Dog Toys & Treats

The coolest four-footer toys to keep your pooch amused, along with the top treats that will have your dog constantly coming back for more!

toy time


These super squeakers are sure to amuse your dog's inner hunter.


Frisbees that can fly high while withstanding your dog's chompers.

teething toy

These toys are designed to help sooth sore gums for pups who are teething.

puzzle icon

Puzzle toys to keep your dog mentally stimulated - great for preventing the boredom blues!

tough icon

These toys are super tough, made to withstand strong jaws and heavy chomping.

treat bones

These toys spit out treats, keeping Fido engaged and full.

tug toy

Want to have a hand at making your own dog toys? Check out our list of DIY ones you can build at home!


Soccer balls that are as close to puncture-proof as you can get!


These spooky dog toys are just the thing for the season of scares!


These rough 'n tough toys are perfect for powerful pitties.


These dog toys are perfect for owners who have a passion for photography - smile and say cheese!

dog treats


See our recipes for the tastiest DIY dog treats you can make at home - chock full o' love.


These dog treats are made with limited ingredients, making them great for allergy-prone pooches.


Elk antlers are natural chews for your pooch to gnaw on - see our top picks here.

training treats

These high-value treats will ensure you keep your dog's attention and get the most out of your training sessions.

why do dogs do that?

rope toy

Why does Fido love a good game of tug? We'll discuss!


Find out why your dog hunts his squeaky toy victims with reckless abandon.


Find out what's in a bully stick and why your dog go nuts for 'em!

kong icon

Check out this collection of recipes for meals and treat combos to stuff in a Kong!

other toy & treat stuff


Check out our collection of the best dog toys for dogs and those who love 'em!

subscription boxes

We've compiled a list of the best dog subscription boxes - from toys to treats, these boxes have it all!


These dog toys from a galaxy far away are perfect for owners who are part of the Rebel Alliance.

loot crate

Our review of Loot Pets - a monthly subscription box designed for geeky owners and their four-leggers.


Our review of BarkBox - a popular monthly dog subscription box.

money cloud

These creative Kickstarter projects for dogs are too cool to believe!