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Best Bird Hunting Dogs: From Waterfowl to Upland Bird Hunting!

Dogs obviously make wonderful companions, but pet-keeping is a relatively recent convention. For most of human history, dogs were primarily kept around for the services they provided. Some dogs made effective

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Border Collie Mixed Breeds: Brave, Charismatic & Charming Collie Combos!

A workaholic in heart and soul, the Border Collie was specifically bred and used to herd livestock. And she does it with so much zeal! But be warned – without sheep to herd, she’ll round up

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14 Great Dane Mixed Breeds – Gentle Giants In Great Variety!

When mentioning the name “Great Dane”, size is usually the first thing that comes to mind. While this animal can reach a record height and weight, and definitely needs plenty of space to stretch

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Husky Mixed Breeds: Furry, Winter Warrior Best Friends

The Husky is well known for his workaholic, never-can-die attitude, who displays keen endurance and intelligence. Mixing the Husky genes with those of other dogs results in some astounding animals and

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Easiest Dog Breeds to Train: Best Four-Legged Learners!

We all want well-behaved dogs. All dogs are trainable and many “bad” dogs are a product of poor training rather than inherent naughtiness, but there are still some dogs that are much easier to train

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Australian Shepherd Mixed Breeds: Working Dogs With Hearts of Gold!

While their name might imply that the Australian Shepherd is originally from the land down under, this beautiful pup’s roots can actually be traced to the western United States in the 1840’s. The

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16 Weimaraner Mixed Breeds: Grey Ghost Companions Like No Other!

The Weimaraner is a striking dog, which was first bred by nobles of the German Court of Weimar for the purpose of hunting game, and later to be trained as a retriever. The Weim is often referred to as

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8 Wolf-Like Dog Breeds: Looking Like Wild Wolves!

As someone who has spent the bulk of his life caring for non-domestic animals, I certainly get the appeal of wolves and other wild canines. Were it legal (and in the animals’ best interest) to do so,

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Best and Worst Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

Getting your first dog is an exciting time. You may already have ideas about what kind of dog you want, and that’s great! However, it’s worth keeping in mind that some types of dogs will be much better

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Beagle Mixed Breeds: Fantastic, Floppy-Eared Friends

Originally bred as a hunting dog, the modern Beagle has retained much of it’s tracking ability and is still used in Great Britain as a tracker dog. Their sense of smell is listed as one of the best

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