Learn how to raise your puppy the right way for a happy, well-adjusted pup!

For just one single payment of $80


Learn how to raise your puppy the right way for a happy, well-adjusted pup!

For just one single payment of $80


Have a new puppy and want to raise it right?

We'll show you how it's done!

The experiences your pup has and how he is treated in his first year have a tremendous affect on the adult dog he will become.

Neglecting this important early stage of your dog’s life can result in behavioral issues and fear that could take years of hard training work to recover from. Some dogs never get past puppyhood trauma.

These issues can occur even for well-meaning owners who don’t abuse their pups, but neglect to socialize or instill good puppy habits early on. 

In The Puppy Raising Blueprint, we’ll explain the science behind how puppies learn and how you can set your pup up for success early on, creating a confident, happy pup that grows into a well-mannered, self-assured adult dog. 

Have a problem pup?


Having a new puppy isn’t always just cuddles and kisses. Growing pains are part of the process too – we’ll help you get through the tough stuff!

We'll show you how to stop common puppy behavior issues like:


Get the puppy raising blueprint!

Learn how to raise your pup right and start a bond that will last a lifetime.

Standard course price is single payment of $80


We'll show you how to create the perfect puppy setup to keep your pup safe and out of trouble. Say goodbye to chewed up shoes and cords!


Recognizing your puppy's body language is essential for understanding what your puppy is thinking and feeling. Learn key indicators that will help you identify if your puppy is feeling scared, nervous, on alert, excited, or completely relaxed!


Home grooming tips that will save you money spent on costly groomer visits.


Toys, games, and challenges to prevent boredom and keep your dog's brain engaged.


We'll explain how to house break and crate train your pup safely & effectively. Plus you'll learn how to teach your pup tons of other awesome skills like sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, down, go to bed, and more!


Learn professional dog trainer's favorite training hacks to encourage good puppy behavior, break bad habits, and get your pup to practice the behaviors YOU want him to!

Are you sick of your puppy nipping and biting at your body and clothing?

We'll show you how to redirect your dog's chewing and nipping with dog-friendly toys and training games, along with instilling a solid "drop it".

Do you want to teach your pup to listen and pay attention to you?

Learn how to teach your dog to pay attention and focus on YOU!

Do you want to start building a powerful relationship with your pup based on trust?

Discover how to teach calm, relaxed behavior when out and about.

Do you want to be a confident leader for your puppy without resorting to fear and physical punishment?

Concepts based around being an "alpha" to your dog are outdated, but there's plenty of real science we'll teach you about how to be a compassionate and fair leader for your dog.


Committed to positive reinforcement that's fear free.

Using force, intimidation, and fear is no way to raise a puppy. That’s why this course only teaches positive reinforcement training techniques that relies on rewarding your dog for making good choices.

Alpha dominance training has been debunked by the latest scientific studies and has been shown to dramatically increase a dog’s stress levels and can even make a dog more fearful and aggressive.

Our Puppy Raising Blueprint only teaches safe, fear-free training strategies that will ensure a strong bond with your pup based on trust and respect.

Get started with the puppy raising blueprint!

Learn how to raise the pup you’ve always dreamed of!

About Your Instructor

Kayla Fratt is a certified dog behavior consultant accredited through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

Kayla has several years of experience privately training dogs and owners, as well as past experience working on the behavior team at a local Colorado animal shelter (the 4th largest in the US) and helping to rehabilitate thousands of dogs.

She and her own dog Barley enjoy competitive dog sports including herding, scentwork, canicross, skijoring, and more.

What's included in course?


See your course instructor put the course information into action while working with a young puppy to see how training works in real life!


Watch, rewind, and skip through our collection of over twenty slide-based presentation videos explaining all the essential need-to-know knowledge for raising a happy, well-adjusted puppy.


We'll share our top trainer-appproved picks for recommended gear to get your new pup.


Get exclusive doggie discounts on dog food, training tools, and private online puppy training consultation - if you still need help after the course!

How we compare against other options

Puppy training isn’t cheap – here’s how our course stacks up against other training options.

Group Classes

$120 For a 6-Week Class
  • Weekly in-person classes can be tough with busy schedules
  • Usually only basic obedience is covered
  • Trainers can vary in quality and experience

The Puppy Raising Blueprint

$80 For ENTIRE Video Course
  • Watch videos on your own schedule when it's convenient for you
  • Unlimited access - the course is yours forever!
  • Taught by Certified Behavior Consultant Kayla Fratt with years of experience training dogs
  • Affordable & just a one-time payment

Private Training

$90-$150 For One Session
  • Very expensive and unaffordable for most owners
  • Requires ongoing commitment and in-person appointments

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Puppy Raising Blueprint: What's Inside

What you’ll find in our Puppy Raising Blueprint

Section 1: puppy raising basics & survival skills

 In this section, we cover the puppy basics of getting your new pup adapted to your home and the most essential puppy training skills and games you’ll want to employ for a better behaved pup!

