19 Epic Dog Poses For Pictures: Perfect Pooch Poses

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Dog Care By Kate Brunotts 10 min read January 24, 2022

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Most dog owners love photos of (or with) their pets. After all, who can resist snapping a picture with a canine cutie? 

To get the best photos possible, you’ll want to make sure you know the best dog poses for pictures. We’ll share some of our favorite Fido-friendly setups below, along with some general pet photo tips.

So, grab your camera and your canine, and let’s go!  

19 Great Dog Poses for Pictures

Here are some of our favorite dog poses for pictures so that you can take unique, memorable snaps of your furry best friend. 

1. Carrying Your Canine

carry your dog for cute photos

If you have a pint-sized pooch, there are few things cuter than a shot of you holding your hound in your arms!

For a more interesting shot, have someone capture your pup looking at the camera from over your shoulder, so that your back is to the camera. This unique photo will capture your pup’s adorable mug and showcase your unbreakable bond. 

2. A View From Above 

overhead dog photos are cute

Have you ever captured your best buddy from a bird’s eye view? If not you should! Photos from above often yield absolutely adorable doggo photos.

Have your pooch sit on a sidewalk or lay out in some open grass and snap a picture from above. You can even try standing up on a park bench or chair to get an unusual angle.

Belly rub shots are encouraged, though you can also call out your pup’s name to get an adorable shot of him gazing up at you. 

3. Trick Or Treat

dog waiting for a treat

Entice your pooch to pose for an unfurgettable picture by holding his favorite treat on the other side of the camera (or in the foreground, as in the above photo).

After you’ve gotten a couple of shots, be sure to reward your pooch with the treat for being such an amazing dog model. This is also just a great way to get your pooch to pose in front of the camera if you’re having trouble getting him to look in the right direction. 

4. Keeping It Casual From Home 

casual dog photos

Sometimes, the best photos are the most natural-looking ones. Does your doggie have a favorite napping nook? Does your four-footer enjoy gazing out the living room window? Does your dog sleep in adorable positions?

Take some pictures of your dog going about his daily duties for some casual yet special snaps. 

5. Au Naturale

photos of dogs in nature

For some breathtaking shots, take pictures of your dog safely exploring the outside world. You can seek out dog-friendly nature trails or go hiking with your hound to score some beautiful pooch pictures.

Just make sure you’re keeping the local leash laws in mind. Even if your dog is allowed to roam off-leash, it’s a good idea to keep your pooch on a long lead for safety’s sake — especially if you’re partially distracted by the camera. 

6. Seen But Not Heard 

dog looking off camera

Does your dog have any “trigger” words that instantly capture his attention? Feel free to use these words or sounds to your advantage to score an adorable pup picture.

If you use a word like “ball” or “walk”, be sure to reward your dog with what was promised (or play some fun games with your pupper) when you finish taking photos. 

7. Aquapooch

dog photos in water

For a one-of-a-kind pooch picture, shoot a photo of your dog while he’s swimming. Capture your dog chasing after his favorite water dog toy or simply paddling away in his favorite body of water.

If you have an underwater camera, you can try capturing your dog while swimming yourself for some distinct action shots. 

8. Up Close And Personal 

dog nose

Experiment with a macro lens or zooming in on your furry friend for an up close and personal shot.

Focus on your pup’s eyes, paw, or snout for a heartfelt pooch picture. You can have your pup pose while sitting or laying down in these photos. The key is to get your pup to stay as still as possible so that you can focus on those delicate details. 

9. Action Shot

taking action photos of your pup

If your best buddy has boundless energy, capture him chasing his favorite dog-friendly frisbee or running throughout the front yard. This should give you plenty of lively, energetic four-footer photos.

Just make sure to use a fast shutter speed to freeze your dog in motion. You can also use the “active” or “sports” mode on your camera or phone if applicable. 

One great shot you can try is asking your dog to wait and then taking his favorite toy to the other side of the yard. Place the toy on the ground and then lie down and get on your stomach, placing the camera right behind the toy. Release your dog and snap like crazy as he approaches in a frenzy to grab his favorite toy!

10. Ready To Walk

dog photo while going for walk

Most dogs love going on walks and are happy to show you just how excited they are when waiting to go outside. Have your pooch pose right before heading out on a walk to capture your canine’s energetic grin.

You can also take pictures of your dog on his daily route for some sweet snaps of Spot sniffing the roses. 

11.The “I’m Not Ready To Wake Up” Shot


Some dogs love to sleep all the time.

If that sounds like your pup, you’re probably all too familiar with the hilarious, “I’m not ready to get out of bed yet” look. Snap a picture of your pooch as he’s waking up to capture his silly, sleepy spirit.

Just make sure your flash and sound are off so that you don’t startle your half-asleep furry friend. 

12. Pooch Playtime 

tug toys for dogs

Capture your dog’s lively spirit by breaking out the camera during a play session. If you’re lucky, you might get some fun shots of your pooch mid-bark, or an adorable picture of your pup bowing down.

