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dog photo shoot props

Taking pictures of our dogs is just another way that we show them we love them… and show the world why they should love them too!

Most of us settle for sleeping session photos, when your pooch plops down in his favorite position, from the gentle floop to the dramatic flop. Other owners like action shots and capturing backyard zoomies like a pro. 

But master doggo photographers know that the secret to nabbing the best (and most entertaining) photos comes with the help of props

With props, you have a multitude of options to choose from, whether it’s items for your pup to pose with or backgrounds to amp up the overall look (and the laugh-factor too). 

The secret is to play up what suits your pooch and what he’ll feel most comfortable with. With that in mind, let’s unlock your next awesome pupper picture and explore the best dog photo props!

Just want some fast recommendations? Check out our quick picks below!

Dog Photo Props: Quick Picks

  • #1 DULUDA’s Paw Print Backdrop [Best Patterned Photo Backdrop] — Backdrops are the quickest and easiest way to make your photos look professional, and this paw-print backdrop is obviously appropriate for pooches.
  • #2 Frisco Fuzzy Monster [Best Slip-On Dog Costume] — If you want a hilarious costume that’s also easy to put on your doggo, the Frisco Fuzzy Monster is hard to beat.
  • #3 SunGrow Lion Mane Wig [Best Lion Mane Costume] — There’s a reason lion’s mane wigs are so popular: They’re hysterical. And this one is the most secure version around.
  • #4 Coppthinktu Woody Costume [Funniest Dog Costume] — What could be more fun and funny than a canine cowboy costume? Nothing, partner.
  • #5 Big Dot of Happiness Puppy Signs [Best Signage for Photos] — Signage is a great way to add humor and context to your canine photos. Best of all, these come pre-printed with dog-relevant phrases.

Barkin’ Good Dog Photo Backgrounds

Introducing a backdrop will elevate any doggo photo and eliminate the need to worry about background distractions or unpleasantries

You can go for fur-friendly paw prints or a generic solid background for a clean look. A solid backdrop can also be further edited if you have the technical know-how, taking your pooch to any scene your heart desires. 

Some of the best tail-wagging backgrounds include: 

1. DULUDA 7’X5’ Puppy Paw Vinyl

About: Keeping your shoot dog-themed is easy with DULUDA’s Paw Print Backdrop. Featuring black paw prints on a clean white background, you can mix and match with your favorite doggo accessories for a tail-wagging photo.

Best Patterned Background

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DULUDA Paw Prints Themed Photography Backdrop Kids Birthday Party Supplies Puppy Dog Paw Print Photo Background Newborn Baby Shower Vinyl Pet Treat Party Decoration Photo Booth Studio Props 7X5FT BD14

DULUDA Puppy Paw Backdrop

This seamless vinyl photo backdrop provides an easy way to spruce up your pet’s pictures.


  • Seamless look — You don’t have to worry about a noticeable seam or divide in the backdrop, as it’s one solid piece of a poly-vinyl fabric.
  • Non-reflective — Glare and sheen can ruin a photo, but the non-reflective surface of this backdrop allows for smooth snapping.
  • Easy to clean — When you’re working with your pooch, sometimes fur (and drool) flies, but this fabric is waterproof and can be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep it clean.
  • Easy to hang — Just feed the background into clamps on a stand, and you’re ready to start shooting doggo magic. 


Owners praised the overall quality of the backdrop, finding it thicker and more durable than others. Setup is relatively easy too, though several owners needed to iron the fabric on a low setting to eliminate wrinkles.


While the backdrop gets two paws up for cuteness, it is small, especially if you’re working with a pack of pooches. The white background may also be an issue if your dog is dark-haired and a heavy shedder.

2. Issuntex Muslin Backdrop

About: If you’re looking to work with a clean slate, the Issuntex Solid Muslin Backdrop is the perfect backdrop for you. Made of thick polyester, this high-quality backdrop stands up to wear and tear, and it is thick enough to block out background interference for capturing the best four-footer photos.

Best Solid Backdrop

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ISSUNTEX 6X9 ft Background Polyester Backdrop, Photo Studio, Collapsible High Density Screen for Video Photography and Television-White

Issuntex Muslin Backdrop

This solid-colored polyester backdrop is wrinkle-resistant, easy to care for, and durable.


  • Wrinkle-resistant — Nothing ruins a picture more than a big ole wrinkle, and this backdrop is designed to stay smooth once properly steamed out.
  • Non-reflective finish — Your doggo should be the shining star — not everything else. With a shine-free finish, you avoid reflective mishaps.
  • Easy care — While an accident on set might result in a hilarious photo, it won’t ruin this backdrop. Just toss it in the wash, and you’re good to go.
  • Easy setup — The pre-stitched rod pocket makes hanging a breeze.


