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Impact Collapsible Dog Crate Review

Crates are wonderful dog-management tools, but they present a pretty significant challenge for those of us with big ‘ol doggos: They take up a lot of space.

This can put a serious crimp in your home-décor desires, and it also makes traveling with the crate all but impossible.

There are a number of collapsible dog crates on the market, but most are made from flimsy wire and lack the kind of rigidity and durability pet parents want. Some may even allow escape-minded dogs to bust free.

But there is one crate on the market – Impact’s Collapsible Dog Crate – that is designed to be durable, strong, and, most importantly, secure. And it has been getting a ton of attention from dog owners.

So, we tested the Impact Collapsible Crate for nearly two years to see if it was as good as advertised. Check out our experiences below (spoiler alert: We love it).

Impact Collapsible Crate Review: The Basics

Impact Collapsible Crate Feature Image2

Like virtually all dog crates, the Impact Collapsible Crate is essentially a box designed to keep your canine contained. But that’s about the only thing conventional about this crate.

There are a variety of ways this crate differs from most others, but three things really stand out:

1. It’s Strong, Thanks to the Metal Walls

IMG 2373

Impact’s Collapsible Crate features (mostly) solid metal walls, rather than wire or plastic panels.

It still provides plenty of ventilation via small holes punched into the walls, but it is far more rigid, secure, and durable than run-of-the-mill collapsible crates.

This crate isn’t Impact’s most durable model (that distinction belongs to their High Anxiety Crate), but it is far sturdier than a typical dog crate. This not only helps keep your doggo safe while he’s resting inside, but it helps to keep him, you know, inside.

2. It Collapses in a Different Way

Another difference between the Impact Collapsible Crate and other collapsible crates relates to the way it is designed to collapse.

Most collapsible crates hinge at the junction points of each panel (i.e. all of the different places where the “walls,” “floor,” and “ceiling” meet).

This works, but it means that the collapsing process can be a bit complicated. And as anyone who’s ever tried to fold down a crate with this kind of design knows, it can be tricky. It’s like dog-crate origami; you have to do everything in a specific order. I know that it always takes me two or three tries to remember the procedure.  

But the Impact Collapsible Crate features a different kind of design.

The front and rear panels still fold the way many other collapsible crates do, but the side panels each feature a hinge halfway up the walls.

This makes collapsing the crate a breeze compared to crates made by other manufacturers. You start by simply removing the rails (they feature butterfly latches and metal tabs to keep them in place).

Impact Rails

You can then fold in the front and back door.

Door Folded In

The side panels fold in easily, and the top can then be latched to the bottom.

Folding Crate
Crate Collapsed

3. It’s Easier to Transport and Store

The Impact Collapsible Crate is also easier to tote around and store than many collapsible crates – especially crates made from wire.

If you’ve ever tried to carry a collapsed wire crate through your house or place it in the back of your car, you know the gaps in the wire snag on everything. It’s also hard to place anything on top of the flattened crate, as the wire doesn’t provide a smooth, flat surface.  

But the Impact Collapsible Crate collapses down into a pseudo-briefcase kinda thing. There are no wire gaps to snag on anything, and you could easily stack other things on top of it.

And it’s pretty compact when collapsed. You could easily store it under your bed, in a hallway closet, or in the back of a relatively small car.

Impact Collapsible Crate: Specifications & Features

Impact 1
Muddy footprints courtesy of Willow.

With the basics out of the way, we can drill down into some of the facts and figures relating to this crate.

Panel Material: 100% Aluminum


  • 30” Model (30.5″L x 20.5″W x 26″H)
  • 34” Model (34.5″L x 23″W x 29″H)
  • 40” Model (40.5″L x 23″W x 29″H)
  • 40”+ Model (40.5″L x 27.5”W x 34″H)
  • 48” Model (48″L x 27″W x 33″H)
  • 54” Model (54.5″L x 35.5″W x 42″H)


  • Gray
  • Black
  • White
  • Desert Tan
  • Teal
  • OD Green
  • Pink


  • Military-Grade Carrying Handle
  • 3 Butterfly Latches
  • Included Airline Rails
  • Plastic Nesting Corner Bumpers
  • Metal Slam Latch


  • 30”, 34”, 40”, 40”+, and 48” models are shipped by UPS or FedEx ground
  • 54” models are shipped via LTL Freight

Born in the US of A, Baby: Impact is a family-owned company, who’s been making these crates since 2012. All Impact crates are made in the brand’s US-based facility, located in Hayden, Idaho.  

The Canine Testing Team

We tried out the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate with both of my pupperinos. And because I never miss a chance to tell the world about them, here you go:

Jabbs Smiling Pic
Willow Smiling 1

That’s J.B. on the left and Willow on the right.

