6 Best Dog Tunnels for Agility Training: Dog Fun Runs!



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Best Agility Tunnel for Dogs

Are you searching for an active way to strengthen your bond with your best buddy?

Agility work is a great way to have fun with your furry friend while getting in some exercise, but you’ll need a few key things to do so — like a standard dog tunnel. 

There are a TON of these on the market, and most look pretty similar (especially for owners who’re new to the canine agility world).

But don’t worry: We’ve done the filtering for you, so you only have to consider a few options. Below, we’ll share some of our favorite agility course options and explain everything you need to know about dog tunnels. 

Best Agility Tunnels for Dogs: Quick Picks

  •  #1 HDP Open Agility Tunnel [Best Overall Agility Tunnel]: This high-quality (and surprisingly affordable) agility tunnel should fit most dogs and serve as the perfect introduction to agility work.  
  • #2 Better Sporting Dogs Tunnel [Best Short Agility Tunnel]: Dealing with limited space? Have a skittish doggo who’s nervous about agility tunnels? This tunnel is roughly half the length of most other tunnels, making it perfect for these situations.
  • #3 Better Sporting Dogs Agility Kit [Best Tunnel and Agility Kit]: This seven-piece agility kit comes with several fun and challenging obstacles, making it great for owners and dogs who want more than just an agility tunnel.
Agility Tunnels Are Great Enrichment Tools

There are a ton of reasons to pick up a tunnel for dog agility.

You may want to get your dog more exercise, you may want to prepare him for competitive agility work, or you may just be looking for another way to bond with your pet.

But these (and most other) reasons all fall under one important umbrella: They provide opportunities for canine enrichment, meaning that they help give your pet a fuller, more complex life.

By enriching your canine’s life in this manner, you’ll not only be able to prevent boredom, but you may also notice a reduction in problematic behaviors, such as destructive chewing.

The 6 Best Dog Tunnels for Agility 

Without further ado, here are six of our favorite agility dog tunnels for your furry friend. While the structure of the tunnels is more or less the same, some of the tunnels have different lengths and a couple of stand-out features worth considering. 

1. HDP 18-Foot Open Tunnel

Best Overall Dog Tunnel For Agility

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HDP 18 Ft Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel

HDP 18-Foot Open Tunnel

A solid all-around pic for any newbie

A high-quality yet affordable dog agility tunnel that comes with everything you need to get started.

About: This 18-foot tunnel by HDP is a great choice for agility amateurs and experienced pups alike! It comes with everything you’ll need to get started, including a carrying case and stakes that’ll keep the tunnel stable while your dog enjoys himself.

Though it may not be quite large enough for truly gigantic doggos, it’s perfect for medium-sized and pint-sized pooches, and it won’t empty out your wallet, either.


  • Collapsible 18-foot tunnel 
  • 7-inch stabilization stakes included 
  • Openings are 24 inches wide, making it accessible for all but the biggest dogs
  • Durable metal grommets help keep stakes firmly in place 
  • Fabric is lightweight yet sturdy making it perfect for use at home or on the go


  • Owners were impressed with the quality of this agility tunnel given its fairly affordable price tag. 
  • The tunnel is large enough for most dogs (though it may not fit huge Great Danes and other supers-sized pooches).
  • The tunnel’s stakes are easy to secure outside of the tunnel itself so that they won’t poke your best buddy while he’s playing.


  • Some customers found that this tunnel wasn’t quite durable enough for repeated use by competition-caliber canines, but it’s great for casual use.
  • The tunnel’s 18-foot length may be a bit long for nervous agility novices.

2. PAWZ Collapsible Tunnel

Best for Very Small Dogs

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PAWZ Road Cat Toys Collapsible Tunnel for Rabbits, Kittens, Ferrets and Dogs

PAWZ Collapsible Tunnel

A great tunnel for small dogs

A short and compact tunnel with peekaboo holes that’s perfect for small dogs and those living in cramped quarters.

