Stop destructive behavior without the stress of traditional dog training!

Stop furniture from getting destroyed

Prepare boredom-busting puzzles

Burn off excess mental & physical energy

Relax and de-stress your anxious dog

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Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by your dog’s destructive behavior?

Does your dog keep tearing apart your furniture and chewing items they aren’t supposed to?

Or maybe your dog has taken to barking at you incessantly for attention when you’re trying to focus on a Zoom call!

Or perhaps your dog has began to mouth you, grabbing and tearing your clothes in a way that isn’t just frustrating — it’s downright scary!

You’ve tried reprimanding your dog, but they don’t seem to listen. You are at your wit’s end.

Not only is your furniture getting destroyed, you feel yourself growing increasingly more agitated with your dog.

It’s hard to bond and feel close to a dog that is making your life terrible!

It feels like you just can’t handle this anymore.

Maybe you’ve even considered the possibility of having to rehome your dog!

I get it because I’ve been there!

When I brought my first rescue dog home, he was an absolute nightmare.

Not only would he chew on any shoes left out, but he would grab items off the coffee table to destroy, tear up his dog bed, and bark at me constantly (while I played video games, while I had my morning coffee, while I worked on my laptop. It was never ending!)

He even began to bite and mouth at me whenever I got up from the couch, tearing my pant cuffs, sweater sleeves, and even left bruises all over my arms.

Bad Bruise

It was terrible and terrifying, and I had no idea what was going on. I tried punishing him. I tried getting him more exercise. Nothing worked.

I honestly started to question whether or not I even liked dogs, because this one was making me so miserable. I felt like he actively was trying to torture me for his own amusement.

But of course, that was never the case!

There’s a saying dog trainers use:

Your dog isn’t giving you a hard time, they’re having a hard time.

The truth is, many of the naughtiest dogs are bored or stressed out of their MINDS!

Most dogs spend the majority of their time inside the house, with nothing to do and little interaction. For smarty pants dogs, this is absolutely unbearable.

When they can’t find something to do, they’ll make their own fun — often at your detriment.

So what’s the solution?

Well, walking your dog if you haven’t been walking them routinely on a daily basis is crucial. But if your dog is already getting an appropriate daily walk…

More exercise is NOT the answer!

In fact, it can make the situation even worse as your dog’s stamina builds up, requiring increasingly longer walks to burn off their energy!

What your dog really needs is MENTAL exercise through enrichment!

Enrichment refers to the practice of giving your dog puzzles and activities that keep them occupied while challenging their brain and burning off mental (as well as physical) energy.

It’s basically doggie brain teasers!

Enrichment also refers to creating activities specifically designed to fulfill your dog’s natural instincts.

You see, it’s not helpful to just say “no” to our dogs for chewing. Chewing is a very natural, normal behavior for dogs.

In fact, it’s GOOD for your dog to chew — chewing lowers stress increases calmness.

Our dogs need to chew to satisfy their natural needs. We just need to direct them to appropriate outlets for chewing.

This is actually the case for MANY dog behaviors we humans aren’t so fond of.

Denying our dogs’ natural behaviors can be detrimental and can result in bigger problems, even aggression, down the line.

That’s where enrichment comes in!

Our enrichment course will take you step-by-step through the most effective enrichment puzzles, games, and activities that can be used to ERASE your dog’s naughty behaviors nearly overnight!

Mischief Managed: The Easy Path to Better Behavior Through Enrichment!

A step-by-step gameplan for solving your dog’s behavior issues through enrichment implementation.
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13+ video lessons

We’ll walk you through how to prepare over a dozen enrichment items to occupy and engage your dog.

Food & non-food games

Our enrichment plan includes food-based puzzles as well as food-free activities too!

Guided week-by-week enrichment schedule

We will be throwing a LOT of information at you. Don’t worry though, our weekly enrichment schedule ensure you’ll get to practice all the activities without getting overwhelmed.

Enrichment tracker worksheet

Our enrichment tracker worksheet helps you keep track of what activities work best for your individual dog.


What’s Inside the Course?

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See exactLy what you’ll get

Course Breakdown

In week one, we’ll explain how to prepare frozen food items (complete with recipe ideas and dog-friendly ingredients) ahead of time that you can dispense to your dog throughout the week!

In week two we explore puzzles and toys you can use to feed your dog his entire dry food, turning meal times into opportunities for enrichment and stimulation!

In week three we dive into shredding puzzles you can make with cardboard, newspaper, and recycling items just lying around the house. These are absolute game changers for dogs who love to rip and tear. We also explore a variation of the snuffle mat that we like to call the snuffle pit!

In week four we talk about non-food puzzles like Hide-A-Squirrel and other similar style toys. We’ll also show you how to set up an exciting scavenger hunt game for your dog that serves as a wonderful opportunity for sniffing and nosework (which can burn TONS of canine energy).

For week five, we’ll introduce you to the flirt pole (a wonderful activity for dogs with high prey drives), along with the classic tug-of-war game (and how to play it safely). We’ll also dive into the multitude of dog-safe chews and explain why offering your dog chews makes them LESS likely to destroy furniture — not more likely!