  • Picking A Puppy: How to Choose (Video Slides) We’ll explain how to choose the perfect puppy for your lifestyle and how to evaluate breeders as well as shelter pups.
  • Setting Up & Preparing for Puppy (Video Lesson) See how the perfect in-home puppy setup can be designed to keep your pup out of trouble while building on good habits and manners you want your puppy to repeat.
  • Surviving the First 24 Hours (Video Slides). Learn how to get through the first chaotic 24 hours with your pup, with some essential do-s and don’t-s when bringing home a new puppy.
  • Smart X 50 (Video Lesson). Watch Kayla work with a young puppy on the basics of Smart x 50 and learn how this simple “lazy dog training” hack can have tremendous effects on your training efforts.
  • Smart X 50 Part 2 (Expanded Video Slides). Slide-based lesson where we delve further into Smart x 50, the science behind why it works, and more techniques on how to implement this at home.
  • Puppy Engagement (Video Lesson) See Kayla work on basic puppy engagement with Fanny the Australian Shepherd pup!
  • Puppy Engagement Part 2 (Expanded Video Slides) In part two of our Puppy Engagement lesson, we’ll present in-depth slides to explain more of the science behind proper puppy engagement and how to keep your pup focused on YOU!
  • Puppy Socialization (Video Lesson) Kayla work on socialization with a young pup named Jax, showing how to keep a pup safe and within his threshold while socialization.
  • Puppy Socialization Part 2 (Expanded Video Slides) In our expanded puppy socialization slides, we’ll discuss more socialization science and talk about some of the common triggers you’ll want to expose your puppy to.
  • Dealing With Fear (Video Slides) Learn about puppy fear periods, how unpleasant experiences during these fear periods can traumatize your pup, and how to navigate fear periods safely with positive results.
  • Puppy Playtime (Video Slides) Learn about what constitutes good puppy play and how to engage and play with your pup on YOUR terms.


Digging in to the most common puppy behavior issues and how to solve them!

  • How Puppies Learn (Video Slides)Discover the science of how puppies learn as they develop and grow.
  • Humane Hierarchy (Video Slides). Teaching your dog the “down” command as well as different methods for adding cues (like a clicker or verbal signal).
  • Chewing & Destruction (Video Slides) We’ll discuss why puppies chew up your stuffy and how to put a stop to it!
  •  Resource Guarding. Learn how to prevent resource guarding (aka possessiveness over food, toys, and other valuable items) and how to work on resolving resource guarding if it’s already developed.
  •  Demand Barking (Video Slides). Find out how to stop your pup from nuisance barking so that he doesn’t drive the neighbors crazy.
  • Puppy Nipping (Video Slides)Puppy nipping is a common pup problem that many owners worry about. Is my pup aggressive? How can I stop this nipping? We’ll show you how to handle this frustrating puppy stage.


In section three, we cover puppy essentials like potty training and loose leash walking skills, as well as basic commands like sit, stay, and more.

  • Hand Targets (Video Lesson). Hand targets are a handy training command you can use in a multitude of ways – learn why hand targeting is awrsomr and how to teach it to your pup!
  • Hand Targets Part 2 (Expanded Video Slides). We dig further in-depth about how to teach hand targets and why they rock.
  • Potty Training (Video Slides). We’ll take you through how to potty train your pup – an owner top priority!
  • Sit & Down (Video Slides). Learn how to teach your pup basic commands like “sit” and “down”.
  • Stay (Video Lesson). Kayla takes students through how to teach a puppy the “stay” command with a real life puppy demo.
  • Stay Part 2 (Expanded Video Slides). We’ll discuss the stay command in more detail and the best ways to teach it.
  • Leave It & Drop It (Video Slides). Learn how to teach your pup the “leave it” and “drop it” command. Perfect for recovering a sock your pup had latched on to or keeping your pup from scarfing down dangerous road snacks during walks.
  • Go To Mat (Video Slides). Teach your pup to go to his mat or bed on command.
  • Leash Skills (Video Lesson). Kayla demonstrates how to work with a puppy on loose leash walking and covers the basics.
  • Leash Skills Part 2 (Expanded Video Slides). We dig more into different techniques for teaching loose leash walking and show you how to enjoy your walk with your pup, rather than get pulled around town!
  • Crate Training (Video Slides). Learn how to crate train your pup so that they have a cozy safe place to hang in when you’re not home.
  • Down (Video Lesson). Kayla shows us how to teach a puppy a solid “down” command.

What our students think...

Very interesting, and I like the way that the trainer uses the loose lead with the back hook harness and the collar.
K9 of Mine course student
I love this opportunity to learn. Since I live in Iceland, the online course offers the opportunity to get more courses from foreign dog trainers without it having to cost too much.
K9 of Mine course student


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She is an advocate for positive reinforcement training and has several years of experience privately training dogs and owners. She has also had past experience working on the behavior team at a Colorado animal shelter.

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