There are 5 sizes to choose from, along with 7 color options, including a reversible black/white version, which gives more bang for your buck. 


The variety of size options is a major plus, allowing multi-pet families to get in on the fun, or simply allowing your furry Fabio have more room to let his handsomeness shine. The thickness and durability of the fabric won over reviewers, who found it great for giving a solid, consistent background.


A few reviewers experienced issues getting the wrinkles out, though this can be a problem with any backdrop. Others found that dirt clings to it, so it may not be the best option for heavy shedders.

Use Backdrops Like a Pro

With backdrops, a good result relies heavily on hanging it properly. You can have the nicest background in the world, but a wonky setup may make your fur fly (and your pooch’s if it falls mid-session). 

You can save yourself a headache and purchase a professional backdrop stand, or you can get creative and make your own at home. A clothesline can also work well, as can a tall fence or elevated railing.

Secure the backdrop with clamps or even clothespins (if it’s on a line) and make sure the fabric is properly steamed or ironed to ensure a doggone awesome picture.

Canine Clothing and Costumes

Doggo dress-up can be loads of fun, and the right ensemble will take your furry photo to the next level of pawesome. Whether you’re going for something goofy or a fancy floof dress, there are many clothing and costume options. 

Here are some pawtastic looks for your four-legged fashionista to try out: 

3. Frisco Fuzzy Monster

About: Embracing your doggo’s inner sock monster is easy with the Frisco Fuzzy Monster Costume, a cute and comfy poncho-style piece that leaves his legs and belly free for posing and rubs. Easy to slip on and off, this costume makes getting ready for his doggy closeup a breeze. 

Best Slip-On Sillyness

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Frisco Fuzzy Monster Costume

Frisco Fuzzy Monster Costume

Complete with ears and fake eyes, this slip-on monster costume is not only adorable, but also easy to put on your pup.


  • Comfortable fit — With no confining leg holes to deal with, your pooch can run and play while wearing it, and you don’t have to worry about taking it off for potty breaks.  
  • Lightweight — Made with a light and fuzz-adorned fabric, your pup won’t be bogged down or overheat as he puts his best paw forward for the cameras.
  • Non-obstructive — The design won’t interfere with collars or leashes, allowing you to keep your on-camera talent safe and secure during outdoor photo sessions.
  • Spot clean — The furry nature of this costume makes it suitable for spot-clean only maintenance.

Options: Available in 6 sizes, ranging from X-Small to XX-Large, this costume fits breeds ranging from Chihuahuas to Labradors. This is not suitable for giant breeds.


The cuteness of this costume is clearly off the charts, but pup parents also give the easy-to-use velcro fasteners plenty of praise for making dress-up effortless. The fabric’s softness delighted doggos too, allowing for natural movement.


Sizing can be tricky, with the attached hood being especially hard to tackle. Puppers with big heads may be left out, while narrow-headed pooches like greyhounds may be gobbled up. Study the measurements of the sizing chart carefully and consider your pooch’s overall shape to ensure a proper fit.

4. Frisco Security Tee

About: Let your tough guy shine with the Frisco Security T-shirt, a fitted look that makes your pooch the action star of your photo shoot. The cropped styling makes potty breaks between photos easier, allowing him to get back to strutting his stuff without a wardrobe adjustment.

Best Simple T-Shirt Costume

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Costume T-shirt for dogs

Frisco Security Dog T-Shirt

Lightweight, machine-washable, and funny, this T-shirt gives owners an easy way to dress up their doggo.


  • Lightweight — The cotton-polyester blend is breathable, making working the camera easy and comfortable.
  • Secure — Because it slips over your dog’s head, this shirt can’t be rolled or shook off like other options. And when you’re ready to wrap up, just pop it back over his head.
  • Machine-washable — Cleaning between uses is easy: Just turn the costume inside out and wash on cold and tumble dry low settings.

Options: Offered in 6 sizes from X-Small to XX-Large, this shirt fits most small to medium-sized breeds. Unfortunately, large and giant breeds are too big for this get up.


This shirt’s quality was a win with owners, who found the material well made and durable. The sleeveless fit won praise too, offering comfortable wear and movement both must-haves during photo shoots.


The T-shirt design can be a challenge for some dogs to tolerate, as they may find it too restrictive. Owners note that the sizing runs small, with big breeds barely able to slip even the largest sizes over their heads. 

5. Alfie Tuxedo Shirt

About: The Alfie Tuxedo Shirt lets your fur friend fulfill his fancy fantasy as a posh pooch. Designed to look like a real suit, the little shirt includes tuxedo tails, cuffed sleeves, and ties for tail-wagging good looks.

