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Dog-Proof Raccoon Traps: Catching Critters While Keeping Pups Safe

Whether you are trying to catch coons for their fur or hoping to get rid of nuisance animals, traps are a great way of dealing with raccoons. However, while many old-school traps are effective at catching

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best outdoor dog kennels

5 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels: Keeping Your Canine Safe Outside!

Dogs love spending time outside, but without a fenced in yard or electric dog fence, owners will need outdoor dog kennels to keep their canines safe and secure. Dog kennels are also great for those running

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boating cover

Dog Boating Safety Tips: What to Know Before Setting Out to Sea [Infographic]

Summer is here, which means many sea-faring folks will begin taking their dogs out on the open ocean! Before you set off, make sure to look over this dog boating safety tips to keep your canine safe and

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Best Dog Motorcycle Helmets, Goggles & Glasses for Being Road Worthy!

Some dogs love the way life looks (well, smells) from the back of a bike. But you can’t just grab your motorcycle carrier, whistle for your pup and hit the road. You’ve got to ensure his style and

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dog walking at night

Walking at Night With Your Dog: Don’t Let the Dark Get You Down

With daylight savings time once again upon us, we’ll be walking dogs in the dark much more often. The sun may be snoozing, but our four-legged pals still want to frolic and play as much as they do in

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best dog seat belt

Best Dog Seat Belt: Car Safety for Canines

Going somewhere in the car with your dog can be an absolute nightmare, even if it is just a 10-minute drive. If your dog is extremely energetic it no doubt runs right into your car to stick its head out

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