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Grooming By Kelsey Leicht 11 min read November 23, 2020

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nail polish for dogs

Trends in dog grooming are as real as those in human fashion.

This canine thirst for color has spurred manufacturers to introduce a variety of fashionable dog products, ranging from doggy hair dye to chalk stenciling. 

Recently, this has reached the tiniest doggo details, as dog nail polish has become a new favorite among paw-rents.

This temporary pet-friendly polish comes in a multitude of colors and finishes from matte to gloss and has puppers looking good from head to toe, literally!

Interested in giving your doggy diva a new set of painted paws? Let’s dive into the details of dog nail polish and check some of the best available. 

Quick Picks: Best Nail Polish for Dogs

  • Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pen (Easiest to Use) If you’re a beginning dog-nail-polish artist, or you simply want a polish that’s easy to use, Warren London’s Pawdicure Pen is a great choice that works without the need for a brush.
  • Lesotc Pet Nail Polish (Easiest Cleanup)You don’t want nail polish getting on your floor or furniture, but if it does, you want to be sure it’ll be easy to clean. Lesotc Polish is perfect for these situations, and it is easy to remove with a bit of water.
  • Color Paw Fast-Drying Premium Polish (Quickest Drying)If you have a wiggly pup who has trouble sitting still, you’ll love how quick Color Paw Polish dries after you apply it.

Is It Safe to Paint My Dog’s Nails?

Painting your dog’s nails is safe as long as you only purchase polish that is specially made for pooches

These formulas are made with non-toxic ingredients that are harmless if your pup happens to ingest some while chewing or licking at her feet.

Note that a pre-pawdicure nail trim and inspection is always a good idea.  Only healthy, crack-free nails should be painted to avoid potential pain. Additionally, dogs with nail disease or foot allergies are not ideal nail painting candidates either. 

For long-haired pooches, you should trim the fur around the nails or slick it back with a pup-friendly solution (such as coconut oil) to avoid stray paint.

But while you can use a pup-safe polish, it is important to note that the painting process can be stressful to some dogs. After all, many pups are sensitive about their feet being touched. 

A good gauge to whether or not your dog will tolerate a spaw-day is how well she handles nail trims. If she gets stressed out during nail-trimming sessions, she probably will during nail-painting sessions too

For foot-friendly floofs, you just need to keep the experience positive. Give your pet lots of treats and take brief breaks between paws.

Also, be sure to lay out all of your tools ahead of time, and start with simple painting techniques before building up to more elaborate styles. 

Dog Nail Polish vs. Human Nail Polish: What’s The Difference?

Chemically, dog and human nail polishes differ dramatically, so human nail polish must never be used on dogs. Not only can it be toxic if ingested, but it also has a strong smell that can be distressing to doggos

(Note that while four-footer formulas are generally gentler on the nose, you’ll still want to use them in a  well-ventilated area.)

Like some human nail polish, you may need to apply a base coat for certain shades of dog nail polish, especially if your pup has dark nails. This gives a light-colored base for smooth application. 

Most dog nail polishes are also designed for quick air-drying, a major perk compared to human formulas that may require prolonged UV-light and air exposure to dry.

Paint Your Dog's Nails

The Best Dog Nail Polishes

Doggy nail art is a budding industry, but the market has made gigantic leaps in a short time. There are currently a variety of products available, but the following seven dog-safe nail polishes are some of the ones we think deserve special consideration. 

1. Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pen

About: Warren London Pawdicure Polish is a fast-drying polish pen that is perfect for novice nail artists and wiggly puppers alike. Just apply like you’re using a marker, and in a few quick strokes, your fur friend’s nails will have a pop of color!


  • Easy Application & Quick Dry Formula: Our Pawdicure Dog Nail Polish Pens Quick Dry are perfect for...
  • Non-Toxic & Low Odor: Guaranteeing your dog's safety is our priority. These dog grooming supplies...
  • Versatile Dog Nail Polish: Upgrade your pet grooming kit with these dog nail polish pens quick dry....
  • Made in USA: Our Pawdicure Dog Nail Polish Pens are manufactured in the USA ensuring top quality....

Features: A water-based formula that’s odor-free, the Warren London polish pen is made with sensitive puppers in mind with its non-toxic blend that’s free of harmful chemicals. You can even use it on yourself if you choose to go for a matching look. 