Best Fancy T-Shirt Costume

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Tuxedo shirt for dogs

Alfie Tuxedo Shirt

A fantastic costume for fancy four-footers, this T-shirt is comfy for dogs and comes with plenty of attention to detail.


  • Comfortable — Unlike stuffy human suits, this shirt is made with a soft, flexible fabric that lets your dog move freely for the camera.
  • Versatile — The shirt comes with both a black necktie and a cute little red bowtie, allowing you to switch things up between shots.
  • Detailed — From the pinstriping to the tailored collar, this shirt goes all out.
  • Machine washable — Forget dry cleaning: Just toss this tux in the washer on a gentle setting in cold water to clean after use.

Options: Made in 6 sizes from X-Small to XX-Large, this tuxedo fits most small- to medium-sized breeds and comes in black and white color options. This costume is not suitable for large or giant breeds.


This costume’s quality won over owners, and the top’s styling and attention to detail were highly praised. Owners also liked the cropped cut, allowing for potty breaks without needing to strip down.


Sizing does run small, leaving larger breeds out of the fun. Others mentioned that the sleeve area can be a bit restrictive, which is a common problem with sleeved dog clothing.

6. JOYIN Sombrero Headband Set

About: JOYIN’s Sombrero Headband Set will bring out the party animal in everyone including your dog! While designed for humans, these headband hats work great on larger dogs who need a little spice in their photo.

Best Easy-Fit Hat

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JOYIN 3 PCs Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Fabric and Straw Sombrero Headbands Party Costume for Fun Fiesta Hat Party Supplies, Luau Event Photo Props, Mexican Theme Decorations, Dia De Muertos and Party Favors

JOYIN Sombrero Headband Set

This sombrero three-pack gives you an easy way to dress up your dog for some festive photos!


  • Easy to use — Just slip on your pooch’s head, and he’ll be good to go.
  • Variety — The set includes 3 distinct looks: a straw sombrero, a black mariachi version, and a pom-pom style hat.
  • Non-restrictive — These are a great option if your dog can’t wear traditional costumes like shirts, whether he’s too large or not a fan of the feeling.


Pup parents praise the headbands’ quality and durability, noting how well-crafted the details are, which is always a plus for a photo. The headband design allows for a comfortable fit with no elastic straps that dogs tend to try to shake free or chew. 


As cute as they are, not every dog will tolerate a headband no matter how hard you try. The sizing also is a dud for smaller breeds, though you could remove the bands for quick photos with just the hats.

7. Stock Show Sunglasses

About: Stock Show Sunglasses are an adorable way to show off your barker’s bookish side on one hand, or — if you opt for the blacked-out version –his wild child. Made to slide easily into place, you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable straps just slip on and snap an awesome picture!

Best Canine Costume Glasses

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Stock Show Dog Cat Sunglasses, Retro Round Trans Golden Frame, Resin Lens, Fashion Protection for Small Mini Pets, Party, Wedding, Cosplay Props

Stock Show Sunglasses

These slip-on glasses are perfect for helping your pint-sized pooch look smart and sophisticated.


  • Unique — With their retro styling, these glasses give your doggo a hilarious and human twist.
  • Small-breed friendly — Made with little guys in mind, they align perfectly with small breeds’ petite features and give you the chance to take memorable photos.
  • Durable — Unlike most dog dress-up glasses, these are made with metal, rather than plastic, frames.

Options: These sunglasses are offered in 5 fun lens colors, ranging from traditional clear to bright purple.


Reviews praised the glasses’ styling and sizing, as it can be difficult to find glasses for small breeds. Quality was another high point, with owners finding them well-made for doggo lenses.


These glasses can be difficult to keep in place due to a lack of a strap, so you have to be quick with the camera. With that in mind, they’re not the best option for a boisterous puppy. Unfortunately, sizing does not include options for medium-sized breeds and above, either.

8. SunGrow Lion Mane

About: Make people roar with laughter using the SunGrow Lion Mane Wig, a slip-on lion mane complete with ears. Best for medium-sized puppers and above, this mane transforms most breeds into lovable lions with ease. 

Best Lion Mane Costume

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SunGrow Lion Mane Wig with Ears, Photo Prop, Fancy Costume for Large Dogs and Cats, Perfect Lion Hat for Halloween Parties, Realistic, Funny, Cute Headgear, Adorable Gift Option for Pet Lovers, 1-pc

SunGrow Lion Mane

Unlike some other versions of this classic costume, the SunGrow Lion Mane features adjustable internal straps to keep it on your pooch’s head.