Make sure you have plenty of different toys available to inspire your dog to strike a variety of poses. It’s always fun to get a shot of your dog playing with his favorite toy!

13. The Studious Student

photos of dogs training

One of the best ways to showcase Spot’s smarts and personality is to capture your dog in various poses throughout a training session.

Does your dog know how to “sit pretty”? Can he smile on command or give you a high-five? It’s time to put your pup’s training to the test! Snap pictures while your pooch is completing his tricks and then rewards with treats and praise. 

14. Doggie Dress Up

dogs in costumes for photos

Whether it’s Halloween or not, you can always have your pup pose in an adorable canine costume to spruce up any photo. Or, let him wear some sunglasses or a funny hat.

You can also have him pose in his winter coat or rain jacket for some added variety. Just make sure the outfit doesn’t make your dog nervous or uncomfortable.

There are tons of popular dog photography props you can consider incorporating into your shoot session, from flower wreaths and bat wings to tuxedo ties! Some dogs may tolerate a headband or necklace but not much else.

Find out what props your dog enjoys and have fun with those! If your dog can tolerate cute outfits and accessories, you may find your dog becoming Instagram-famous in no time!

15. Selfie With Spot

take selfies with your dog

Who doesn’t love a selfie with their furry best friend? To take an epic selfie with your dog, have your pooch sit on your lap or next to on the couch. You could also get down on your dog’s level and take a snap.

If you’re having trouble getting your dog to look in the right direction, you can always coax your canine with some treats or his favorite toy. 

16. Furry Friends With Family 

take dog photos with family

Capture your furry family member with the rest of your clan for a priceless pup picture. You can have your dog pose with your kiddos, or even walk alongside your folks during a relaxing stroll around the neighborhood.

These types of shots are great pictures for future holiday greeting cards. 

17. On-The-Go 

dog safety in car

If your dog has a thirst for adventure, have him pose while in the back seat of your car or in the airport. This is a great way to remember your adventures all through the lens of your favorite furry travel buddy. 

Just be sure to use a good dog car harness or canine car crate once you hit the open road.

18. Bubble Bash

dog playing with bubbles

A great way to add some life to your pooch pictures is to experiment with dog-safe bubbles. You’re sure to get some fun pictures of Fido bouncing around with bubbles (and likely trying to nom them).

Just be sure to have your pooch play with bubbles outside to avoid leaving sticky residue around your house. 

19. Sitting With Siblings 

dog littermates photos

If you have more than one dog at home, have both of your pups pose together. These photos will be a bit of a challenge since you’ll have to focus more than one set of eyes, but they’re so worth it.

Have your fur children sit next to each other, or capture them engaged in a play session for an action-packed shot. 

General Dog Photo Shoot Tips

Great dog photo poses

Once you have the perfect pose picked out, it’s time to start taking photos! Here are a couple of general dog photography tips to set you on the right path. 

  • Familiarize Fido with the camera. Give your pooch time to warm up to the camera if he seems nervous. First, allow Fido to sniff and explore the camera on the ground and reward for positive interaction. Once he’s mastered this, start from taking photos from far away. As your pup warms up to your camera, you can take increasingly close shots until he’s fully comfortable. The goal is to desensitize your dog to the camera!
  • Get your pup’s energy out first. One of the more tricky tasks of posing your pooch is getting him to sit still. That being said, it may be helpful to have a long play session or take your pooch out on a long walk before your photoshoot. That way, he will feel relaxed and more likely to focus when it’s time for his canine close-up. 
  • Take videos instead of still shots. It can be difficult to get the perfect picture of your dog, especially if he’s always in motion. One idea is to take a video of your dog instead. After the video is taken, you can take screenshots of individual frames in the video. While the quality will be slightly reduced than that of an actual photo, this is a great way to get action shots of your furry best friend. 
  • Use props to increase the cuteness quotient. If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your pup’s photo session, pick up a couple of props. These fun accessories will spark creativity for inventive puppy poses and give you plenty of perfect pooch pictures to share with family and friends. 
  • Incorporate objects important to your family. If you and your dog love to surf together, snap a pic of your dog on a surfboard outside! If you hike, shoot your pup next to your favorite backpack!
  • Most of all, have fun! Don’t forget that doggie photoshoots can be a unique way for you and your dog to strengthen your bond. Have fun capturing your four-footers personality, and don’t be afraid to look at other pooch pics on Instagram for additional inspiration. 


Let’s See Your Dog Pose Photos!

Feel free to share some of your favorite snaps with us using our photo uploader!

Taking pictures with your dog can be an amazing way to capture your canine’s life and personality over the years. With the perfect pooch poses in mind, you’ll be able to scope out some super snaps and enjoy bonding with your best buddy in a whole new way.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll turn pet photography into a profession!

Have you used any of these poses with your pooch? What’s the best picture you’ve taken of your dog? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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