only make it easier to keep the towel clean and ready for use, it will help prevent hair from coating the inside of your washing machine.


It is important to wash your dog’s towel frequently to prevent odors from developing. Most modern dog towels can be washed on a gentle cycle (just be sure to use the correct type of soap and follow the care tips listed below), but only a few can be machine-dried. If the towel cannot be dried in your dryer, you’ll need to hang it up and air dry it.

Dog Towel Care Tips

Because most dog towels are made from microfiber, you’ll need to use care when cleaning, drying and storing it. Just adopt the following procedure after drying your pet:

  • Shake the towel vigorously to remove as much shed hair as is possible. It’s always a good idea to do so outdoors, if possible; but just do it inside your bath or shower if you can’t easily take it outside.
  • Wring the towel out to remove as much water as possible. To accomplish this, twist the towel up and squeeze it as hard as you can, then unroll it, re-roll it in the opposite direction and wring it out again. Do this as many times as necessary to remove the bulk of the water.
  • Wash the towel on a delicate cycle with gentle laundry detergent. Don’t wash these types of towels on a vigorous cycle and avoid using harsh soap – it will damage the microfiber material.
  • Remove the towel from the washing machine and wring out the excess moisture. Doing so will help reduce the amount of time you have to keep it in the dryer, which will prolong the life of the towel.
  • Place the towel in the dryer. Use the setting recommended by the manufacturer.
    Avoid using fabric softeners while doing so, as they’ll damage the microfiber. If you cannot machine dry the towel, hang it up in a dry, warm location to air dry.
  • Roll up the towel and store it in a clean, dry place. Ideally, you’ll want to store the towel in a closet or drawer, but you can place it in a bag if you like to take the towel with you to the park or local pond.

Have you found a towel that works especially well for your dog? Have you tried one of the towels we recommend above? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Let us know how it has worked and whether or not you’d buy it again.

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