  • Secure — There’s no worry of slippage thanks to hidden internal straps that fit under your pooch’s chin and behind his head to keep things secure.
  • Versatile — With an adjustable inner strap and a roomy design, the one-size style can be used for multiple pooches with a few adjustments.
  • Machine washable — When your dog’s done being the king of the jungle, this lion mane costume can be washed. 


Owners praised the quality of this mane with its lifelike look and durable design. Pup parents also enjoyed the comfortable fit, complete with a smooth inner sleeve to keep your doggo comfy. 


A few found that the mane did not arrive as fluffy as they’d like, though this could be due to packaging. Others found that it ran too large for their medium-sized pup.

9. Coolrunner Sunglasses & Necklace Combo

About: Kick up your woofer’s wardrobe on set with Coolrunner’s Sunglasses & Necklace Combo. Including a gold-plated chain necklace and rounded sunglasses, this set is a memorable pop of personality in any photo. 

Best Accessories for Fabulous Floofs

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Coolrunner Funny Pet Sunglasses and Cool Plated Gold Chain Necklace (15” x0.39”) with Adjustable Length for Cats/Small Dogs Fashion Costume-Taking Pictures (8 CM Sunglasses)

Coolrunner Sunglasses & Necklace Combo

This glasses-and-necklace combo kit makes it easy to take hysterical dog photos staring your super-cool canine.


  • Quality construction — Rather than plastic, the pieces included with this combo kit are made from metal for lasting durability.
  • Secure fit — This necklace has a locking clasp unlike other tied designs that may come undone easily.
  • Small-dog suitable — Designed for small breeds, these glasses fit little guys perfectly and make for hilarious photo ops. Given that, this is not a set for larger dogs.
  • Easy to use — Just slide each on your dog and he’s ready there’s no need to struggle with straps or sliding him into a bodysuit.


Owners liked the quality of both the necklace and glasses, finding both sturdy. The chain isn’t flimsy and has some weight to it, giving it a better, more natural look in photos.


The sizing is a bummer for those with large breeds. These also aren’t the best option for active doggy models or puppies since the glasses can’t be secured and may slip easily.

10. Coppthinktu Woody Costume

About: Coppthinktu’s Woody Costume transforms your pup into a real cowdog in seconds. Just slip over his head and pop on his hat, and he’s ready for his closeup. 

Funniest Photo Costume

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Wood Dog Costume - Story Pet Costume, Cute Cowboy Dog Costume Halloween Dog Cosplay Costume Fashion Dress for Puppy Small Medium Large Dogs Special Events Funny Photo Props Accessories

Coppthinktu Woody Costume

This hilarious costume will convert your canine into a cowboy to keep the smiles coming!


  • Detailed — With a vest, collar, buttons, and more, this costume goes all out in the style department for a memorable photo op.
  • Secure — By slipping over your pup’s head, the bodysuit stays in place while the included hat features elastic for a secure fit.
  • Convenient — The bodysuit features a crop-style design for pottying as needed and comfortable movement.

Options: This costume is available in 3 sizes: X-Small, Small, and X-Large.


Pup parents raved about the quality of this costume, praising the details and material. The hat was especially well-received with its floppy, comfortable design.


Sizing runs small according to some owners. Sleeves aren’t every dog’s favorite, and they can lead to a sizing issue with dogs who have a stockier build like bulldogs and portly pit bulls, so play close attention to the sizing chart.

11. Vevins Pet Costume

About: Vevins’ Pet Costume is a humorous way to liven up any photo session. Choose from a selection of styles made to make your pupper shine, each with its own personality.

Funniest Photo Costume Runner Up

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Vevins Pet Cowboy Costume Rocker Guitar Clothes for Small Dog Puppy Cat Halloween Party Christmas Apperal

Vevins Pet Costume

Vevins Pet Costume is an affordable and hilarious option for photos that is available in four different sizes.


  • Comfortable — Made with a light polyester blend, each costume breathes and moves easily with your pet through poses and play.
  • Creative — Costumes include comical touches, from the pirate’s hooked hand to the musician’s guitar. 
  • Easy to wear — Secured by Velcro, these costumes slip on and off for fast changing and photo shoot prep.

Options: There are 6 costume varieties ranging from pirates to cowboys are offered in 4 sizes.


The details of the costumes pleased owners who found them to be chock full of character and high-quality. The fit is another perk, with pup parents reporting dogs moved with ease.


Some pups are chomp-happy with the costume’s attached features during wear, which can make a photo shoot more challenging. Fit is another concern, as the sizing is skewed toward smaller breeds.

DIY Doggo Costumes and Tips


Introducing dog clothes to your photo shoot wardrobe doesn’t have to mean a trip to the store, either. You can make your own sweater with things around the house or try your hand at making a memorable costume

If your pooch has never donned a costume before, it’s important to start slow and work on desensitizing him toward the concept. With time, patience, and practice, most dogs will tolerate some form of dress-up for a little while. 

