42 Boston Terrier Mixes: Beautiful Boston-Based Best Buddies

Mixed Breeds By Kate Brunotts 21 min read December 7, 2023

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Boston Terrier Mixes

Boston terriers are great dogs on their own, and they make great pets for many owners. However, it’s also worth considering a Boston terrier mixed breed. 

These marvelous mutts have plenty to offer, and might just make a better fit for your family than a purebred Boston terrier. Below, we’ll explain some of the Boston terrier basics and share our list of Boston terrier mixes so that you can find your perfect mutt match.

Getting to Know the Boston Terrier 

get to know Boston terrier

The Boston terrier is a small doggo, usually weighing just 12 to 25 pounds. But these compact canines pack a lot of personality into their small frames. 

Also known as the “American Gentleman” for their tuxedo-pattern coats, these pups are smart, lively, and affectionate towards the ones they love. Boston terriers can have a mind of their own though, so they need patient parents who can laugh off the tiny terrier’s antics. 

These people-pleasing pups love spending time with their families, and they can be a good small dogs for kids, so long as the little humans are taught to respect the breed’s small stature. After all, these companion canines only stand about 12 to 15 inches tall. 

Boston terriers usually live between 13 and 15 years and can easily adapt to city life. As true gentlemen and ladies, these distinguished dogs are fairly low-shedding dogs, who’re easy to groom. While these smaller pups don’t need excessive amounts of exercise, they will look forward to their daily walks and plenty of playtime while relaxing at home. You’ll find that Boston terriers are quirky, loving family companions that are sure to bring a smile to your face day in and day out. 

42 Great Boston Terrier Mixes 

Ready to get to know these marvelous mutts? Here are 42 terrific Boston Terrier mixes to consider adding to your family! 

1. Bugg (Boston Terrier x Pug)

Bugg dogs are just as cute as they sound. These compact canine companions make loving lapdogs that are likely to follow you from one room to the next. 

Since both pooch parents are brachycephalic, you’ll want to closely monitor your sweet Bugg while exercising or spending time in more extreme weather conditions. But that’s OK! Most Buggs would rather just curl up with you on the couch anyway.  

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2. Frenchton (Boston Terrier x French Bulldog)

This canine cross just feels like a perfect pooch combo since both Boston terriers and Frenchies are sociable, loving four-footers. You’ll find that these furry friends are notably excellent family dogs and they can usually adapt to apartment life without trouble. 

With happy-go-lucky demeanors and plenty of spirit, these social butterflies are well-loved for good reason. 

3. Boston Hua Hua (Boston Terrier x Chihuahua)

Boston terrier Chihuahua mix

Who wouldn’t love for this tiny terrier cross? The Boston Hua Hua is super sweet, loyal, and will make an one of the best dogs for city living, thanks in part to his modest exercise needs.  

While you can expect lots of kisses from this marvelous mutt, he may be somewhat standoffish towards strangers, so early socialization is key.  

4. Boston Boxer (Boston Terrier x Boxer)

The Boston Boxer is a canine comedian who is sure to win over your family’s heart. These sweet dogs can act as permanent puppies, carrying their lively spirit and delightful disposition well into their golden years. 

Boston Boxers love being around their people and thrive best in households where someone is typically home. Just understand they need quite a bit of exercise, so families with fenced-in yards are ideal for these floofs.  

5. Boston Pit (Boston Terrier x Pit Bull)

Are you seeking a high-energy trekking companion? The Boston Pit would love nothing more than accompanying you on outdoor journeys and they’re some of the best dogs for hiking! Just be careful in the heat, as the Boston terrier’s short face can present breathing difficulties in warm weather. 

These affectionate canine companions are great in family settings and love to be around kids. That being said, they can be somewhat protective around strangers and other dogs, so you’ll want to pay special attention to socialization. 

