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Ben Team


  • Editor in Chief of K9 of Mine, with a strong focus on animal biology, outdoor recreation, and environmental topics.
  • ISA-certified arborist, former executive director of Autrey Mill Nature Preserve in John's Creek, GA, member of the Dog Writers Association of America.
  • Profiled in Countyline Magazine, local public television, and Radio Disney.
  • Author over 40 pet-care books.


Ben Team is an accomplished professional with over 10 years of experience crafting engaging, informative content in the fields of animals, outdoor recreation, and environmental conservation. Ben's writing embodies a rare blend of scientific rigor, creative storytelling, and heartfelt advocacy for the planet and its animal inhabitants, resulting in work that enlightens and endears. Beyond the pen, Ben has shared his passion for wildlife and environmental education with tens of thousands of students, providing programs that illuminate the wonders of nature and encourage stewardship of our planet. A lifelong environmental educator and animal care professional, Ben has worked with many species ranging from crocodilians to invertebrates. His commitment to blending rigorous research with compelling writing ensures that his audience is not only informed but also inspired to appreciate and protect the natural world.


Ben has spent decades in environmental education, most notably as the former executive director of Autrey Mill Nature Preserve in John's Creek, GA. Further enriched by his certification as an ISA-certified arborist and membership in the Dog Writers Association of America, he brings a robust knowledge base and multifaceted skills to his craft.

Personal Life

When not immersed in his environmental conservation and educational endeavors, Ben finds joy in galavanting outdoors as well as the simple pleasures of cooking and learning new culinary skills, all the while cherishing time spent with his beautiful wife, two step kiddos, and two four-legged and furry family members in Atlanta, Georgia, where he resides.

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