For week six (our last and final week), we’ll review the most popular Nina Ottosson puzzle toys and show you how to perform a parallel walk with another dog, serving as an easy and safe canine social enrichment activity.

We’re also giving you access to our Dog Sports 101 video and our Yard Upgrades for Enrichment video as exclusive bonuses!

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Transform Destructive Behavior

Without the need for Traditional Training

Is your dog chewing everything in sight? Our Mischief Managed Course offers a fresh approach to transforming your dog’s behavior. By incorporating simple enrichment activities into your daily routine, you can reduce destructive habits without the stress and “always on” mentality of traditional training methods.

Snuffle Mat

No More Bored Dogs!

engage your dog’s mind & save your sofa

Stop the cycle of boredom and destruction! Our course teaches you how to engage your dog’s mind with fun and stimulating activities that are easy to set up and rewarding to complete. Watch as your once destructive dog becomes a model of good behavior and peaceful, zen mentality.

Discover The Dog Trainer’s Hidden Secret

for a weLl-behaved dog

Unlock the secret that professional dog trainers use: enrichment! The truth is, trying to stop your dog from chewing and tearing will only lead to more frustration — instead, you simply need to provide your dog with appropriate outlets to exercise these very natural behaviors.

Learn through our step-by-step videos how to implement professional-grade techniques that keep your dog happy, engaged, and well-behaved.

Dog Trainer 3
Calm Household

Create a Calm Canine Household

by lowering your dog’s stress levels

Is your dog anxious or high-strung? Our video course shows you how to easily create canine activities that have been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and promote calmness, effectively soothing your dog without the need for intensive interventions.

Learn enrichment techniques that help your dog relax and feel secure, turning your home into a peaceful haven.

Too Busy for Traditional Dog Training?

Try our Set-It-And-Forget-It Passive Training

Traditional training requires you to constantly be managing and directing your dog — it can be exhausting! With our enrichment-focused course, you’ll prepare activities and puzzles ahead of time that can be dispensed throughout the week, alleviating boredom and reducing destructive behavior without your constant intervention or the need for harsh corrections. Think of it as activity meal prep for your pup!

Puzzle Toy

Training Rooted in Empathy & Understanding

that addresses the root cause of your dog’s issues

Less experienced trainers may encourage you to “correct” your dog for chewing and barking. But these undesirable behaviors are simply symptoms of a deeper issue where your dog’s mental needs are not being met.

Punishing your dog for chewing or excessive barking only offers a cheap band-aid solution that doesn’t address the root of the problem (and can make your dog’s behavior worse and even increase aggression over time).

Our course seeks to address the real cause of the issue — not just the symptoms — by alleviating your dog’s anxiety, stress, and pent-up energy that causes them to become destructive and troublesome in the first place.

13 Video Lessons

Our video lessons will show you exactly how to source, prepare, and dispense mentally and physically stimulating enrichment activities to your dog, resulting in a calmer, better-behaved pet!

$375 value

Enrichment schedule plan

With our Enrichment Schedule Plan, you don’t have to deal with the hassle and stress of figuring out what enrichment items to give your dog on different days — we’ve planned it all out for you!

$50 value


Our Enrichment Observation Worksheet makes it easy to track and record how your dog performs with various enrichment items. This way, you can continue only with the activities that work best for your individual dog.

$30 value


Not sure which chews are safe for your dog? Our handy chart breaks down the hardness and risk factors of each type of chew.

$30 value

yard upragdes lesson

As a bonus we’ve also included a video lesson all about easy upgrades you can make to your yard so that it’s more enriching and stimulating for your dog, encouraging them to burn off even more excess energy!

$75 value

Dog sports 101

That’s right, we have yet ANOTHER bonus video lesson for you in which we explore the wonders of dog sports and how taking up a dog sport can benefit both you and your pooch!

$75 value

exclusive discounts

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest brands in canine enrichment to offer you discounts on the most popular dog chews, toys, puzzles, and goodies.

$100 value

total value: $735
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Purchase the course and if you decide it’s not for you, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund you – no questions asked!

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their dog’s quality of life and give their dog fun things to do!
But we’ve especially tailored this course towards:
chewing dogs


If your dog won’t stop chewing your stuff, our course can help you redirect them!
4 1


If your dog is constantly barking at you for attention or at noises outside, this course can help refocus them!

Anxious Dogs

If your dog is anxious or nervous, our course can help calm and relax them.

Smart Dogs

Smart dogs or dogs from working breeds are desperate for activity and things to do. Our course will show how to burn off their mental energy!

Home Alone Dogs

Dogs who are home alone a lot tend to get bored. Our course offers puzzles and activities that will prevent boredom and can be given to your dog when you’re home or away!
megan and remy bio

About Your Instructor

Megan Marrs

Megan is the owner of K9 of Mine and a dog trainer based out of Austin, Texas. She has several years of experience volunteering at AAC (Austin Animal Center), the nations’ largest open intake animal shelter, as well as the MSPCA (Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

She has also spent time assisting in Every Dog Training Center’s Puppy 101 class and their Rowdy Manners class. Megan takes a special interest in more challenging dogs while implementing enrichment to lower stress and improve the quality of life for shelter animals.

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