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old english sheepdog mixes

Old English Sheepdog Mixed Breeds: A Sizable, Shaggy and Sweet Sidekick

The Old English Sheepdog has an abundance of personality traits that will appeal to any potential dog owner. He is loyal, bubbly, adaptable, outgoing, loving, intelligent and playful. Now imagine combining

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16 Pug Mixed Breeds: Perfect Pug Mixes You Can’t Resist!

The pug is considered by many to be one of the cutest breeds around. If you are in love with pugs, you will definitely love these pug mix breeds! These mixed breeds take the best, most lovable aspects

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great pyrenees guard dog

Great Pyrenees Mixed Breeds: Picture Perfect & Devoted Pups

The Great Pyrenees is well known for his protector status and will guard you, your kids, your other pets, your house, your furniture, and even your imaginary friends with unwavering devotion! Combining

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Newfoundland Mixed Breeds: Big Doggies With Big Hearts!

The Newfoundland breed is well-known for its impeccable work ethic and responsive and sweet-natured temperament. Combining the Newfoundland bloodline with other popular breeds results in some awesome and

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Pomeranian Mixed Breeds: Pretty, Precious and Precocious Pooches

The Pomeranian breed is generally known as a small package encapsulating a very large personality! They’re lovable, loyal and fiercely aggressive over their loved ones. Mixing different breed’s

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best dog breeds for women

Best Dog Breeds for Women: Top Companions For A Lady’s Life!

Your sidekick. Your best friend. Your inspiration. Your shoulder to lean on. The Robin to your Batman. Your dog. Did you think I was talking about your romantic partner? Psssh. The best dog breeds for

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best dogs for seniors

12 Best Dogs For Seniors: Top Dogs For Seniors & Elderly

When my grandma expressed interest in finding a companion animal to keep her company in her rural cabin, I began thinking about different dogs to help her find the perfect furry friend. Dogs make great

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Best Bird Hunting Dogs: From Waterfowl to Upland Bird Hunting!

Dogs obviously make wonderful companions, but pet-keeping is a relatively recent convention. For most of human history, dogs were primarily kept around for the services they provided. Some dogs made effective

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best brindle dog breeds

13 Brilliant Brindle Dog Breeds: Striped & Loving It!

Is brindle the best? Quite possibly – but beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Today we’re discussing brilliant brindle breeds, and exploring how this unique coloring came about. What is Brindle

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Border Collie Mixed Breeds: Brave, Charismatic & Charming Collie Combos!

A workaholic in heart and soul, the Border Collie was specifically bred and used to herd livestock. And she does it with so much zeal! But be warned – without sheep to herd, she’ll round up

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