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Jack Russell Terrier Mixes: Perfect Pups For Your Home!

There are so many reasons to love Jack Russell Terriers; they have big hearts and a wide set of skills. Jack Russells were traditionally used as fox hunting dogs, but are now better known as fantastic

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Dogs for Autistic Children

Best Dog Breeds for Autistic Children

It’s hard to overstate the value dogs have played in the lives of humans. We probably wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for dogs, as our partnership probably allowed us to out-compete Neanderthals. Dogs

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Great Dogs for Cold Climates

Best Dog Breeds for Cold Weather: Canines For Cold Climates!

There are a lot of things to think about when picking a new pup for your family. Among other things, you’ll want to consider your new dog’s size, temperament, energy level, and care requirements before

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Mastiff Mixed Breeds: Your Dependable, Dutiful and Massive Mate

According to our research, the Mastiff dog was originally bred as a combat dog, to guard troops in battle and then later to serve as crowd entertainment by fighting animal and human counterparts in the

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Chinese Dog Breeds

Chinese Dog Breeds: Dogs Originating From China!

China is one of the world’s oldest nations – it’s been around for about 4,000 years. And just like most other countries and cultures with such a long, rich history, dogs have played an important

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Best Dogs for College Students

Best Dogs for College Students: Big Dog On Campus!

Your college years are certainly an exciting time. You’ll meet tons of new people, figure out how to bounce a quarter into cups of various sizes (and in varying states of sobriety), and, hopefully, you’ll

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best dog breeds for runners

Best Dog Breeds for Running: What Makes a Cross-Country Canine?

Whether you’re looking for a competitive canicross companion, a deterrent for strangers on your jog, or a partner to get in shape with, there are several dog breeds for runners that might work for you. My

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How Much Does a Samoyed Cost

How Much Do Samoyeds Cost?

If you’re looking for an affectionate and beautiful companion who will gladly keep your feet warm at night, the Samoyed may be the perfect pooch for you. Famous for their smiling expression and happy-go-lucky

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Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World: The Definitive List

If you ask me, every dog breed in the world is beautiful. This includes matted Great Pyrenees, whose never slept indoors; waddling basset hounds with ground-scraping ears; and bulldogs who look like they

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African Dog Breeds: Exotic Canine Companions!

Given the sheer number of breeds with European or North American roots, it’s easy to think that all dog breeds were created in one of these two places. In reality, modern dogs are a cosmopolitan

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