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The 10 Best Dog Magazines (Yes, Magazines Are Still Cool)!

Most people get their information and entertainment on the internet these days, but in years past, magazines were one of the most important ways by which dog owners could learn how to better care for their pet.

Even though they aren’t the go-to source they used to be, magazines still deserve a look and you’d be well served to check out the best of the best.

1. Modern Dog

One of the most popular dog magazines around, Modern Dog helps owners navigate the trials and tribulations of pet parenthood so that you can better enjoy life with your pet. It tends to be more geared towards health-and-wellness,, but it covers all of the basic dog-related topics, from food to training to breed characteristics, and it also provides book recommendations, do-it-yourself tips, and reader contests.

In years past, each issue included a fancy-schmancy celebrity interview, cover and photo spread. However, it appears that they’ve changed this practice. Now, the covers feature great-looking photos of dogs.

Modern Dog publishes four issues a year.

2. ShowSight Magazine

Dedicated to the care and showing of purebred dogs, ShowSight Magazine is a very attractive publication, which has actually been voted the “Most Beautiful Dog Publication in the World.” Often described as “The Architectural Digest of Dogdom,” ShowSight Magazine has a little something for all dog owners, even those who have mixed breeds (we won’t tell if you don’t).

ShowSight is published on a monthly basis, and it has four smaller sibling magazines — Top Notch Toys, The Orient Express, The Doberman Digest and Sight & Scent — that are published by the same company.

3. The Bark

The Bark is a magazine (and an associated website) that covers most general dog topics, including everything from feeding your pet a nutritious food to teaching Fido how to sit, lay, and speak. It also includes information about traveling with your pet, book recommendations and articles about dog-owner cultural issues.

The Bark is published four times a year, in both print and digital formats.

4. Dogster Magazine

Do you remember the magazine called Dog Fancy? Baby Boomers and Gen Xers certainly should. First published in 1970, the magazine became quite popular and eventually claimed to be the “world’s most widely read dog magazine,” with more than 200,000 paid issues in circulation. However, the magazine was shuttered in 2014 and replaced by Dogster.

Dogster is published every other month, with its sister publication Catster coming out during the months in between. Like its predecessor, Dogster is a general dog-topic magazine that covers all of the basic information dog owners – particularly new dog owners – could want. Like most other magazines, Dogster also publishes a companion website.

5. AKC Family Dog

The American Kennel Club publishes Family Dog, and it is exactly as awesome as you’d expect an AKC-funded publication to be. It covers the same types of stuff that most other high-quality dog magazines do, but it does so with a little bit more polish than most others. The photos are glorious, the topics covered are usually quite interesting, and the articles typically offer sage advice.

Family Dog is published six times a year. But, you’ll have to subscribe to the magazine to get your paws on it, as it isn’t available at newsstands.

6. K9 Magazine

We obviously have to applaud this magazine’s name, but there’s plenty to love about it on the inside too. K9 Magazine covers all of the basic dog-related topics, including training tips, product recommendations, buyer’s guides and so forth. Many of the issues feature celebrity cover art and interviews too.

K9 Magazine is available digitally on the K9 Magazine website, but you can also subscribe to the print version if you like. The magazine is published every month.

7. Gun Dog Magazine

Dedicated to providing hunters and gun-dog enthusiasts the type of information they need to select, care for and train dogs bred for the field, Gun Dog Magazine is also a great resource for lovers of retrievers, pointers, setters and other hunting breeds. Note that it also covers a variety of hunting- and gun-related topics, so it probably isn’t ideally suited for all readers.

Gun Dog Magazine is published seven times a year, and it also has an associated web site with plenty of additional gun-dog content.

8. Best Friends Magazine

Best Friends Magazine is published by the Best Friends Animal Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending pet homelessness. According to the publisher, Best Friends Magazine is the “nation’s largest general-interest animal publication,” and it is published with a dedication to positive, uplifting stories.

Best Friends Magazine is published every other month. It isn’t available at newsstands; it actually comes as a gift whenever you donate $25 or more to the non-profit group.

9. Animal Wellness Magazine

Animal Wellness Magazine is dedicated to educating owners about the health and well-being of their pets, but it also covers subjects like training and lifestyle topics. Animal Wellness Magazine is published on a bi-monthly basis, and, like most other modern magazines, it is available in both print and digital formats.

You’ll get a few extras with your subscription, including a coupon book and 12 Natural Health Reports. You’ll also get access to more than 10 years of archived digital issues when you sign up for a subscription.

10. Whole Dog Journal

Whole Dog Journal provides readers with a wealth of information about dog care, health, and training, but what distinguishes it from many other magazines is its dedication to natural techniques and solutions. This makes it a great choice for owners who like to embrace a holistic approach to pet care.

Whole Dog Journal is a monthly publication, and you’ll also get access to an impressive archive of old issues with your subscription. Whole Dog Journal also operates a companion website, that is also full of holistic and natural strategies for taking care of your dog.


Do you know of any good dog magazines we missed? Let us know about your favorites – especially under-the-radar publications, which we may have missed. Tell us what you like about them and the basic information, so we can check them out for future updates and articles.

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