6. Bolgen Terrier (Boston Terrier x Beagle)

This mischievous canine companion is so adorable and sweet, you can’t help but laugh at her sassy antics. Bolgen terriers might not be the best listeners, but they are much more likely to follow directions when given the opportunity to earn a tasty treat. 

Bolgen pups are super friendly and have adventurous spirits, so they love exploring the world around them. These energized pups will look forward to their walks and will thrive in active family environments. 

7.  English Boston-Bulldog (Boston Terrier x Bulldog)

Boston terrier bulldog mix

How could you not fall for this mug? The English Boston Bulldog is equal parts sweet and endearingly stubborn. 

While you’ll have to be plenty patient with this pooch at times, they make up for it with their charismatic and comical personalities. These marvelous mutts are great family dogs that usually get along well with other pets and kids. 

8. Bo-Jack (Boston Terrier x Jack Russel)

Boston terrier jack Russell mix

The energized Bo-Jack embodies a zest for life and endless loyalty. These small yet sprightly dogs grow bored easily, so you’ll need to provide lots of entertainment and perhaps a puzzle toy or two.  

Though on the small side, you’ll find a great running companion in the Bo-Jack. But after jogging around the neighborhood with you, you might just earn a couple of cuddles from these sweet pups. 

9. Boston Lab (Boston Terrier x Labrador Retriever)

The Boston Lab is a total people pleaser who is friendly to all, but bonds especially closely with his family. These smart sweeties are happy to learn plenty of tricks, so long as you have some training treats up your sleeve.

As active canine companions, Boston Labs will need plenty of exercise to keep their tails wagging. These adventurous dogs are great with other pets and kids, making them superb family dogs. 

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10. Bossi-Poo (Boston Terrier x Poodle)

The energetic Bossi-Poo is a playful, affectionate doggo who wants nothing more than to be the center of attention. These pups are generally friendly towards others, but they usually have unbreakable bonds with their family members. 

Bossi-Poos are naturally intelligent dogs who like making their people happy, which means they’re usually highly trainable. Just be sure these active furry friends get plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy.

11. Bo-Shih (Boston Terrier x Shih Tzu)

If you’re looking for a total cuddlebug, your search might end with the Bo-Shih. This sweet canine cross is a loving lapdog who will love keeping you company. 

These friendly pups are excellent family dogs, excelling with kids and other pets alike. In fact, they’ll likely follow you from one room to the next as you go about your daily life. 

12. Bo-Dach (Boston Terrier x Dachshund)

The confident Bo-Dach makes a vibrant canine companion who typically bonds closely with a few special humans. These curious canines love to follow their nose and will look forward to engaging play sessions and their daily walks. 

These strong-willed pups can be somewhat wary of strangers and need a patient pet parent to help guide their mutt manners. 

13. Siberian Boston (Boston Terrier x Husky)

This unique canine cross is a beautiful mix with a restless but loyal heart. And just like their husky parents, Siberian Boston pups are energetic dogs who love to play and spend time outside with their family members. 

As long as you have a couple of treats, these smart dogs are super easy to train. Just be sure to keep training sessions interesting to stave off boredom.  

14. Boston Yorkie (Boston Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier)

The Boston Yorkie may be small, but boy, is he mighty! These dignified dogs pack plenty of attitude in a small package and will keep you entertained with their spunky spirits. 

These pups aren’t the best pick for homes with young children, but they do well with older kids, and they are incredibly affectionate towards their loved ones. But above all else, Boston Yorkies are super loyal lapdogs, who love to cuddle up after the end of a busy day. 

15. Brat (Boston Terrier x Rat Terrier) 

Boston terrier rat terrier mix

Don’t let the name fool you – these pups are total sweeties. While they can be a bit strong-willed, these dogs will melt for one or two special humans. 

When they aren’t playing watchdog, these pups love to play or spend time with their families. You can bet that your Brat will make an excellent fetch player, given the breed’s excitable, determined personality. 