Jabbs (as my wife and I tend to call her) is a very smart and serious Rottie, who weighs about 90 pounds.

She spends her time monitoring everything happening in the home, antagonizing her sister, and doling out love, whether you want it or not. She’s pretty well-behaved and wouldn’t dream of stealing delicious food left on the counter.

And Willow is, well, sweet and simple (and a bit camera shy). 

IMG 2617
IMG 2619 1

She is longer and taller than her sister, but she also weighs about 90 pounds. Willow spends her days borking, ensuring that our entire house is covered in floofy white hair, and wondering why her sister is so mad all the time. Willow is also pretty well-behaved, though she wouldn’t dream of missing an opportunity to steal delicious food left on the counter.

They’re both 8 years old.

We use crates with them somewhat regularly, though we don’t need to use them every time we leave the house, as some owners must do. They both accept crate time without much fuss, but Willow will try to escape if left inside for a long period of time.

Our Experiences with the Impact Collapsible Crate

willow inside

In case you’re just skimming this article, I want to point out something again: This wasn’t a week-long “test” like you may see in other places; we’ve been putting this crate through its paces for almost two years.  

Overall, we found that the crate worked better than we’d hoped.

Both of our gals seemed to find the crate comfy; they entered it without hesitation; and neither one came close to escaping (nor did they even appear inclined too).

Plus, this crate was easy to set up or breakdown when needed and moving it around the house was a breeze.   

But let’s break things down further and share some more details:

Receiving the Crate

Impact Collapsible Crate

Like all other Impact Collapsible Crates, this one is shipped by regular ‘ol UPS or FedEx. I didn’t have to arrange for a freight company to drop it off, as is necessary with some other crates.

It was well packed in a reasonably sized cardboard box. Opening the box and taking out the crate was a snap.

As you can see, the crate is shipped in the collapsed configuration.

Setting Up the Crate

Impact Crate Collapsible Model

The Impact Collapsible Crate is really easy to set up.

  • You start by simply lifting the top upward, which allows the folded side panels to straighten.
  • From there, you can flip the front and back panel up.
  • You then fasten two butterfly latches on the front and back to hold the panels in place.
  • The last step is to place the two side rails on and fasten them into place with a butterfly latch on each end.

It’s really that simple. Collapsing the crate just requires you to do the same thing in reverse.

I’ve managed to set it up and collapse it by myself dozens of times, but both procedures are easier to do with help.

Using the Crate

JB and Impact Collapsible

Once you’ve set up the crate, you’re ready to let your dog use it. Both of my girls felt completely comfortable climbing inside the first time, as the large ventilation holes make it easy to see inside and welcoming.

The door of this crate is one of the nicest things about it. Unlike many other crates, which require two hands to shut securely, you simply need to push the door closed to lock this crate. Opening the door is similarly simple; you can open it with one hand, by simply pulling on the paddle latch.  

The door frame is reinforced, making the whole thing really strong. There’s a distinct “clunk-clunk” sound when you close it.

It’s easy to keep an eye on your pup while inside, thanks to the ventilation holes and bars on the front door (note that Impact has changed the door on their current model; it no longer features bars, but ventilation holes).

JB and Impact Collapsible 2

In terms of size, we found that the 40”+ model fit our girls perfectly. They can both stand normally inside, and they can turn around and lie down. It’s actually a tiny bit roomier than would be ideal for crate-training purposes, but that’s not an issue for our girls.

The entire interior of the crate feels smooth to me, and I can’t see anything that would potentially injure a pupper.

It also seems quite secure. I just don’t see how a dog would realistically bust out of this thing.

Because this crate collapses so quickly and it is easy to carry, it’s a breeze to stick this thing in a closet when it’s not in use. It’s also easy to toss in the back of a car if you need to take it on the road.

Maintaining the Crate

This crate doesn’t really require a ton of maintenance. Periodic cleaning is all I’ve found necessary.

However, I will say that the finish can make it a bit tough to achieve that fresh-from-the-factory aesthetic. Paper towels leave a bit of debris on it (as you may be able to see in some of the photos), and because it has so many tiny little nooks and crannies, it can collect a bit of dust.

Nevertheless, I still think this thing looks pretty darn snazzy after two years of use. Were I inclined, I’m sure I could give it a thorough “detailing” and have it looking brand new, aside from some scuff marks on the corner pieces.


I think it bears mentioning that owners should be careful not to crawl completely inside the crate while cleaning – it would be very easy to accidentally lock yourself inside one of these. And I seriously doubt you’d be able to escape without help.

Learn more about the Impact Collapsible Crate!

The Impact Collapsible Crate: Pros and the Cons

By now, you can surely tell that we really like these crates.

They look great.

They’re easy to store.