Rather than fussing with a temperamental brush, this marker lets you color quickly and avoid smudging and streaks.

Offered in 13 fun colors, you can mix and match to your heart’s content, whether Ginger goes pink for Valentine’s Day or a ghoulish green for Halloween.


Pup parents love how easy this pen is to use and its fast application time. Its quick-dry formula lets your pup get back to the action, and it allows for effortless touch-ups too. This is an ideal product for dogs that have a hard time holding still for too long like puppies.


Some pawrents found that one pen wasn’t enough to cover all four paws, which is definitely a concern if you have a bigger doggo. Others pointed out that multiple coats were needed for adequate coverage.

2. Color Paw Fast-Drying Premium Polish

About: A traditional nail polish vessel design makes the Color Paw Fast-Drying Premium Polish ideal for those who already have plenty of nail-polishing experience. Like your favorite human product, you’ll simply coat the brush with adequate polish and paint!


  • Long-Lasting Color- water and chip resistant provides one-coat coverage
  • Premium Quality- provides long lasting results
  • Trend Setting- available in many fashionable colors
  • Finishing Touch- add the perfect touch to pet nail care with a dog pawdicure

Features: The non-toxic formula is safe for dogs and cats, providing rich color without any ill effects. Water and chip-resistant, its one-coat coverage makes for lasting results. Each 0.5-ounce bottle contains enough polish for several pawdicures.

Available in nine vibrant shades, as well as matte and metallic finishes, you should be able to find one that suits your dog’s sense of style. The thick mixture is designed to cover nails with ease, eliminating the need for repeat applications.


The fast-drying formula won high marks with pup parents. The color was a winner as well, as many noted that is was high-quality and long-lasting. This polish even lasted for two weeks on one doggo!


Some owners found this polish’s scent too strong, but others weren’t bothered by it. This product might be difficult for dogs that have a hard time holding still for long periods. It can be messier than polish pens too.

3. Lesotc Pet Nail Polish

About: Lesotc Pet Nail Polish is an FDA-approved product that is non-toxic and water-based. Consisting of a traditional brush design, this is an easy-to-use polish with lasting results.


  • 🐩NATURAL AND SAFE - Non-toxic water-based natural safe dog nail polish, safe material.
  • 🐕6 COLOR SETS - Six bright colors - pink, purple, red, gold, blue, silver for your furbaby.
  • 🐾EASY TO REMOVE - Its very easy to remove. Just simply wipe it with water if your fur friend...
  • 🐾LONG-LASTING - The effect can last for about 30 days.

Features: Safe for humans and puppers alike, this pet nail polish won’t send noses in the air with a funky smell. Only pet-safe, raw materials are used in its formula, keeping dogs safe even if they decide to gnaw on their nails or lick a wet one.

Sold in sets of six colors, this is great for those interested in ongoing doggy spaw days. Both matte and shimmer finishes are included. This polish is easy to remove too — just use a bit of warm water to wipe them clean. 


Owners are howling about this nail polish’s rich pigment and longevity. The lack of an odor is another major perk. Easy cleanup is a highlight too, especially if accidental spills or streaks occur, thanks to its easy removal with warm water.


Some owners found that multiple coats were needed for proper coverage. The application brush is short, too, which can make handling difficult.   This formula does take longer than others to dry, so it is not recommended for wiggly puppers.

4. Pet Head Mommy & Me Pet Nail Polish

About: Designed to give you and your pooch matching manicures, Pet Head Mommy & Me Pet Nail Polish is a non-toxic pet polish in a quick-dry formula. Designed just like human polishes, this is an easy-to-use product with staying power.


  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 1.25 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 2.25 Inches
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 3.0 Inches

Features: Safe for you and your doggo, this pet polish allows you to paint away without worry even if you pupper takes a quick lick. Its 10-second dry time is ideal for peppy pooches who can’t wait to run around and show off their new looks.

There are three beautiful shades to pick from, each in a shimmering, eye-catching finish. With their rich pigment, one-coat coverage is possible!


The color-quality earned plenty of praise from users, as did its quick drying time. The product was noted to be long-lasting and easy to apply. This is obviously a great product for owners who want to color-coordinate with their canine.


Some may find the lack of color options to be a drag. Several owners reported that the polish’s smell was too intense and off-putting, which is definitely a concern for sensitive pooches.  Cleanup can be challenging with this polish as well.