16. Bossie (Boston Terrier x Australian Shepherd)

Looking for a friendly and fiery furry friend? The Bossie may be just the ticket, as he is a friend to just about anyone, and has plenty of energy to spare. 

These active canine companions love to spend time outside and are easy to train with their innate intelligence. But while they’re supremely friendly, Bossies usually bond particularly closely with one or two lucky humans. 

17. Pomston (Boston Terrier x Pomeranian)

These peppy pups love spending time with their family and other pets, and they certainly appreciate plenty of play throughout the day.

Pomston parents will need to focus on socialization since these dogs can be somewhat protective in the face of outsiders. Despite any shortcomings, these loyal, adorable pups are well worth the effort! 

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18. Borgi (Boston Terrier x Corgi)

The Borgi is an excitable canine cross with a happy spirit and endless curiosity. These marvelous pups will spend much of their time playing with their favorite toys, but they also like activities like nosework and herding games.. 

Borgis can be somewhat vocal, so they need pet parents who can appreciate their bold bark and personality. 

19. Boston German Shepherd (Boston Terrier x German Shepherd)

This one-of-a-kind canine cross is an incredibly loyal pooch with plenty of energy. These dogs like to keep busy and are happy to accompany you on any adventure – so long as they get to be by your side. 

Thankfully, these pups are super smart and eager to please, making them fairly easy to train. They can, however, be standoffish around strangers, so you’ll want to invest some time in socializing your pup to ensure he thrives. 

20. Boston Collie (Boston Terrier x Border Collie)

These pups are so smart, you’ll feel like you have another human in the house! Thankfully, the Boston Collie aims to please and is highly trainable with practice and plenty of treats.

That being said, these smart dog breeds need to remain stimulated and entertained to stay out of trouble. Fortunately, they’re up for just about anything, including an outdoor adventure, a game of fetch, or a relaxing cuddle session on the couch. 

21. Boston Spaniel (Boston Terrier x Cocker Spaniel)

The Boston Spaniel is a loving pooch that’s incredibly friendly to all those around him. And best of all, he has a bit of a comedic side that’s sure to keep your family entertained. 

These silly pups can sometimes be a bit stubborn, so they need pet parents who can guide them with consistent, positive training sessions. Don’t worry – they will repay you with endless puppy kisses! 

22. Boston Bulldog (Boston Terrier x American Bulldog)

This confident canine companion loves his family above all else. As an athletic canine companion, these pups need plenty of exercise to keep their tails wagging.

After a busy day of patrolling the yard, these pups would love to cuddle up next to you on the couch. Boston Bulldogs are typically friendly furry friends who adapt well to multi pet households. 

23. Boston Cattle Dog (Boston Terrier x Australian Cattle Dog)

These people-oriented pups love hanging out with the family, but they sure do like to stay busy! Fortunately, Boston Cattle Dogs are independent enough to keep themselves entertained, though they’d always prefer to play with mom or dad instead. 

As athletic furry friends, these dogs need lots of daily exercise. They have high prey drives too, so these dogs aren’t especially suitable for homes that are shared by smaller furry friends. 

24. Dobieton (Boston Terrier x Doberman)

These dignified canine companions are happy to take over your pooch palace. While they may put on quite a show, they are truly sensitive sweeties at heart, so they’ll need an owner who can provide plenty of patient, positive training sessions. 

Dobietons are super loyal and affectionate to their small circle of special humans. They can be somewhat aloof around strangers, so take care with early socialization of this unique canine cross.

25. Bostchon (Boston Terrier x Bichon Frise)

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this scruffy pooch? These outgoing canine companions are known for their happy dispositions and love for kids and other pets.

Boston pups are naturally smart canine companions that are eager to please their favorite humans. These sensitive pups do not like to be left alone for long periods of time, and they will thrive best in households where someone is usually around to keep them company.

26. Boston Dane (Boston Terrier x Great Dane) 

Boston Terrier Great Dane

If you’re looking for a bigger best buddy, the Boston Dane is a great choice. These sweet pups are great with other dogs and kids, making them superb family companions. 

