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Best Rawhides For Dogs: Keep Your Pup Chewing Away!

Any busy dog owner knows this drill: wake up early to the pitter patter of Fido’s toenails on the wood floor. Your dog wants to follow you around all day, but you need to get things around the house done! Why not keep your dog calm and occupied with something tasty to munch on -specifically, a rawhide chew!

Rawhide chews are great for dogs of any age. Chewing is a natural instinct for our furry friends–whether your baby is a puppy or full grown, having something to chew on calms nerves, keeps your dog from getting bored, and is a good way to keep those teeth healthy.

What is a Rawhide, Really?

A rawhide is exactly what it sounds like it is; a hide that is “raw”, in that it hasn’t been exposed to any tanning. They are made from the inner layer of hide from cattle, and are designed specifically for dogs to chew on.

Rawhide processing is very straight forward–the hides are cleaned and cut, then rolled and pressed into shapes, many times with added flavors.

Situations that Deserve a Rawhide

Just as – for humans -any time is a good time for chocolate, I believe that for Fido, any time is a good time for rawhides. Here are a few, detailed reasons to give your pooch a snack.

  • Your Sweet Pooch is Teething. As your puppy transitions into adulthood, he will be very grateful for any help with the teeth-losing process that you can offer. Puppies love rawhides because chewing is their biggest way to communicate and explore. When puppies teeth, it’s they are attempting to soothe sore gums while their grown-up teeth come in. Chewing while teething offers your puppy a way to handle the pain of new teeth growing up through gums.
  • Your Dog has Anxiety and Nerves. Repetitive chewing of hard or crunchy objects can be almost therapeutic for dogs with generalized anxiety. The solidity of the object and consistency of the chewing motion offer your pup something to literally and figuratively hang on to, which can be useful and grounding in stressful times.

Things to Look for in a Good Rawhide Chew

  • Single Sheet Rawhide. Rawhide chews can be made out of multiple different “flavors” of rawhide twisted together. However, single sheet rawhides are less likely to splinter because there is only one platform of contact, as opposed to multiple, twisting fibers.
  • What Color is it? Pure white rawhides have undergone some form of chemical dying or bleaching, and they are a fairly common find in grocery and dog stores. If you’re after a less chemical, more natural chew, any bone that has retained its natural color of cream or darker is the way to go. These rawhides have not be stripped of any nutrients through the process of bleaching, and because they have not been bleached, they are altogether a healthier option for your pup.
  • Make Sure they Smell. Similarly to those bleach white bones, rawhides that lack strong scent have generally been subject to a more intense preparation process. Ones that smell stronger are likely to be more healthy for your dog, because it means they haven’t had any of their natural flavoring eradicated.

Rawhide Controversy

There is a fair amount of controversy surrounding rawhides for dogs. Most of this controversy stems from concern around your dog’s health, as rawhides have been known to splinter and lead to choking.

The main reason for rawhide splinters is simply because of how dry they are. When a dog gets a dry rawhide in his mouth, especially if that rawhide is smaller than your dog’s mouth, it becomes increasingly easy for your pup to choke on splintering pieces.

This danger can be lessened if you soak your rawhide in warm water before handing it over to your pup. Single sheet rawhides are also less likely to splinter.

If splintering does occur, and your dog begins to choke, you’ll need to attempt to remove the rawhide piece manually or rush your pooch to the emergency vet.

The best thing you can do when you give your dog a rawhide is to monitor him, and never give your dog a rawhide unattended. Be ready to take away any splintered pieces that develop, and inspect the rawhide regularly for any signs of deterioration or splintering.

Best Rawhide Chews for Dogs

1. Pet Factory Peanut Butter Beefhide

About: The Pet Factory Beefhide Rawhide is a natural rawhide designed to keep your dog busy chewing and coming back for more. It is a mid-range priced product, so it’s good for anyone willing to spend a little for their pooch.

These peanut butter flavored beef-hide chews are 100% natural and made in the USA. They contain no artificial ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives, and are great for those dogs with sensitive stomachs and digestion.

On top of being completely natural, they are also made up of thicker fibers, which means they last longer than other chews. The addition of peanut butter to this beef-hide chew makes dogs go even crazier for it!. Additionally, these chews follow strict GFSI food quality standards for manufacturing, so you don’t need to stress about the quality of your dog’s rawhide goodies.

These chews’ braided shape helps to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and eliminate bad breath, so don’t feel guilty about letting your pooch go to town on these beef rawhides!

They are a good choice for any dog who usually goes through rawhides quickly.

Pros: Most dog owners have found these rawhides to be long-lasting and manageable for their pups. Fans also love that they’re made in the USA.

