Best Igloo Dog Houses: Why Dogs Love Them + Top Picks

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igloo dog house
igloo dog house

What are Igloo Dog Houses?

Igloo dog houses are just what their name suggests – dog houses shaped like igloos!

But why are dog igloo houses popular? There are a number of different reasons why some owners prefer igloo dog houses over traditional dog houses. These reasons include:

  • Protection From Elements. Igloo dog houses are more tightly enclosed than other dog houses, providing added protection from outside elements. For this reason, they are popular in areas with more extreme climate.
  • Stable Shape. The design of an igloo dog house allows the house to withstand high winds and naturally sheds off snow and other debris.
  • Easy to Install. Igloo dog houses are often very easy to install, with little manual labor required. They are also portable and can be moved without hassle.
  • Unique Style. Igloo dog houses come in a fun and unique design that owners may enjoy.

When choosing an igloo dog house, it’s key to find a house that is the right size for your dog. Make sure that your dog can stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. If the igloo dog house is too big, your dog won’t stay warm enough. If it’s too small, your dog won’t be very comfortable.

Igloo dog houses can also be used in conjunction with outdoor dog kennels for providing an entire space your dog can call his own.

What Dogs Are Suited For Igloo Dog Houses?

Igloo styled dog houses are ideal for smaller and medium sized breeds. There are also igloo style dog houses for larger breed dog, but they can be a bit more difficult to find.

These style of dog houses aren’t super common in brick and mortar dog stores, so they are most often bought online.

As far as the leading brand, from our research we found Petmate to be the leading brand of dog igloo houses. They seem to be the most recognized brand and the easiest to find.

If you’re interested in an igloo dog house for your canine, we recommend the Petmate Igloo Dog House, which is detailed below.

Petmate Igloo Dog House

igloo dog house

About: This fun, durable Petmate Igloo Dog House is a great home for any four-legged pal.



  • Protection From Elements. Extended offset doorway for rain and wind protection.
  • Good Ventilation. Roof ventilation allows for continual air flow.
  • Stain and Odor-Free. Made with Microban to fight stain and odor bacteria.
  • Added Insulation. Built-in structural foam adds to the insulating benefits of the design.
  • No Tools Required. This igloo dog house can be made without any tools and is very easy to set up!
  • Easy to Clean. Easy to open and clean when required.
  • Very Durable. Most durable outdoor dog house on the market. It’s heavyweight (30 pounds for the large size), meaning this dog house does not require anchoring.
  • Upgrades Available. Door flap and self-heating pad are available options.
  • Made in the USA. This igloo dog house is made in the USA!
  • Multiple Sizes: Available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Fits pets 21 to 28 inches tall.


Owners note that their pets absolutely love this igloo dog house!

Owners also recommended purchasing an accompanying heating pad or soft inner bad, which is specifically designed to fit into and warm this igloo dog house.


Some buyers complaint of this igloo house opening not being wide enough for some larger breeds. Sizing isn’t always obvious (many say that medium sized dogs like collies will definitely need the large size, not the medium).

Some also note that the tabs connecting the two pieces together are flimsy, so be gentle when assembling. 

What’s your experience with igloo dog houses? Share your thoughts in the comments section – we want to hear from YOU!

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Bobby Evans

I recently purchased an igloo style dog house and my dog will not go into it. My son has had the same experience .

Meg Marrs

Thanks for sharing your experience Bobby. Good to know not all dogs like them!

Rose Palazzolo

Replying to Bobby’s comment: Our dogs did not like them at first. The dogs were around 3 years old when we got them and they never use a dog house before. But we kept them near their sleeping area anyway. Trying to get them familiar with the houses being there. Then we took the top part off and put the bedding over the base. They got used to sleeping on the base. Eventually we added the top and they go in no problem. I will share one bad experience but it was no fault of the dog house. We used to keep a heat lamp out near the dog area. And somehow the lamp fell near the dog house. The plastic for the dog house is extremely flammable, and ignited. Had we not been home, it would have been a major disaster. I do still like using the igloo style houses but I plan to use the heating pad instead of a heat lamps for the colder weather.


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