They may inherit some of the Boston terrier’s strong-willed attitude, so it’s important to nail down basic training before these pups become larger and more difficult to control. With that in mind, these are generally happy, patient pups that are surprisingly adaptable as long as they are provided with the attention they deserve. 

27. Cairoston (Boston Terrier x Cairn Terrier)

This unfurgettable face belongs to a Boston terrier-Cairn terrier cross. In true terrier fashion, this canine cross is lively, affectionate, and happy to chase anything that moves. 

Cairostons make great family companions that exhibit unwavering loyalty. These pups can be a little wary of other dogs, so you’ll need to take your time with consistent socialization sessions. 

28. Boston Pei (Boston Terrier x Shar Pei) 

This is one of the more reserved Boston mixes which is perfect for pet parents seeking a more independent canine companion. Don’t get me wrong, these pups still love a good cuddle session – but they’re also a lot better at keeping themselves entertained than purebred Boston terriers. 

These patient furry friends make loyal family companions and excellent watchdogs. They are a bit aloof around strangers, so you’ll want to dedicate plenty of time to socialization. 

29. Bospillion (Boston Terrier x Papillon)

How could you resist that marvelous mane? But there is a lot more to these canine cuties than their pretty fur coats – they also make amazing companions with a sweet disposition and love for life. 

Bospillion pups love to play and meet humans and other dogs. As true people-pooches, Bospillions do not like to be left alone for long and need to be in homes where someone is usually around to keep them entertained. 

30. Bospin (Boston Terrier x Miniature Pinscher)

Don’t be fooled by the small size! These strong-willed canine companions have a big dog spirit despite their fun-sized frames. 

Bospins are super smart pups with strong hunting instincts and a desire to please their loved ones. Sensitive sweeties at heart, these marvelous mutts need patient pet owners who understand their complex personalities. 

31. Bostinese (Boston Terrier x Pekingese) 

These Velcro dogs are happy to follow you from one room to the next. The Bostinese is a sweet, playful soul, though he can be somewhat aloof around strangers.

As compact canines, these pups will excel in cities or small homes. Bostinese pups are also known to get along well with children and other pets, so they are excellent additions to a wide variety of families. 

32. Boston Basenji (Boston Terrier x Basenji)

These pups are quiet, intelligent inspectors who are always happy to patrol around the yard or sniff along their walks. This special mutt loves spending time at home and makes an excellent watchdog. 

Boston Basenjis can be protective around outsiders, so early socialization is paramount. These loyal pups will provide you with plenty of puppy kisses, and they are happy to learn, so long as you have a treat or two. 

33. Malterrier (Boston Terrier x Maltese)

This furball is a Boston terrier and Maltese mix. You can expect this scruffy sweetheart to be a loving canine companion who loves to curl up next to you. 

While these pups are generally easy going, they may not be the best fit for homes with younger children who may not understand how to respect the breed’s small stature. Malterriers can be somewhat protective, but they are incredibly affectionate towards their family members. 

34. Shibos (Boston Terrier x Shiba Inu)

Shibos are super loving and playful family companions who are sure to fit right into your family unit. Plus, who could resist that smile?

These strong-willed pups can have a mind of their own at times, so they will need patient pet parents with a sense of humor. While these silly pups may test you, they certainly mean well and will have no trouble showing you just how much you mean to them. 

35. Boston Akita (Boston Terrier x Akita)

The Boston Akita is a rare canine cross that results in an adorable, fiercely loyal pooch. Boston Akitas are also super smart and tend to be protective of their loved ones. 

These distinguished and caring pups love their families more than anything else, but they can be a bit aloof around strangers. So, you’ll want to start socialization early with these marvelous mutts. Nevertheless, you can easily win over a Boston Akita once he’s sure you’re an approved member of the pack. 