About: This collapsible tunnel from PAWZ is a fantastic (and space-saving) choice for small dogs who enjoy agility obstacles. Measuring only 4-feet-long, this tunnel comes complete with peekaboo holes to keep your furry friend entertained and features a sturdy spring structure to keep the tunnel in place during use.


  • S-shaped tunnel is collapsible and lightweight for indoor or outdoor use
  • Included ties can be used to anchor the tunnel 
  • Tunnel opening is 9.9 inches wide making it ideal for small furry friends
  • Solid spring structure is sturdy and easy to set up or collapse
  • 4-foot tunnel comes in grey, blue, and brown colors


  • Smaller dogs (and cats) loved this tunnel and the included peekaboo windows. 
  • Owners loved how affordable this agility tunnel is, making it great for those who’re just starting out. 
  • Because it’s short and lightweight, this tunnel is great for small spaces or apartments.


  • This tunnel will only fit small sized dogs. 
  • There aren’t any stakes to anchor this tunnel into the ground, so it may move around a bit during use. 

3. Pacific Dog Agility Tunnel

Best Agility Tunnel & Chute Combo

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Pacific Play Tents 90001 Dog Agility 3-Foot Tunnel with 8-Foot Chute, Blue

Pacific Dog Agility Tunnel

For an added challenge

This 3-foot-long agility tunnel comes with a detachable closed chute for pooches who want something more challenging.

About: Closed chutes aren’t used in agility competitions anymore, but that doesn’t mean your dog won’t find them fun! So, if you have a confident and capable canine, you may want to try this agility tunnel from Pacific Dog. The chute can be closed or left open to suit the occasion, and you can remove it entirely if you wish. And because this tunnel is 24 inches tall, it should accommodate most furry friends.


  • 3-foot-long tunnel comes with a 8-foot-long chute
  • The chute easily attaches or detaches via Velcro patches 
  • The covered steel support wire is surrounded by extra padding for safety 
  • 24-inch-tall tunnel is large enough for all but the biggest pups
  • The tunnel comes with external ties for use during storage


  • Owners loved that this tunnel and chute combo could be used closed or open for added flexibility. 
  • The generous 24-inch-wide opening accommodates most furry friends. 
  • This tunnel-chute combo is compact enough for use in small spaces, making this great for indoor and outdoor use. 


  • At only 3-feet-long, this tunnel is pretty short, so it might not be especially entertaining for experienced agility lovers. 
  • This tunnel doesn’t have any stakes or anything to secure it to the ground for outdoor use. 

4. Rise8 Studios Agility Tunnel

Most Durable Agility Tunnel

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Rise8 Studios Dog Agility Tunnel | Pet Training Equipment | Rip and Tear Resistant | Includes Carry Bag and Ground Stakes | Made of 420D Polyester 24” Diameter, 18’ Long (Orange)

Rise8 Studios Agility Tunnel

Great for rougher dogs with long claws

A sturdy agility tunnel featuring durable polyester and tear-resistant construction, making it perfect for repeated use.

About: If you’re looking for a durable agility tunnel that’ll last for years, the Rise8 Studios Agility Tunnel is certainly worth considering. Perfect for pups who want to be agility pros, this sturdy tunnel is rip- and tear-resistant, and it is made with heavy-duty polyester for maximum durability. 


  • Durable 18-foot-long tunnel is made from strong polyester and built to last
  • The tunnel’s 24-inch-wide opening accommodates dogs of most sizes 
  • Features a tear-resistant design and steel support rings
  • Included ground stakes makes it easy to secure the tunnel when used outdoors
  • Tunnel comes in bright yellow, orange, or blue colors 


  • This tunnel’s extra sturdy design is ideal for owners and dogs who plan on using it frequently.
  • Owners appreciated the tunnel’s included stakes which made it easy to secure while training outside. 
  • Given its size, this tunnel is suitable for all but the largest dogs.  


  • This tunnel is a bit more expensive than some other options, so it may be overkill for canines who’s agility interest is pretty casual. 
  • Despite being durable, some very large dogs were able to inflict some wear and tear.  