Fun & Funky Toys

Incorporating toys as props is a great way to liven up any four-footer photo. Because these are intended for use in front of you, you have more freedom with photo prop toys, since you don’t have to worry about your dog getting into trouble with them. 

You can use literal toy camera props to flip the script and capture your dog’s photographer side, or you can opt for something equally fun, like some of the following:

12. Banfeng Giant Dog Tennis Ball

About: Banfeng’s Giant Dog Tennis Ball is a hit with sports-loving canines thanks to its jumbo size. Whether used for posing or in an action shot, it’s a fun prop for photos and burning off energy between takes.

Best Over-Sized Photo Prop

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Banfeng Giant 9.5' Dog Tennis Ball Large Pet Toys Funny Outdoor Sports Ball Gift with Inflating Needles for Small Medium Large Dog

Banfeng Giant Dog Tennis Ball

If your dog lives to play fetch, this super-sized tennis ball may be the perfect prop for your next photos.


  • Versatile — Crafted of rubber and felt, this ball is sturdy enough for play off set and even floats for a plunge in the pool if you have a water-themed shoot.
  • Fun — With its size and bounce, your pooch can enjoy this ball long after you’re done taking photos. 
  • Safe — Made with non-toxic materials and non-abrasive felt, this ball is canine-safe and pooch-approved.


Because of its large size, it stands out in a photograph and will catch your pooch’s eye too, likely inspiring some epic pictures. Styling also isn’t an issue, as it fits nicely within many themes, whether you’re going for an outdoorsy vibe or a sports extravaganza. 


Some dogs will be too into the ball to use during a still photo shoot, but it’s excellent for an action-packed event. Having to inflate it yourself after arrival can be a drag if you don’t have the proper tools, however, and bite-happy pups may pop it.

13. Haute Diggity Dog Muttini

About: The Haute Diggity Dog Muttini brings comedy and fun to set, pairing a punny name with your pooch’s desire to play. He can toss one around in front of the cameras, or you can cleverly place one next to a snoozing pup for a laugh.

Best Prop for Party Animals

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Haute Diggity Dog Grrrona Beer Bottle, Plush Designer Dog Toys with Interactive Squeaker, Stimulating Pet Enrichment, Machine-Washable & Safe Materials for All Breeds, Small

Haute Diggity Dog Muttini

This cute photo prop lets your pooch enjoy happy hour in style, while enjoying his own “cold one.”


  • Plush — Each toy features a soft exterior that won’t harm teeth.
  • Unique — Made to mimic adult beverages, each muttini brings a dose of laughter.
  • Attention-grabbing — Sometimes it’s hard to get your pooch to cooperate as you’re snapping away, but the inner squeak can gain and hold his attention.

Options: There are 3 sizes and 22 varieties to pick from, ranging from Arfsolut to Kennel One. 


Reviews praised how well-made and detailed the toys are, truly mimicking alcohol down to the lime in some cases. Because of this, they’re awesome props that tell a tale at a glance. 


A few reviewers felt the sizing was smaller than expected, so keep this in mind when ordering. Super chewers will muscle right through this, too, regardless of your photo shoot plans. 

14. MOODY PET Humunga Lips 

About: Capturing a lasting laugh is easy with Moody Pet’s Humunga Lips, a fetch toy with hilarious results. Featuring two lips attached to a ball, the toy offers laughs when retrieved, presenting your pooch with an instant fake pucker. 

Best Prop for Affectionate Four-Footers

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Funny dog photo lips

MOODY PET Humunga Lips

These non-toxic, natural rubber dog lips are the perfect way to show off your pup’s sweet and smoochable side.


  • Durable — The Humunga Lips are made with solid, natural rubber and work well for rounds of fetch between shots.
  • Funny — Taking any photo over-the-top is easy with these big, honkin’ doggo lips.
  • Safe — All materials are non-toxic for fur-friendly fun. 


Pup parents note how easily their pups handled the lips, with the ball portion small enough to lift for even toy breeds. The end result is a hoot too, with the red lips standing out in any photo.


Not all pooches will carry it for the photo-worthy shot, while pickier pooches may ignore the rubber material altogether. The sizing is also a problem, as it only comes in sizes appropriate for small breeds. 

Furniture Fixins

A furniture piece makes for the perfect photo buddy, oftentimes giving you a prop and a background all in one

You can always use your dog’s bed to keep it simple, or you can look into a more dramatic style like a doggy sofa bed for your pooch to bask in front of the camera. Teepee beds or tents make wonderful backyard props, too, especially if you’re going for an outdoors theme. 