Cons: Although these chews aren’t the most expensive ones out there, they are not the cheapest either. A couple of pet owners have also found that these rawhides can stain the carpet if there is no watchful eye on your pup, but most didn’t seem to have an issue. Additionally, there is some concern about giving peanut butter to dogs. Although it does contain healthy nutrients, too much sugar or salt in peanut butter is not so good for our furry friends.

2. Raw Paws Compressed Rawhide Sticks

About: The Raw Paws Compressed Rawhide Sticks are premium rawhide chews for pups with the need to chomp! These premium rawhides are not only perfect for teething puppies, but also for biting and aggressive dogs, and they are long lasting and safe. They are made from only one ingredient, all natural and without preservatives.

Additionally, they contain no grains or gluten, which is potentially good for any dog with digestive sensitivities. These rawhides are made from a single sheet, which reduces the likelihood of splintering and choking for your dog.

Pros: Customers have praised these rawhides for the thickness of the actual chew and the similarity to the product details. They don’t leave any sort of stains or marks, and customers are generally delighted with how long lasting they are.

Cons: Although these treats taste great, they are on the more expensive side. Anyone on a budget may want to skip these guys and check out a few of our other listed chews. The primary complaint from users aside from price is that some of these rawhides come in different sizes than what is advertised, but these seem to be anomalies, as most orders are fine.

3. Dingo Twist Sticks

About: The Dingo Twist Sticks rawhides are a multi-material treat made from real chicken. They’re great for dogs who like a little more flavor in their rawhides.

The Jumbo Dingo Twist Sticks are another popular brand of rawhide chews. They are on the less expensive end, making them affordable for most pet households, and are good for large dogs.

Most dogs dig into these twists like candy because they contain flavors from real chicken and pork. Additionally, the Dingo Twists also come in different amounts and sizes. They are healthy and help with dog’s dental health by controlling plaque production and promote healthy hygiene.

Dingo manufacturing suggests giving your dog twists that are slightly bigger than your pet’s mouth to avoid choking, and remove and throw away any extra chunks.

Pros: Most dog owners find that Dingo Treats are well-liked by their pooches. Customers say that their dogs never leave a mess behind, and always come back, hungry for more. As a bonus, with all of the included chicken and pork, they contain a lot of protein.

Cons: Unfortunately, several owners are concerned that the treats are made in China, and with good reason. However, overseas manufacturing is what makes these rawhides so affordable, and many owners say that their dog’s fanatical love of these treats makes them willing to take the risk. There haven’t been any issues yet!

4. Pet Magasin Natural Rawhide Treats

About: Pet Magasin Natural Rawhide Treats are a one-of-a-kind, all-natural chew. They fall into the medium price range, and are a pretty good deal for a large pack of rawhides.

The Pet Magasin Natural Rawhide Chews are a great choice for anyone concerned with ingredient transparency and natural food. They come in varied shapes and sizes, so that each dog has the option to find which chip is best for him. They have a satisfying meaty flavor and contain no dyes or bleaches. This brand has a high processing standard, meaning that each chew is treated bacteria-free!

Pros: Most owners have reported that the Pet Magasin Rawhides help with stinky breath, with some owners even reporting that these chews can whiten yellowing teeth! Reviewers have also commented positively on the lack of mess and stain that these chews leave.

Cons: These chews have received very little criticism, but one owner felt that there was a lack of chips in the bag. This didn’t seem to be an issue for many owners, but it’s still good to be aware of this potential pitfall.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are rawhides safe for puppies?

A: Puppies love rawhides, and they are incredibly good for their dental health and the uncomfortable teething period.

As long as the rawhide is slightly larger than your puppy’s mouth, and is soaked in warm water beforehand to lower the chances of splintering, rawhides are generally beneficial. It’s best to always monitor your pup while she has a rawhide, given that these chews do have the potential to splinter.

Q: What can I give my dog instead of a rawhide?

A: Due to concerns about rawhide splintering, some owners may prefer alternatives to rawhides for dogs (especially if you want a chew that you can leave your dog alone with).

Natural bully sticks (which are much softer than rawhide) and elk antlers (which are tougher and can last even longer than rawhide) are great alternatives – be sure to check out our full guide to the best dog chews for more info!

Q: Is rawhide digestible for dogs?

A: Ultimately, rawhide density and digestibility can vary from any given dog and any given chew. However, as a general rule, most rawhides are not incredibly digestible–broken pieces will pass through your pup’s digestive system and have the potential to get stuck or scrape. That’s why it’s best to monitor your pooch while she’s chewing, and try not to let her swallow rawhide pieces.

Whether you’ve tried rawhides for your pooch or not, let us know in the comments about your methods for dog dental hygiene, ways to keep your pups distracted, and what snacks they enjoy! We’d love to hear from you!

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