36. Boston Chin (Boston Terrier x Japanese Chin)

This canine cutie is equal parts sweet and sass, resulting in a pooch with plenty of personality and a ton of charm.  

That being said, these strong-willed canine companions need patient pet parents who will provide consistent, positive training sessions. These pups are well worth the effort and will reward you with endless entertainment and canine cuddles. 

37. Boston Pointer (Boston Terrier x English Pointer)

Are you seeking a loyal hunting companion? The Boston Pointer is a great pick. This marvelous mix is happy to accompany you on any adventure and curl up next to you on the couch once you return home.

Note that this mix loves to follow his nose and squirrels, so you’ll want to keep an eye on him while he’s spending time outside. These high-energy pups will look forward to walks and plenty of playtime throughout the day. 

38. Boston Whippet (Boston Terrier x Whippet) 

It’s hard to find a sweeter canine companion than the Boston Whippet. These pups are generally happy-go-lucky and have playful yet patient dispositions. 

As friendly and obedient pups, Boston Whippets can make excellent starter dogs so long as they are provided with proper training and care. As an added bonus, Boston Whippets are fairly easy to groom and aren’t known to be big barkers. 

39. Boston Basset (Boston Terrier x Basset Hound)

The loving Boston Basset loves spending time with his people and following his nose. These canine companions are super sweet, though they can have trouble listening. This means they will typically need patient pet parents. 

However, the Boston Basset makes up for any shortcoming with loads of love, hours of entertainment, and an endearing set of long ears.  

40. Boston Cavalier (Boston Terrier x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Take the loving Cavalier and cross it with the equally affectionate Boston terrier and you’ll get an unapologetically doting dog. This sweet mutt is sure to enjoy any adventure, as long as it’s with his favorite people. 

Boston Cavaliers will do best in households where someone is usually home, as they can be prone to separation anxiety. They do get along well with other pets though, so they’re a great pick for multipet homes. 

41. Boston Chow (Boston Terrier x Chow Chow)

Are you searching for a pooch with unending loyalty yet a bit more independence? The Boston Chow might be the canine cross you’re looking for.

These dignified dogs can keep themselves entertained, though they will probably still appreciate plenty of cuddles from their loved ones. Boston Chows may be a bit wary of strangers, but they are sure to show off their goofy side to their families. 

Just keep in mind that Chow Chow mixes can be independent and at times aloof, so opt for a dog that takes more after their Boston Terrier parent if you want a real snuggle pup.

42. Miniboz (Boston Terrier x Miniature Schnauzer)

This adorable scruffy pooch is a cross between a dignified miniature schnauzer and a comical Boston terrier. Miniboz pups are unique, to say the least, with serious yet playful personalities.

These loving dogs adore being petted, though they can be a little aloof around strangers. As a bonus, these best buddies are typically easy to groom and can make great apartment dogs as long as they are provided with plenty of exercise. 

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Where Can You Find Boston Terrier Mixes?

finding Boston terrier mixes

Tracking down a designer doggo can be challenging, but an online search engine like Petfinder can help you quickly find your furry friend. These tools allow you to filter by breed and location so that you can easily check for furry friends in your area or outside your vicinity if you’re willing to travel.

It’s also a great idea to adopt a Boston terrier mix from a local shelter or rescue group. Just make sure you get your pup’s full history from the shelter staff before bringing home your best buddy. Also consider fostering a shelter dog to give a pup a break from the shelter while assessing if they might be a good fit for your home.

You can also seek out your designer dog through a breeder, though it can be challenging to find a specific canine cross. If you do locate what you think is a good dog breeder, do some digging to make sure to use our ethical dog breeder checklist to ensure you’re not supporting backyard breeders or puppy mills!

Remember, finding a furry friend can be a long process, but you can be sure your canine companion will be worth the wait. 

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It’s clear these Boston terrier mixes are sweet, silly and incredibly cute. One of these designer pups might just be your dream dog. 

Do you have a Boston terrier mix? Which marvelous mutt was your favorite? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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