Vet Approved Articles & Fact Checking

At K9 of Mine we take the health and wellness of your pet seriously. That’s why we have our team of certified veterinarians validate and fact-check our medical and pet-health articles.

When our vets fact-check, they carefully examine each article to ensure that:

  • Dog care advice is backed up with facts and/or relevant studies
  • Information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research

Our Veterinarian Fact-Checkers

Get to know our veterinarian fact-checking team below:

jo round pic

Dr. Jo de Klerk


Jo de Klerk is a graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, London and has a Masters degree in Tropical Animal Health, and has spent most of her career working in mixed veterinary practice. She is a published author of several books, including, ‘Tales from a Young Vet’, ‘Tales from a Wild Vet’ and ‘The Complete Guide to…’ dog breed series.