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Today we’re releasing a powerful new infographic about the disturbing prevalence of pet abuse, in hopes that by raising awareness we can help put a stop to animal cruelty in all its forms.

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Pet Abuse Facts

This infographic was composed with recent data from the US Humane Society, which provides information on pet abuse statistics.

Humane Society data shows that, in media-reported animal cruelty cases:

  • 64.5% involve dogs
  • 18% involve cats
  • 25% involve other animals

Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence

HSUS data also reveals some startling information regarding the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence.

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that nearly one millions pets are abused or killed in connection with domestic violence each year.

HSUS animal cruelty statistics also reveal that 71% of domestic violence victims report that their abuser also targeted their pet.

pet abuse information

Additional data from the ASPCA shows that:

  • A history of pet abuse is one of the four most significant indicators of who is at greatest risk of becoming a domestic batterer.
  • Between 18-48% of battered women delay leaving abusive situations in fear of what might happen to their pets.
  • Children who are exposed to domestic violence are 3X more likely to be cruel to animals.
  • In Wisconsin, 68% of battered women revealed that abusive partners had also been violent toward pets or livestock.
  • More than 3/4 of these cases (mentioned above) occurred in the presence of the women and/or children in order to intimidate and control them 

Animal Cruelty Laws

  • Currently, all 50 US states have felony provisions within their animal cruelty laws.
  • 43 of the 50 state felony provisions are first-offense provisions for animal abuse.
  • 6 states have second-offense felonies (Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia). Idaho has a third-offense felony.
  • Within the 43 states that have first-offense felony cruelty laws, several have a first-offense provision for aggravated cruelty, torture, companion animal cruelty, etc., in addition to a second-offense provision for cruelty to animals.
  • Before 1986, only four states had felony animal cruelty laws: Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Michigan.

 How to Prevent Animal Abuse

What can we do to stop animal abuse? There are several things you can do.

  • Know who to call to report animal abuse. It’s important that you know who to call in order to report animal cruelty. Every state and town is different – in some cases you’ll want to call the police department. In other areas, you might report it to the local animal control team.
facts about animal abuse
  • Don’t be afraid to make the call. Picking up the phone to report pet abuse is essential – it’s all up to you to help stop animal abuse!
  • Fight for stronger anti-animal cruelty legislation. You may want to consider joining the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade – they’ll email you asking you to write letters encouraging your legislators to pass better animal abuse laws (which can be sent right from their website).
  • Support your local animal shelter. Supporting local animal shelters helps pets that have been abused in the past get a second chance at finding a loving home.

For more reading, be sure to check out the ASPCA’s Top 10 Ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty and their Animal Cruelty FAQ.

We’re setting a New Year’s resolution to be more vigilant fighters of pet abuse in all its forms. Join us in the fight to stop animal abuse.

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Thanks for the catch! Fixed it.


Love this i’m using it in my senior project.


That’s awesome! Thank you so much. Let me know if I can help any further 🙂 Good luck on the project!


That’s awesome! Thank you so much. Let me know if I can help any further 🙂 Good luck on the project!

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Great information, and so important too! I’m going to use this infographic on my site and get the word out as well. Thanks so much for sharing! Peace


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