Some noteworthy non-bed items include:

15. Paw Prints Toy Bin

About: Paw Prints’ Toy Bin is a fabric container adorned with colorful doggos and cute pup-friendly sayings like “stay” and “fetch.” At 14.5 inches x 10 inches, it’s large enough to fit small pups inside for a memorable photo or a collection of toys for your pooch to eye for the camera.

Best Dog-Themed Storage Box

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Toy Box for Dogs

Paw Prints Toy Bin

This storage bin is perfect for containing your canine or his toys during photo sessions and features dog-relevant words and phrases.


  • Sturdy — Made with a thick canvas and metal-reinforced handles, this bin can stand up to days’ worth of doggy photo shoots.
  • Festive — The dog-themed design fits in any fur-friendly photo session, whether it’s his birthday or the 4th of July.
  • Wipes clean — Cleaning this container is easy, even if you have a drooling pooch.


Quality was praised by owners, who found the bin to be well-constructed. It also holds a good amount of toys, making your set design easier if you’re planning on adding things related to your theme.


Some dogs may be more obsessed with what’s in the bin rather than paying attention to you or the camera. If you’re opting for setting your dog down in the bin, only the smallest breeds or puppies can pull it off.

16. Bone Dry Bone-Shaped Basket

About: Bone Dry’s Bone-Shaped Basket is a great way to capture a doggy feel in a photo. Whether you sit your pooch inside or stuff it with his favorite things in the backdrop, it’ll add a memorable touch.

Best Wicker-Style Storage Container

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Bone Dry Pet Storage Collection Bone Shape Hyacinth Toy Basket, Natural, Small

Bone Dry Bone-Shaped Basket

Shaped like a bone and made from plastic, this storage container will hold your pooch or your favorite photo props.


  • Woven construction — Made of quality polypropylene, the wicker-like styling isn’t frayed like other baskets, giving it a clean look for photos.
  • Neutral — With a natural brown coloring, this basket will fit into any photo theme.
  • Spacious — There’s enough room for a small pupper as well as toys, allowing you to snap a great picture.

Options: Available in 3 sizes: small (18 x 11 x 7.5 inches), medium (13 x 12 x 8 inches), and large (24 x 15 x 9 inches).


Owners praise the storage capacity of the bin, stating that it holds plenty of toys, which makes staging your set a breeze. Construction was also a hit, with the wicker material noted as being well-woven and durable. This is especially important in a photo, as imperfections can throw off the overall look.


Not all pups will cooperate with sitting in a basket, while others may be more interested with what’s inside rather than you and the camera. Some puppers (especially puppies) may find the wicker material tempting for their teeth. 

17. Ashler Home Deco Faux Sheepskin Rug

About: Ashler Home Deco’s Faux Sheepskin Area Rug is a pop of furry fun that’ll liven up any photo session. With its luxurious and plush feel, your doggo will have something stylish to cuddle up with while you line up your next shot.

Most Decadent Doggo Photo Prop

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Ashler Faux Fur Rug, White Small Area Rugs, Fluffy Sheepskin Fur Rug, Ultra Soft 2x3 Ft Rugs, Machine Washable Shag Rug, Nursery Throw Rugs for Bed, Living, Kids Room

Ashler Home Deco Faux Sheepskin Rug

Nothing says luxury like a faux fur rug your dog can recline on during photo sessions.


  • Versatile — Use it as a rug or chair cover for nabbing the perfect picture. 
  • Quality — Made with synthetic fur and a faux leather-like bottom, the cruelty-free piece is as durable as it is adorable. 
  • Spot clean — For upkeep between photo sessions, clean with a damp cloth and air dry.

Options: Available in round, rectangular, and sheepskin shape, there are 4 size options and and 10 colors to choose from.


The amount of options are a clear winner here for pet photography, as there’s a color for every theme. Owners note the high-quality of the rug, as the fur fibers are long, silky, and soft, giving your pooch a luxurious little lounge for photos.


Some reviews did complain that the rug trended on the thin side, though this shouldn’t be an issue that affects photographs. Depending on the color and your pooch, shedding hair and fibers may also affect your photo quality.

PRO TIP: You don’t always need to run out and buy a new furniture piece, either. Making your own furniture at home is possible too, whether it’s a DIY dog bed or a DIY dog house. Best of all, your pooch can enjoy the fruits of your labor after your photo shoot, too.

Sniffable Signage

Sometimes you just need to say something with a photo, and signs help you accomplish that. From witty to serious to customizable, signs are a great way to relay a message, whether it’s announcing a new fur kid is joining the pack or celebrating your pupper’s birthday.  

