How to Survive COVID-19 Isolation With Your Dog

Wondering how to keep your pooch amused all day? Don’t worry, we’ve composed a collection of fantastic dog DIY tutorials, training games, and trick guides to help keep you and your doggo active and occupied.

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Dog DIY Crafts for Homemade Fun!

Take a break from Netflix and indulge in your crafty side with some doggie DIY tutorials! From toys and sweaters to leashes and collars, there’s tons of awesome DIY dog gear you can make yourself.

Better yet, many of these DIY tutorials require things you already having lying around the house, like tennis balls, old t-shirts, and towels, so you won’t have to leave your home!

Check out a few of our favorite dog DIY guides below!

DIY Toys & Canine Goodies!

Indoor Training Games & Activities

Spending more time at home will give you ample opportunity to brush up on some of those training skills. Whether you’re looking to build up a nervous dog’s confidence or want to teach your dog a fun new trick (like learning to say “I love you!”), there are tons of new skills you and your dog can work on while stuck inside!

Also consider fun activities like:

See our complete list of tricks and training games below!

Training Games & Activities

Build Your Trainer Skills

While you have some extra time on your hands, why not brush up on your trainer skills? Consider watching some of our favorite free dog training videos or download our top picks for dog training podcasts!

Who knows, maybe these new skills will convert into a new career in dog care!

Brush Up on Your Trainer Skills!