4 Pokemon Dog Costumes For Halloween: Catch ‘Em All!

Cuteness Explosion By Meg Marrs 2 min read April 2, 2019

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dog pokemon sweatshirt

It’s a Pokemon world, we’re just living in it.

If you’re a Pokemon master who can name the original 150 in under 12 minutes, has type advantages memorized like a pro, and has reached level 30 in PokemonGo, there’s no way you can let your pooch make it through Halloween with a Poke-powerup!

Below we have some awesome dog Pokemon costumes perfect for trainers on the quest to be the best. We wish we had more to show you, but this is all we could find. If you come across others, share them in the comments!

1. I Choose You, Pikachu!

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to finding a Pokemon Halloween costume for your dog, Pikachu is the easiest costume to find. In fact, it’s really the only Pokemon themed dog outfit you’re likely to find. Pikachu is the main mascot after all (although IMO, Raichu is so much cooler).

pokemon dog costume

Pikachu outfits for your pup are plentiful – you can find them on Amazon as well as other Halloween stores.

2. Charmander, Use Leer!

This Charmander dog costume requires a very calm and patient dog – I don’t know many canines that would put up with being totally covered in a full body costume, but to live the dream of recreating your first, original Pokemon adventure with your favorite Kanto starter, it could be worth a shot.

charmander dog halloween costume

Considering that the product photo for this costume on Etsy only show a fake dog wearing the costume, you really have to wonder if a real flesh-and-blood dog would put up with this kind of craziness.

3. Unleash the Umbreon

dog pokemon halloween costume

This sick Umbreon costume is the result of a DIY project. It looks stellar and spooky – basically the perfect Pokemon Halloween costume! The only thing you might still need is some oversized ears – I’d suggest grabbing some Yoda dog ears and painting them black with yellow rings.

This costume could be a good one to re-create with a black lab. Just stencil out some rings and use yellow dog spray paint (all natural of course)

4. Pokeman Fandom, Now In Pup Form

This Pokemon Etsy outfit isn’t exactly a costume, but it would definitely look pretty awesome on your pooch come Halloween time. Plus, it can be used all winter to keep your pup toasty warm! A great outfit to show some serious Poke-pride.

dog pokemon sweatshirt

Do you have any dog Pokemon costumes to show off? Share them in the comments – and happy Howl-a-ween! If you need more dog Halloween costume ideas, we’ve got you covered. And remember – gotta catch ’em all!

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