18. Big Dot of Happiness Funny Boy Puppy Signs

About: Funny Boy Puppy Signs by Big Dot of Happiness help create the perfect dog setting. With funny sayings like “don’t stop retrieving,” these signs allow you to switch things up from photo to photo.

Best Pre-Printed Pooch Signs

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Funny Boy Puppy Dog - Baby Shower or Birthday Party Photo Booth Props Kit - 10 Piece

Big Dot of Happiness Puppy Signs

This pre-printed 10-pack of signs will help your pooch properly express himself in photos.


  • Diverse — With 10 distinct doggo signs to choose from, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. They can be used for anything from your pup’s birthday to a rocker-themed shoot.
  • High-quality — Made with thick cardstock, these signs hold their shape for photos.
  • Made in the USA — With all the worry about imported product safety, these signs give owners peace of mind, as they are made in Wisconsin.
  • Require assembly — While they can be used on their own, each sign also comes with adhesive and a dowel if you’d like to create a sign-on-a-stick look instead.


Quality pleased pawrents who found the cardstock to be sturdy and the print to be clear and bright. The included sticks are helpful for hands-free placement around the set, letting you focus on your pupper star.


Some pups may see signs as a toy rather than a prop, so keep this in mind when staging your photos. The colors did seem to lack much variety for some as well.

19. Quartet Chalkboard

About: The Quartet Chalkboard gives you a vessel to write custom messages for fur-kid photographs. From announcing a new little one to sending holiday greetings, you can help your doggo share his joy too.

Best Chalkboard for Canine Captions

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Quartet Chalkboard, 8-1/2' x 11' Chalk Board, Wood Finish Frame (80214)

Quartet Chalkboard

This simple and affordable chalkboard will allow your dog a chance to “speak” in his funny photos.


  • Neutral — The styling blends in with any theme with a wood finish.
  • Well-made — The thick vinyl frame and chalkboard backdrop are sturdy, and the surface is large enough to scrawl a message that you can easily make out on camera.
  • Hangable — While it doesn’t include a stand, you can hang this chalkboard horizontally or vertically from the attached hidden tabs.

Options: There are two size options available: 14 inch x 14 inch and 8 ½ inch x 11 inch.


Customization is key here, and you truly can go doggone wild with a chalkboard. The quality for the money won over reviewers, as did the ease of erasing, a common problem with some boards.


The lack of a stand can be difficult while shooting, so make sure you have a sturdy place to lean it. Using a chalkboard is also a risk if your pooch brushes along it and wipes away at your message.

Pre-Assembled Kits

A pre-assembled kit can take the guesswork out of a photo shoot entirely. You don’t have to worry about a cohesive look, because it’s all there. These are especially helpful for puppy shoots or holiday-theme photos.

20. Nobrand’s Newborn Dog Photo Kit

About: Nobrand’s Newborn Dog Photo Kit allows you to mimic the trendy baby week-by-week photos with your pup or an entire litter. Featuring weekly update stickers, a posing blanket, and more, it’s an adorable way to track your new pooch’s growth into a big handsome doggo.

Best Photo Kit for Growing Puppies

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Newborn Dog Kit –Weekly Stickers and Photo Props; Plush Fleece Blanket; Puppy ID Collars and Whelping Recording Cards for Litter; Teething Chew Toy, Rope Toy, and Squeaky Soft Toys (Aquamarine)

Nobrand’s Newborn Dog Photo Kit

This pupper photo prop kit gives you the chance to take scads of adorable photos of your four-legged furbaby!


  • Varied — With ID collars, props, and more, this photo kit has the bases covered.
  • Fun — Included toys give your pupper a pop of fun, and since there are several, you can surprise him with something new for each photo to keep it fun.
  • Organized — Complete with ID collars, weekly numbers, whelping report cards, and more, this kit makes keeping your shoot on-track easy.

Options: Available in 2 colors: Green and aquamarine.


The toys are non-toxic and fur-friendly, and also make excellent points of reference if you’re taking a series of photos over time. Pupper parents praised the included blanket’s softness and size, along with the overall quality of the items.


The included toys aren’t the strongest, and tough chewers will tear them up with ease. Those without a litter of puppies won’t find much use for the whelping cards and collars, unfortunately. The color selection is limited too, especially if you have a little pupper princess. 

Feast on Food & Treats

Honestly, all you need for the perfect photo is some good ole grub for some pups. Your dog likely won’t mind chowing down on camera, and trying new food can lead to hilarious reactions. Food is also nifty to keep on hand for motivating your dog to sit, stay, or do tricks for the camera. 

