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Dog Jerky

Are you a fan of flavorful, salty and scrumptious jerky? Well, chances are your pup will be too!

Jerky is a great alternative to traditional dog treats, and it may provide added health benefits as well. We’ll outline some of these potential benefits, share a few of our favorite options on the market, and explain some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind when picking one for your pooch. 

Read on to find the perfect jerky for your best friend!

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Best Jerky for Dogs: Quick Picks!

  • Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Small Batch Jerky Sticks [Best Overall Jerky Dog Treats]: These US-made treats are available in several different flavors and feature a soft texture that most dogs will enjoy.
  • Wag American Jerky Treats [Most Affordable Jerky Dog Treats]: Despite being super affordable, these high-quality treats are made in the USA from real chicken and beef for a taste most dogs love.
  • “I and love and you” Nice Jerky Bites [Best Multi-Protein Jerky Dog Treats]: These grain-free, US-made treats are made with a combination of proteins to provide a flavor that your four-footer will love.
  • Newman’s Own Snack Sticks [Most Socially Responsible Jerky Dog Treats]: Your dog will certainly love these treats, but you will probably love the fact that 100% of the profits are donated to charity.

Do Dogs Like Jerky?

dog head tilt

Certainly! In fact, your pooch may even like jerky more than you do! 

Though they aren’t obligate carnivores as cats, snakes, and some other animals are, dogs have evolved to rely heavily on a meat-based diet. Meat is integral to the daily doggo diet, and should typically be the primary ingredient in their foods, snacks, and treats. 

And because jerky is essentially dried meat, it is a fantastic thing to mix in to your doggo’s diet.

Jerky serves as a solid snack, and it can even be a great tool for training. These meaty morsels can be broken up easily into smaller pieces and make your dog eager to please!

The Nine Best Jerky Treats for Dogs

jerky treats for dogs

Any of the jerky dog treats below should work well for your floof. However, remember to keep your specific dog’s preferences and needs in mind when shopping — that’ll help ensure you end up with ones your pupper loves! 

Here are our picks for the best jerky treats on the market: 

1. Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Sticks 

About: Made in the USA and available in a variety of flavors, Rocco and Roxie’s Jerky Sticks will make your dog think he’s getting the same jerky that you love — he’ll never guess it’s not a human snack!

Best Overall Jerky Dog Treats

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Rocco & Roxie Dog Jerky

Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats

Made in the USA and prepared in small batches, these premium jerky treats are easily the best ones on the market.


  • Available in beef, chicken, and turkey flavors
  • Made in the USA
  • Slowly smoked for flavor
  • Soft texture dogs love
  • Backed by Rocco & Roxie’s 100% satisfaction guarantee

Ingredients List

American-raised Beef, Rice Protein, Spices, Salt, Sugar...,

Garlic Powder, Potassium Sorbate, Natural Wood Smoke Flavoring.


  • Dogs seem to go nuts over these tasty treats
  • Easily broken into smaller pieces for training (or small puppers)
  • Rocco & Roxie’s customer service department gets rave reviews
  • They don’t leave a greasy residue on your hands
  • Small-batch manufacturing process helps ensure premium quality


  • They contain garlic powder, which may give some pet parents pause
  • A few pet parents complained of digestive issues

2. Wag American Jerky Treats

About: If you’re looking for a jerky treat that won’t break the bank, these jerky treats from Wag are an excellent choice. Made in the USA with globally-sourced ingredients, these jerky treats will keep your dog’s tail wagging (heh).

Most Affordable Jerky Dog Treats

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Amazon Brand - Wag Soft & Tender American Jerky Dog Treats - Beef Recipe ,6 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Wag American Jerky Treats

Soft, delicious, and made without corn, wheat, or soy, these jerky treats will fit into just about any owner’s budget.


  • Made with whole beef and chicken 
  • These treats can be broken down into smaller pieces
  • Made in the USA 
  • Contains no corn, wheat, or soy

Ingredients List

Beef, Chicken, Glycerin, Dried Chickpeas, Potatoes...,

Cane Molasses, Gelatin, Natural Flavor, Salt, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative)


  • These are some of the most affordable jerky treats available 
  • They’re soft, making them easy to tear into small pieces for training
  • Made in USA


  • Multiple protein sources can be a drag for dogs with food allergies
  • Some pups didn’t appear to care for the texture

3. “I and love and you” Nice Jerky Bites

About: “I and love and you” Nice Jerky Bites are boutique-caliber doggo treats that are made in the USA by a small, Colorado-based company. Featuring multiple proteins, these treats will drive your dog wild!

Best Multi-Protein Jerky Dog Treats

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I and love and you

“I and love and you” Nice Jerky Bites

Available in your choice of several different protein combos, these US-made treats will keep your canine coming back for more!


