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dog iq test

Dog IQ Test: Is Your Pup A Smarty Pants?

Is your dog a genius? If you’re like most owners, you’ve probably thought to yourself about how smart your dog is (or, how loveably stupid he is). Well good news – there’s now a

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canine good citizen

How to Pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test

Dog owners are not always aware of everything they could be doing to improve the lives of their pets. One thing many might not know about is the Canine Good Citizen Test and what it could mean for their

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recommended dog training books

Top 20 Best Dog Training Books

These top 20 best dog training books will help make training your canine a breeze!   We selected these dog training books to recommend based on industry expert recommendations and dog training guides

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clicker training for dogs

Clicker Training for Dogs

What is Clicker Training For Dogs? Clicker training is a method of animal training that uses a click to tell an animal when it does something correctly. The clicker is a tiny box held in the palm of

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fresh patch alternative

Fresh Patch Review + Alternative Dog Pee Pads

Does your dog or puppy have “potty issues” and is going all over the house? Indoor grass potty patches could help provide a solution. Why Dogs Need Potty Patches Dogs may be in need of potty patches

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invisible dog fences

Invisible Dog Fence 101: From In-Ground to Wireless

​​In our Dog Fence 101 Guide, we'll be covering a wide range of topics. To jump ahead to a specific topic, click a category:What is an Electric Dog Fence?How Do Invisible Dog Fences Work?Are Invisble

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