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3 Best Dog Dryers + How to Use Them For a Clean, Dry Canine!

best dog dryersOh no – wet dog on the loose!

If you’re sick of your soaking wet dog leaving a water trail all over the house after bath time (or if your dog has so much fur that it never seems to dry on its own), than a dog dryer is a solid grooming tool to consider!

We’ll explain the benefits of dog dryers, how to use a fur dryers on your dog, and review different dog dryer models along with some top recommended picks.


Quick Picks: Best Dog Dryers Our Rating Price
#1 Pick: Metrovac Air Force Commander Dog Dryer $$$
#2 Pick: Free Paws Standing Pet Dryer $$$
#3 Pick: B-Air Cage Dryer $$

What to Consider When Purchasing A Dog Bed Sofa

Why Do I Need A Dog Dryer?

Dog dryers aren’t essential – you can just let your dog air dry, but with all that fur, air drying takes forever!

Plus, your dog will be freezing in the winter while his fur dries (if you have long hair and you’ve ever gone out of the house with wet hair in the winter, you know how it feels)!

  • Human Dryers Take Too Long. Some owners opt to use human hair dryers on their dogs, which is a fine option for some, but not ideal for most. Remember, dogs have much more fur/hair than we do. It can take as much as 3x longer (15 min vs 45 min) to dry your dog with a human dryer.best dryer for dogs
  • Human Dryers Are Too Hot! Human hair dryers operate at a stronger heat level than dog dryers. This is an issue because dogs have higher body temperatures than humans, and a hot dryers can make your dog overheat!

Dogs can also get badly burned from a blazing dryer. When you dry your own hair, it’s easy to recognize when the dryer is too hot. However, dogs can’t signal to us when the dryer is too hot – by the time they let you know with a cry, they’ll already be burned.

  • You Need Lots of Power to Dry Undercoat. Dog dryers are especially important for dogs with multiple coats, as thick undercoats require a strong, powerful dryer. Human dryers really aren’t powerful enough.
  • Keeps Dog’s Fur Healthy. A good blow-out will remove dust, allergens and dead fur from you dog’s coat, meaning less frequent bathing.
  • Saves Money From Salon. Visiting a professional groomer can get very expensive, very fast. At-home grooming tools, like a dog dryer, allow you to save money long term by purchasing your own supplies.

How to Use A Dog Dryer On Your Wet Pooch

  • Step Outside. Unless you want fur everywhere, we recommend to dry your dog outside – that way your pup’s hair won’t end up all over your house.
  • Keep Nozzle At A Safe Distance. Don’t put the dog dryer nozzle too close to your dog’s fur – keep it a safe distance away from your canine’s skin.dog dryers
  • Brush While You Dry. Brush your dog as you dry him with the dryer to prevent excessive tangling.
  • Keep Away From Face. Keep the dog dryer away from your dog’s face, ears, and other areas with thin fur, as it will get too hot and really hurt your pooch! Also avoid your dog’s eyes, nose mouth, and anus, for similar reasons.
  • Start Low. Start the dryer on the lowest speed possible, and blow the dryer on yourself to get a good sense of what the air feels like. Assess how the various power levels feel, and then slowly work your way up with your dog (if they’re agreeable to it).
  • Keep An Eye Out For Distress Signals. Watch your dog carefully for body language – if your dog shows any distress or upset, stop immediately. Listen to your pooch!
  • Always Provide Water. Make sure to offer plenty of water to your dog as they are being dried to help prevent dehydration and overheating.
  • Use Plenty of Treats. Take plenty of breaks throughout the process to avoid stressing out your buddy. Shower your dog with tasty training treats throughout the process to remind them what a great job they are doing and encourage positive associations with the dog dryer!
  • Consider a Grooming Table Too. If you’ll be drying your pooch a lot, you may want to invest in a dog grooming table as well – this allows your dog to set up closer to your arm height, which will certainly save your back and arms a lot of strain pain.

Dog Dryer Buying Considerations: What to Look For

  • CFM. CFM stands for “cubic feet per minute,” and this is a measurement of how many cubic feet of air a dryer can blast out per minute.

A dog dryer with a higher CPM will push out more air than a lower CPM dryer. If your dog has double coats, make sure to pick out a dog dryer with a high CPM – otherwise your dog’s undercoat will never be dry!

  • Noise Level. Most dog dryers are designed to operate at a lower noise level than human dryers, since dogs don’t tend to be fans of loud, noisy machines (vacuums are a classic example).
  • Heating Element. Some dog dryers contain a heating element, while others don’t. Units without heating elements instead just rely on the motor to warm up the air. If your dog has sensitive skin or thin fur, you’ll probably want to avoid units with heating elements. Even for units that do provide heat, we suggest keeping the heating unit off, especially if the dryer is very powerful.
  • Multiple Speed Settings. While some doggie dryers offer variable speeds, others only offer a single drying speed. Variable speeds allow owners to change the speed depending on the dog’s coat and size, and also lets owners set a lower, quieter speed for frightened dogs. However, single speed dryers will still be adequate for most owners.
  • Storage. If you’re a professional dog groomer, you probably won’t mind if your dog dryer takes up a significant amount of space. However, owners not running a grooming business will likely be on the look out for a dog dryer that is compact and can be collapsed and stored away easily.