  • Available in Salmon & Chicken, Chicken & Duck, Venison & Lamb, and Beef & Lamb flavors
  • Made in the USA
  • Small pieces are great for little dogs and for training purposes
  • Made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

Ingredients List

Chicken, Salmon, Glycerin, Brown Sugar, Salt...,

Natural Smoke Flavor, Mixed Tocopherols (A Natural Preservative).


  • There’s no two ways about it: Dogs love the taste of these treats
  • Pet parents tend to love that they’re made in the US without Chinese-sourced ingredients
  • We think the small piece size is very convenient


  • Multiple protein sources can make things difficult on owners of dogs with allergies
  • Some owners complained that they don’t seem to last long after being opened

4. Newman’s Own Chicken Jerky

About: The smiling face on the label of your favorite pasta sauce is now on the packaging of your pup’s beloved jerky! Newman’s Own Chicken Jerky are flavorful goodies that many dogs will love! 

Most Socially Responsible Dog Jerky Treats

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Newman’s Own Chicken Jerky

Tasty, chicken-based jerky treats made by a company that donates millions of dollars to charitable organizations.


  • Made from U.S. farm-raised chicken
  • Contains no corn, wheat, or soy
  • Soft enough to tear into small pieces
  • Like all Newman’s Own products, 100% of the profits go to charity.

Ingredients List

Chicken, Brown Sugar, Chicken Broth, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder...,

Apple Cider Vinegar, Paprika, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative), Rosemary Extract (flavor).


  • Most dogs absolutely love the taste
  • Fantastic aroma (some pet parents even love it!)
  • Can easily be torn into pieces small enough for training
  • Gives you the chance to support worthy causes


  • They’re kinda pricey jerky treats
  • Chicken is a pretty common allergic trigger for pooches

5. Dogswell Jerky Treats 

About: Dogswell Jerkies are US-made treats that are designed to satisfy your pup’s palate while also providing various health benefits. This makes them a two-for-one win in our book!

Best Health-Supporting Jerky Treats

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Dogswell Jerky

Dogswell Jerky Treats

US-made jerky treats that are available in several different varieties, designed to address different health concerns.


  • Fortified with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other health-supporting ingredients
  • Available in several varieties, including joint health (linked above), skin and coat health, immune support, and gut health.
  • Available in several bag sizes, ranging from 4 to 24 ounces
  • Offered in full-sized and “mini” versions

Ingredients List

Beef, Vegetable Glycerin, Salt, Beef Broth, Vinegar...,

Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin Sulfate, New Zealand Green Mussel, Vitamin E Supplement.


  • They offer a great way to treat your pet while also supporting his health
  • Most dogs appear to love the taste
  • Several owners reported visible improvements in their dogs’ coat condition or mobility


  • Owners report product consistency issues
  • Minor stomach issues were reported by some owners

6. Pawstruck Dog Jerky Treats

About: Made by a family-owned business, Pawstruck Jerky Treats are made from only a single ingredient (beef esophagus), making them a great choice for dogs with food allergies or sensitive stomachs. They’re also pretty tough, making them perfect for power-chewing puppers. 

Best Jerky Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs and Allergies

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Pawstruck Jerky Treats

Pawstruck Dog Jerky Treats

Single-ingredient jerky treats that are perfect for dogs who suffer from food allergies or simple stomach sensitivities.


  • Single ingredient recipe — flattened beef trachea
  • They contain no artificial preservatives or flavors
  • Sold by a family-owned business
  • Made in South America

Ingredients List

Beef Esophagus....,

That’s it!


  • Tough jerky texture helps keep pups entertained 
  • The single-ingredient recipe is great for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs
  • Tough texture may also help to clean your dog’s teeth


  • Some owners found the smell of these treats a little strong
  • We’d prefer if they were made in the USA

7. Full Moon Human Grade Dog Treats

About: Want some dog treats that are safe enough for you to eat? Full Moon’s Beef Jerky Tenders may be just the ticket! Made in a USDA human-grade facility with whole proteins and no artificial flavors or preservatives, your doggo will love these chews. 

Best Human-Grade Jerky Dog Treats

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Full Moon Jerky Treats

Full Moon Beef Jerky Tenders

Delicious, human-grade jerky dog treats that are made in the USA from premium ingredients to ensure your dog gets the best.


  • Treats contain whole beef, turkey, and chicken 
  • They contain no corn, wheat, and soy 
  • Treats are made in a USDA human grade facility 
  • Made in the USA

Ingredients List

Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Cassava Root, Organic Cane Sugar...,

Salt, Vinegar, Ground Celery, Rosemary Extract


  • We love that they’re made from human-grade ingredients
  • Owners appreciated the low odor of these treats
  • They seemed to please even the pickiest pooches


  • Multiple protein treats aren’t a great choice for doggos with food allergies 
  • They’re more expensive than some other jerky dog treats

8. Pupford Jerky Treats

About: Looking for some jerky dog treats that’ll work perfectly for training? Then you simply must consider Pupfor Jerky Treats. These treats are relatively small, making them ideal for training purposes, and you get access to Pupford’s training app and classes with your purchase!