Dog-friendly foods include:

  • Watermelon — Whether you serve it peeled fresh or frozen, watermelon is a safe and tasty treat for your pooch. While it’s not recommended for diabetic dogs, serving some in moderation makes for an excellent summertime photo.
  • Pumpkin — This fall food staple works great for Halloween-themed photos, and your dog can enjoy pumpkin raw or cooked, though most prefer it cooked like we do. Smear some inside a carved pumpkin for a hair-raising picture.
  • Carrots — Carrots provide just enough sweetness to keep dogs coming back for more but also clean their teeth with their crunchy texture. You can use them as a healthy vegetable snack between pictures or use them in an Easter Bunny themed shoot with some adorable ears.
  • Peanut butterPeanut butter is a great motivator for dogs and its tongue-smacking stickiness can lead to hilarious photographs. Just be sure to only use Xylitol-free varieties.
Funny Photo Props for Dogs

How to Use Dog Photo Shoot Props Like a Pro

Now that you know what to use, let’s talk about how you can bring it all together in one fantastic photo shoot and become a rockstar dog photographer. Following a few key prop principles will lead to better, more memorable pupper pictures:

  • Theme — Picking a theme and committing to it can elevate your photo with a clear, cohesive message. 
  • Angles — Don’t be afraid to switch up angles while snapping away. Sometimes all you need is a tilt in the right direction to take your picture to another level.
  • Personality-driven props — Try to pick props that speak to your pooch’s persona. For example, if he’s a sporty spaniel, incorporate a referee uniform and a ball.
  • Prop care — Cleaning your props between use and storing them properly not only makes them look better, but it helps them last longer.
  • Holiday props — If you’re going for a holiday or special-occasion shoot, don’t be afraid to spruce it up with some themed-props. For instance, an ugly Christmas sweater makes for an excellent holiday photo.
  • Peek at the pros — You can gain valuable knowledge by looking at professional photographers sites. Pay attention to how they position props and look for anything that pops.
  • Browse social media — Instagram is especially full of amazing pet photos. Check out what others are doing, and see if any prop trends catch your eye.
  • Details — You don’t always need to think big. By paying attention to the details, you can create a professional-grade photo at home.

Pet Photo Tips

Taking pictures of your pooch should be a fun experience, and to make things easier, keep the basics in mind, like:

  • Snap away — Every picture counts, so make sure you take plenty of photos to capture the perfect shot. You never know what you’ll get with each, and you may find a diamond in the ruff (get it?).
  • Lighting, lighting, lighting — Bad lighting is a total bust. Make sure your shooting area is bright but free of any distracting glares. Lighting can also set the mood, so try a softer glow for a more serious doggo portrait.
  • Keep it positive — While getting your pooch to pose isn’t always easy, it’s important to remain upbeat. Pack lots of tasty snacks and reward your doggy model often for a job well done.
  • Selfie time — Don’t forget about selfies! Taking a selfie with your dog makes a great memory you can look back on, and oftentimes, your pupper is more relaxed with you by his side. 
  • Break time — Wearing a costume and looking handsome is a lot of hard work. Make sure your pup gets frequent breaks to potty or burn off energy between photos.
  • Set realistic goals — Not every camera can take professional-grade photos and not every pooch wants to pose, and that’s totally OK! Remember to keep your end result realistic.
  • Filters and edits — Don’t be afraid to harness technology to improve your pictures. There are plenty of free programs out there for cropping, sharpening, and more.
  • Remember bloopers — Oftentimes, the funniest photos are the ones you didn’t mean to take.
  • Have fun — At the end of the day, you and your dog are in this together to have a blast and make memories. Sometimes your pooch wants to roll around in his costume or play fetch instead. It’s all about improvising and having fun.

Make sure to read our full article on dog photography tips for more advice on snapping the perfect picture of your pooch!

Photo Shoot Safety

While capturing your doggo’s handsome side is fun, it’s important to follow basic safety measures to keep tails wagging, including: 

  • Hang tight — Be sure that all of your props are properly set up and secured. Not only can a falling background or prop ruin photos or spook your doggy model, but tumbling equipment can harm you or your pup.
  • Fit — When it comes to costumes, make sure you choose a size and cut that allows him to move freely without friction. Leg or neck openings that are too tight can lead to skin irritation and pain.
  • Supervise — Never leave your dog unattended with photo equipment or props. This will not only ensure your dog doesn’t destroy your stuff, it’ll prevent your pooch from injuring himself too. 
  • Store properly — Many backdrops come with small clips for hanging that pose a swallowing risk. Always store your items out of Rover’s reach between four-legged photo shoots.


Take advantage of some of these epic pooch photography ideas plus props, and you’ll have an Instagram-famous dog before you know it!

Are you a pro at four-footer photos? Have you used any of the items above in your quest for the best pooch picture? Do you have any tips for us? Let us know in the comments!

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