5. Better Sporting Dogs Tunnel

Best Short (10-Foot-Long) Agility Tunnel

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Better Sporting Dogs 10 Foot Dog Agility Tunnel with Sandbags | Dog Agility Equipment | Dog Agility Training

Better Sporting Dogs Tunnel

A shorter tunnel that won’t take up a ton of space

This 10-foot-long agility tunnel is perfect for owners living in small spaces and dogs who aren’t yet ready for longer models.

About: This 10-foot agility tunnel by Better Sporting Dogs is a great option for owners who need a short tunnel, yet have a dog who’s too large for the PAWZ model discussed above. Sold complete with two stabilizing saddlebags to keep in in place, you can use this tunnel indoors or outdoors without worrying about it “wandering.”

And it won’t only help you save space when set up — this short tunnel also takes up less space during storage. It’s perfect for all kinds of uses, from building your own DIY dog playground to starting out on agility work.


  • The tunnel has 24-inch-wide openings, making it perfect for all but the largest pups
  • Tunnel comes with sandbags at both ends for extra stabilization
  • The agility tunnel collapses for easy storage and transportation 
  • Sturdy polyester construction provides plenty of durability 
  • Sandbags can each accommodate up to 10 pounds of additional weight 


  • Owners love how this tunnel is secured with sandbags making it super stable for indoor or outdoor use. 
  • The tunnel can be adjusted to shorter length by collapsing the middle section and moving the sandbags, which is ideal for dogs who are new to agility. 
  • This durable tunnel held up super well for most dogs, even for bigger breeds due to its large opening and sturdy design. 


  • It’s worth noting that this tunnel’s sandbags add a little extra weight to it. While 8 pounds isn’t super heavy, it may be less portable than some other options. 
  • There were very few critical reviews on this product, but keep in mind that this 10-foot-long tunnel may not keep super-skilled doggos entertained very long. 

6. Better Sporting Dogs Agility Kit

Best Tunnel & Agility Kit

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Better Sporting Dogs Agility Course Backyard Set - 7pc Indoor and Outdoor Agility Training Equipment for Dogs - 3 Jumps - 2 Tunnels with Sandbags - Weave Poles for Dog Obstacle Training

Better Sporting Dogs Agility Kit

The all-in-one deluxe tunnel option

A deluxe agility kit that includes bar jumps, weave poles, a closed chute, an open agility tunnel, a circle jump, and a pause box.

About: Looking for more than a simple agility tunnel? If you have a dog you know is going to love agility, this deluxe kit from Better Sporting Dogs is a great choice for keeping your furry friend challenged and entertained. This seven-piece agility set includes everything your four-footer needs to become a canine champion and alleviates the need to purchase obstacles separately. 


  • Includes 1 tunnel, 2 bar jumps, 1 tire jump, 6 weave poles, 1 pause box, and 1 chute
  • Lightweight materials make this set easy to use indoors and outdoors
  • Tunnels are 24-inches-wide, making them large enough for most dogs 
  • All parts have an included carrying case for ease of transport
  • Easy to set up, maintain, and clean 


  • This deluxe set offers plenty of agility tools to keep more experienced furry friends challenged and entertained. 
  • Owners were impressed with the value of this set and appreciated the included carrying cases for each part.
  • Pooch parents found these agility tools easy to set up and take down, making them great for using at home or on-the-go. 


  • This deluxe set is comparatively more expensive than the other tunnels on the list, though you’re receiving six additional agility pieces. 
  • The included tunnel is only 10 feet long, which is shorter than some others. 
Not Sure an Agility Tunnel Is Right for Your Dog?

You can try an agility tunnel with almost any doggo, but some will enjoy the activity more than others.

But don’t worry! There are several other ways to enrich your dog’s life if agility tunnels don’t work out. Some of the best examples include:

And if none of these options sound good, you can also try hand-feeding your dog. This not only makes dinner time more mentally stimulating, but it’ll help improve the bond you have with your pet too.

The Best Dog Tunnels for Agility: Buying Considerations 

how to pick a dog agility tunnel

Remember that not every tunnel is suited for every dog — you need to pick the best agility tunnel for your specific pet.