They’re easy to collapse.

They’re easy to tote around.

They’re comfortable for our gals.

And, most importantly, they keep our canines safe and secure.

But that doesn’t mean they’re right for all owners or all situations. So, to help you make a decision, we’ll share some of the things we liked most about the crate and those things we didn’t exactly love.


  • This crate is made from premium materials. The panels all made from laser-cut aluminum and assembled with durable rivets, while every piece of hardware used – including the carrying handles, butterfly latches, and paddle-slam latch – oozes quality.   
  • This crate exhibits far better craftsmanship than typical dog crates. This thing is built in the U.S. by skilled professionals, and it shows.
  • It is super easy to collapse it down. Take off the airline rails, release the butterfly latches, and flip in the front and back panels. Voila.
  • It’s backed by a lifetime guarantee, but we doubt you’d need it. Note that this warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by your dog (but Impact’s High Anxiety Crate does offer a 10-year warranty against dog damage).
  • It’s surprisingly light. Despite being well-made and durable, these crates are pretty easy to move around. According to Impact’s info, the one I tried (the 40”+ Model) weighs 45 pounds, but it doesn’t feel like it’s that heavy. Especially given the convenient carrying handle.
  • Different airlines have different travel requirements for pets, but most airlines will likely allow your pet to travel in this crate, provided that you purchase the add-on IATA brackets (available from Impact).
  • It’s available in seven different colors. Your dog won’t care about the color, and it’s not a critical factor most owners will consider, but it’s neat – most conventional crates only come in one color.
  • Impact offers a variety of discounts and financing. We’ll delve into this more below but be sure that you check out their bundles, as well as the discounts they offer. And if money is tight, check out their straightforward and easy financing programs.  


  • This crate costs significantly more than most other collapsible dog crates. This is a premium crate that’s built to last for your dog’s entire life, and it bears the kind of price tag you’d expect.   
  • While it is much more durable than a run-of-the-mill, conventional crate, it may not be strong enough to keep especially strong and determined dogs contained. If that sounds like your pup, consider the Impact High Anxiety Crate.
  • While it’s easy to clean up big messes in the crate (such as potty accidents), detailing it will take some effort, thanks to the myriad cracks and crevices present.

Paying for Your Impact Crate: Deals, Discounts, & Financing

A Pup Above is Affordable

As mentioned, the Impact Collapsing Dog Crate is not a budget-priced model. Most sizes will set you back about a grand and change.

Again, we think it is absolutely worth this price – the difference in quality between the Impact Collapsible Crate and most alternatives is incredible. But it doesn’t matter how awesome it is if you can’t afford it.

Fortunately, Impact offers a few different things that can help:

  • They offer a 20% discount for veterans, active-duty military personnel, first-responders, and employees or owners of non-profit 501(c)3 organizations.
  • They offer a variety of bundle packages, which allow you to save up to 35%.
  • They offer financing through Affirm, which allows you to obtain your crate with nothing down (in some cases). It’s easy to apply and doing so won’t affect your credit score.

The ability to finance a crate in this manner is a true game-changer for many owners. Some of their crates cost as little as $62 per month for well-qualified buyers.

The Bottom Line: Is The Impact Collapsible Crate Worth It?

Jabbs 1

If you’ve read this far, you probably already know how I’m going to answer this question.

Yes — the Impact Collapsible Crate is absolutely “worth it” for the majority of owners seeking a collapsible crate.

That not only includes owners specifically looking for a collapsible crate, but also owners who simply want one of the best-made, highest-quality crates available.

But I’ll concede that there are a few cases in which it may not make great sense. For example:

  • Budget-limited owners who’re already struggling to pay for other facets of their dogs’ care. If you’re struggling to pay for regular vet visits or considering switching to a budget-priced dog food, there are probably more important ways to allocate your dog-care dollars.
  • Owners of very small dogs. Owners of Chihuahuas or pugs probably don’t need to spend this much money on a crate. Plus, Impact doesn’t offer models that are small enough for crate-training very small breeds (in this product line — they do have a pretty small Stationary Crate model).  
  • Owners who have exceptionally anxious dogs, who try to escape from crates. Owners in this category would be better served by checking out Impact’s crate designed for anxious dogs, which is designed to keep exactly these kinds of dogs safely and securely inside.

But unless you and your pooch fit into one of these categories, you’ll undoubtedly find that Impact’s Collapsible Crate is a wise purchase and well worth the cost.

Buy the Impact Collapsible Crate Now!


Now that you know how we feel about the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate, it’s your turn. Have you tried this model? What did you like about it? Did you feel like it was worth the cost? Did it work better than wire crates for your pooch?

We’d love to hear about your experiences, as well as any questions owners who’re considering this crate may have. Sound off in the comments!

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