Best Dog Jerky Treats for Training

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Pupford Dog Jerky

Pupford Jerky Treats

Small, single-ingredient jerky dog treats that are perfect to use alongside Pupford’s dog-training app and instructional class.


  • Pure beef esophagus treat 
  • Made from grass-fed Columbian cattle 
  • No sugar or added fillers 
  • Included 30-day training course through the Pupford site

Ingredients List

Beef esophagus...,

That’s it!


  • These are great for pups with sensitive stomachs
  • Pet parents noted that these treats served as perfect training rewards
  • They’re already small, making them perfect for training


  • Some pet parents disliked the odor of these treats
  • Hard texture may not be ideal for all doggos

9. Tylee’s Pork Jerky Dog Treats

About: The ideal choice for pooches with picky palates, Tylee’s Pork Jerky Dog Treats are made from premium pork sirloin to provide a taste that’ll drive your dog crazy. And because they’re made in the USA from a single ingredient, you can rest easy while offering them to your canine.

Best-Tasting Jerky Dog Treats

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Tylee’s Pork Jerky Dog Treats

Premium, single-ingredient dog jerky treats that are made from US-sourced pork to provide owners with peace of mind.


  • Single-ingredient recipe
  • Made in the USA from US-sourced pork
  • Non-greasy recipe makes them easy to offer to your pooch
  • They contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

Ingredients List

Pork sirloin...,

That’s it!


  • Most doggos LOVE the way these taste
  • Single-ingredient recipe is perfect for pups with food allergies or sensitivities
  • They’re thinly sliced, which makes them easier for some dogs to consume


  • A few owners complained that they spoiled quickly after opening (the manufacturer recommends refrigerating them after opening the package)
  • They’re not available from Amazon

Enjoying Jerky for Dogs Safely

dog jerky safety

While jerky is a surefire hit with most pups, there are a couple of tips you’ll want to follow to ensure that he’s enjoying them safely:

  • Supervise your pooch while he noms. As with any new treat or dietary changes, you’ll want to supervise your pup while he’s enjoying it for the first few times. Make sure that the pieces aren’t too big to chew, and read the ingredients to make sure there’s nothing that your pup is allergic to before you feed it to him. If you notice any adverse effects, obviously you’ll want to stop the snacking and pick a new flavor or brand.
  • Stick to American-made jerky, when possible. Simply put, US-made jerky treats are usually going to be safer and more appealing to your pup than those made elsewhere. Jerky made in Canada, Australia, New Zealand or western Europe should also be of fairly high quality and safe for your pup.
  • Pick a suitable size. Make sure the treats you select are not too big for your dog to chew. Breaking them up into bite size pieces is also a great tool for training — these meaty treats are a healthy means of keeping your pup’s interest. 

Can Dogs Have Human Jerky?

can dogs have human jerky

It’s going to be a “no” from us. Stay on the safe side and stick to jerky made specifically for dogs.

While the meat flavors are generally the same, it’s the added flavors and preservatives that can cause problems –– sometimes, serious problems. 

For starters, human jerky tends to be super salty, which isn’t great for people, but it is especially bad for pups. Excessive salt consumption can lead to a host of issues, and salt poisoning can even be deadly. 

Additionally, some of the common spices that we humans love can be bad for our furry friends. Garlic and onions, for example, can have dangerous side effects for doggos.

While minuscule amounts are generally acceptable — and are even found in some jerky treats — the amounts your pup would consume in human foods are just too risky.

Beef Jerky For Dogs FAQ: Your Dog Jerky Treat Questions Answered!

Ready to feed your best buddy some jerky? Consider these burning beef jerky questions to keep your furry friend feeling his finest. 

Is beef jerky safe for dogs?

Beef jerky that’s made for dogs is safe for dogs and can make a delicious occasional treat. Just note that your dog’s treats should be counted as part of your dog’s daily intake. Also, be sure to provide your dog with plenty of water when offering him jerky. 

Can I make my own beef jerky for dogs?

Absolutely! You can make your own beef jerky using one of the recipes featured in our DIY treat guides. DIY jerky might be laborious, but many times, it comes out more cost effective than purchasing premade jerky for dogs. 

Why can’t dogs eat jerky?

Dogs shouldn’t eat human jerky since it has unnecessary processing and flavoring that can be dangerous for your dog. However, minimally processed jerky made specifically make for dogs is a great occasional treat. 


Clearly, jerky is a snack of choice for our canines for quite a few reasons — it’s a tasty and healthy option for our furry friends! 

Do you offer your pooch jerky on a regular basis? What jerky brands does your pup love? Are there any he doesn’t seem fond of? Let us know in the comments below!

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