5. Dog Fashion Spa Nail Polish

About: Dog Fashion Spa Nail Polish is a non-toxic, made-in-the-USA product. Much like your favorite polish for yourself, this nail finish has quality color and lasting results.


  • Eco-friendly, completely non-toxic Dog Fashion Spa nail polish for dogs
  • Formulated by leading luxury nail and dog care experts
  • Moisturizes and nourishes dog’s nails and dries fast
  • Formulated without: toluene, dibutyl phthalate (dbp), formaldehyde, campor

Features: This polish doesn’t just color your dog’s nails, as the manufacturer explains, it moisturizes them too! This formula nourishes nails as you apply before drying quickly into a vibrant shade, giving them an extra touch of pampering.

Offered in six bright colors, this polish is perfect for a pop of style. Its 8-milliliter bottle is great for little doggos, but more than one may be necessary for bigger pups or those with dark-colored nails. 


Pawrents love how fast this product dries, and some colors such as pink were praised for their pigment. The moisturizing feature is another notable difference, as doggo nails are rarely pampered in such a way.


The jury is out when it comes to color quality, as some performed better than others. A few owners found that it didn’t last very long compared to other products. The scent was another downside for users.

6. Piggy Paint Puppy Paint Dog Nail Polish

About: The Piggy Paint Puppy Nail Polish is a high-quality formula made with fashionable four-footers in mind. Made with a non-toxic natural ingredients, this is even a safe pick for puppies.

Puppy Paint 2

Features: A fast-drying formula, this dog nail polish is perfect for quick mutt manicures. Its lack of harsh chemicals makes for a safe spaw-day experience, leaving stinky nail polish fumes in the past.

Three fun colors offer bursts of bright fun, while its thick mixture allows for one-coat coverage. Best of all, it leaves behind a high-quality finish on dark doggo nails too!


There weren’t many reviews for this one, but the formula is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, which are always major pluses. It also contains a bitter taste that toe lickers (and chewers) will find unappealing. 


The lack of color options and finishes isn’t ideal, and painting nails via a brush can be difficult if your doggo is a dancing diva who’s always on the move.

7. Fancy Finish Dog Nail Polish

About: The Fancy Finish Dog Nail Polish is fancy indeed, as it is a high-quality formula that provides nice coverage in a number of hues and finishes. Easy to apply and fast-drying, it’s a wonderful addition to your pup’s pampering routine.


  • Fast drying
  • Long wearing formula
  • Goes on smooth and easy
  • Safe for pets and people

Features: A long-lasting product made just for your pupper, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals with this non-toxic formula. The brush design allows for quick application, and its 0.5-ounce bottle contains plenty of polish for your four-footed friend.

This product offers the most color options of the ones we’ve covered, with a whopping 20 shades available! Both shimmer and matte varieties are available too, perfect for sparkling styles and serious looks alike. 


The sheer amount of color varieties out there is unmatched, allowing owners to find the perfect shade, whether it matches their favorite team or the season. 


There weren’t many reviews, which is a bit of a bummer. While the color options are enviable, this may not be the best option for dogs that have a hard time holding still.

Photos of Dogs With Nail Polish: Classy Claws!

Interested in painting your dog’s nails, but need some ideas to spark your creativity? Just check out these next-level nails for inspiration! 


Dog Nail Polish Remover: How to Remove Dog Nail Polish 

When the time comes to remove your pup’s the polish, you should only use polish remover made for dogs

Never use human nail polish remover, as acetone mixtures are not only poisonous, but noxious to your pup’s sensitive nose too. 

As with painting her nails, you want to keep the removal process positive. Provide lots of treats and (if possible) have a helper on hand to distract her with lovin’s while you swipe away the polish with cotton swabs dipped in the pup-friendly remover. 

Once all the paint is gone, you should rinse the nails with water to eliminate any funky smells or chemical remnants.


A home pawdicure can be a wonderful bonding opportunity between you and your pooch. Just be sure you use a pupper-safe product and do your best to make the event fun for your floof. 

If you’re looking for other types of paint, we also have a full guide to the best dog-safe paints for walls!

Have you ever painted your dog’s nails or used any of these products? Do you have any pictures you’d like to share? 

Let us know in the comments or share a photo of your pup with us!

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