Here are a couple of key factors to take into consideration when picking out the best agility tunnel for your furry friend: 

  • Size: You can use tunnels of any size you’d like, as long as you pick one that’s safe and fun for your furry friend. Shorter tunnels may be easier for beginners and make better indoor training tools. However, if you plan on having your canine compete, note that the overseeing organizations all have established equipment guidelines you’ll need to adhere to. For example, the AKC requires that tunnels should be between 10 and 20 feet long with a width and height of 2 feet, plus or minus 2 inches. 
  • Durability: You’ll want to select a tunnel with a breathable, lightweight material like polyester. The fabric should be strong enough to hold up to regular use with your active canine companion. 
  • Stability: Your dog tunnel of choice will need to stay in place so that your furry friend can enjoy it. Note that you may be able to buy stabilizing sandbags or stakes for your tunnel separately depending on your tunnel of choice.
  • Budget: Of course, it’s a good idea to keep your wallet in mind while shopping for an agility tunnel. You might want to get your pooch a more affordable tunnel at first to make sure he enjoys agility tunnels before investing in a more professional set up. 
  • Set Up: Your tunnel should be easy to set up and collapse so that your furry friend can enjoy his tunnel wherever your adventure takes you. Tunnels that come with a carrying case are preferred. 
  • Portability: If you and your pooch are always on the go or plan on competing, you’ll need an agility tunnel that’s fairly lightweight and portable. This way, you can practice even when you’re on the road. 

Dog Tunnels for Agility: FAQs

dog agility tunnel questions

Are you still trying to sort out the ins and outs of dog agility? If so, here are some commonly asked questions and answers to expand your understanding!

Who oversees the sport of dog agility?

There are 5 main agility organizations responsible for overseeing the sport in the United States. Those organizations are:

Each organization imposes slightly different rules and requirements, so be sure to read up on the differences between them if you’re thinking about having your canine compete.

And even if you don’t plan on having your pooch compete in organized agility trials, these organizations are worth checking out, as they provide lots of tips and guidance for beginners.

How do you teach your dog to use a dog agility tunnel? 

It’s important to understand that your dog will not necessarily understand what to do with the tunnel automatically — you may need to teach him how to use it.

Start with a small sized tunnel and have one person start your dog at the beginning of the tunnel, and someone else waiting at the opposite end of the tunnel with some training treats. When your pooch is ready, have the person at the opposite end of the tunnel call out your furry friend’s name.

Once your dog runs through the tunnel, reward him with praise and treats. As he becomes more comfortable with the concept, you can start to make the experience more challenging by curving the tunnel, or increasing its length. 

What breeds are best for agility?

Some of the best dog breeds for agility include border collies, Australian shepherds, and poodles. Active dogs with plenty of intelligence and trainability typically do well in agility settings, though any healthy pooch can enjoy casual agility training. 

When can a dog start agility training?

when can dogs start agility

You can start introducing agility training as soon as your vet gives your pooch the green light for normal doggo exercise. However, dogs cannot compete professionally until they are at least 15 months of age. You’ll also want to keep puppy training fairly simple and low to the ground to prevent any injuries. 

What’s the difference between a chute and a tunnel?

Tunnels and chutes are different agility tools. While both tunnels and chutes each have openings on both sides, chutes are “collapsed” on one side, requiring the dog to push his way through the fabric to exit out the other side. Tunnels are upright and open on both sides while chutes only have one upright opening.

Note that chutes aren’t used in competition anymore, but you can still use one if your dog enjoys it. These can be great tools for building confidence, just make sure to monitor your mutt and intervene if he panics or becomes “trapped.” 

What other agility equipment do you need?

There are numerous agility obstacles outside of tunnels alone including the A-frame, dog walk, seesaw, and jumps. You can expand your dog’s agility arsenal based on their skill level, or create your own DIY dog agility course


A dog tunnel can be a great way to introduce your furry friend to agility training and bond with your best buddy. Just make sure to pick out a tunnel that meets your dog’s unique training needs. 

Does your dog like tunnels? What’s his favorite agility activity? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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