Types of Dog Dryers: High-Velocity, Cage, and Standing

We’ll be covering the three main types of dog dryers on the market and examining the various benefits associated with different units.

Option 1: High-Velocity Dryers

High-velocity dryers, also known as “force dryers” or “blaster dryers” are extremely powerful dryers, made to blow at a very high, intense speed as air is blasted through the unit’s hose and nozzle.

These dryers don’t usually have a heating element – instead, they rely on sheer force to dry your pup’s coat in just a few minutes.

These dryers are so powerful that you’ll actually want to make sure to avoid using a force dryer’s heating unit (if they have one), as having that much strong, hot air flying at your dog can be quite dangerous.

High-velocity dryers are the most common and popular form of dog dryers among owners.

When using a high-velocity dryer, you need to be especially careful to avoid getting the nozzle anywhere near your dog’s sensitive areas (eyes, ears, nose, genitals, etc).

Top Pick: Metrovac Air Force Commander Professional Dog Dryer

Metrovac’s Air Force Commander Professional Pet Grooming Dryer – Portable, 2 Speed 4.0HP Motor – Ideal for Double-Coated Dogs – 5 Unique Colors (Green)About: The Metrovac Air Force Commander Dog Dryer is a professional high-velocity dog dryer that can get your dog’s fur dry quickly and without fuss.

It offers professional groomer-grade quality but is still simple enough to be used by owners.

Note: There are several variations available for this product, with specific models designed for double coats, short coats, and heavy coats.


  • 2-speed motor
  • Several handy attachments, including an air concentrator, air flare tool, and a groomer rake
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • 6 ft hose and 12 ft plug

Pros: Owners note that not only is this powerful professional dryer great after baths, but it’s also handy for dogs that shed a lot, as the high velocity drying can separate any dead hair. Owners also report that since this dryer is grounded, static isn’t an issue and dogs’ fur won’t get clingy.

Cons: Some report this dog dryer to be fairly loud, although most recognize that this is very common and pretty much unavoidable with powerful, professional dryers.

2nd Budget-Friendly Option: If the Metrovac is too pricey for you (it’s professional quality and not cheap), we suggest going with the Go Pet Club Dryer. It’s not as tough or powerful as the Metrovac, but should be suitable for most dogs, and is much more affordable.

Option 2: Cage Dryers

Also known as “cabinet dryers,” these are low pressure dryers that are designed to be used on your dog while they are in their mesh or wire crate.

These dog dryers are best for dogs who hate to sit still and are more skittish around loud noises. A cage dryer can be placed outside your dog’s crate and can slowly dry them as they sit and relax.

Cage dryers are also better for dogs with sensitive skin or thin fur, as the low pressure of the dryer won’t be as liable to hurt them.

The only issue? Cage dryers don’t tend to be as powerful as other dog dryers, so they’re really not the best choice for dogs with thick, multi-layered coats.

Top Pick: B-Air Cage Dryer

B-Air Grizzly GP-1 1 HP 3550 CFM Air Grizzly Mover Carpet Dryer Floor Fan for Water Damage Restoration and Pet Cage Dryer BlackAbout: The B-Air Cage Dryer is a durable cage dryer with adjustable angles for different airflow directions. It doesn’t contain a heating unit, making it a safe option for new owners.


  • Adjustable airflow with 3 different angles
  • Motor runs at 375 CFM
  • No heating element for added safety
  • Optional filter kit to keep hair out of dryer
  • Comes in 3 colors: red, green, and blue
  • 2.3 amp draw + 6ft cord

Pros: Owners love how affordable this unit is – it’s considerably cheaper than other cage dryers. It’s also great that this cage dryer does not have a heating unit, preventing the possibility of accidental heat stroke.

Cons: Some owners complain that the air flow is actually too powerful on this unit, but most don’t have issue with it.

Option 3: Stand Dryers

Stand dryers, also known as “fluff dryers,” are dog dryers that are attached to an accompanying stand, allowing you to have both your hands free to position and brush your dog during the drying process.

Stand dryers can be very useful when you’re trying to do a complete styling of your dog, as its the only type of unit that allows you to comb, brush, and style your pooch as he or she gets dried.

Top Pick: Free Paws Standing Pet Dryer

Free Paws Dog Pet Dryer Stand with 4 HP 2 Heat Stepless Airflow Grooming Dryer ComboAbout: The Free Paws Standing Pet Dryer is a professional grade dog dryer that allows groomers to comfortably stand why grooming their canine clients.

  • 35.5”- 51.2” adjustable height
  • 2 heat settings
  • Rotates 360° horizontally also can adjust elevation 120° along with 120° depression.
  • Includes several dryer attachments for various needs

Pros: Groomers say that this dryer is a lifesafer, as it allows you to stand while drying your dog.

Cons: A few folks had problems with pieces breaking at connection points, so be sure to be careful with this dryer.

Have you ever used a dog dryer on your pooch? Any grooming secrets to share? Tell us in the comments!

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