Last Minute Dog Halloween Costumes: 13 Easy & Spooky Outfits!

Cuteness Explosion By Meg Marrs 11 min read September 28, 2023

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Forgot to get Fido a Halloween costume? Never fear, we have a list of last minute dog Halloween costume ideas that you can whip up in a flash!

Check ’em out and make sure your pooch gets to enjoy the holiday festivities!

13 Last Minute Dog Halloween Costumes: Quick-and-Easy Halloween Fun

We’ve assembled a few of our favorite easy Halloween costume ideas below. A few of them will require some crafting, but most can be put together by just grabbing a few common household items.

Just remember: The holiday is supposed to be fun! So, don’t stress yourself out. This is just another chance to have fun with your pooch and snap a few adorable pics (which you can share with us via our photo uploader).

1. Easy Ghost Costume

There’s no reason to mess with the classics — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! For this look, you’ll need an old white sheet, some scissors, and tada — a spooky sniffer spirit!

But keep in mind this will probably only last 2 seconds on your pup, who will most likely quickly shake it off! A cute white ribbon around your woofer’s waist in a bow might help keep everything in place for photos.

2. Aqua Dog Halloween Costume

This is another quick and easy dog Halloween costume idea that certainly won’t last long, but at least you’ll be able to snap a few pics before your dog tears it all off! Best of all, if you’re a water-lovin’ family, you likely have these items on hand. Grab a towel and goggles, drape around your doggo, and get to photographing (and laughing!)

Want an extra haha effect? Use white hair chalk as a line under each eye and down your mutt’s muzzle to mimic sunscreen.

3. Mutt Martini

This last-minute dog Halloween costume is super easy to assemble if you have a dog cone collar hanging around from your dog’s last surgery. A few green balls and a bit of paint or red electrical tape, and you have an adorable outfit! Cone of shame no more!

Not a martini fan? Try a curled yellow ribbon to mimic a twist of lemon peel seen in a Lemon Drop, or fashion a makeshift fruit slice out of construction paper to transform your mutt into a generic canine cocktail.

4. Hawaiian Halloween Hound!

Putting your dog in a bikini top is bound to bring big laughs. Just add a grass skirt and flower lei necklace, and you have an instant dog Halloween costume! As with the Aqua Dog costume, a white chalk line under each eye and down your pup’s muzzle can mimic doggy sunscreen.

Another option is slipping your sniffer into an extra Hawaiian shirt, turning him into a four-footed tourist.

5. Festive Fall Getup

OK, so this isn’t really a costume per se, but it will give you a chance to snap some fabulous holiday photos. Best of all, it is super simple! Just dig out a holiday-themed hat, clip on a spooky neck charm, and toss some pumpkins or other fall decorations around your pooch.

Voila! Instant holiday memories.

6. Pooch Poop Factory

This one takes a little more doing than the others, but the laughs you’ll surely get will make it worth the effort! Plus, we bet that you already have everything you’d need for this lying around the house, including a cardboard box, toilet paper tubes, and tissues.

Don’t care for the poop reference? Trouble Factory, Fun Factory, and Treat Factory are other fun titles!

7. Canine Cereal Killer

Need a costume with a little more of an edge (heh)? Grab a cereal box from your pantry, take it apart with an old butter knife, and you’ve got yourself a cereal killer costume!

Food-themed costumes like this are great if your pup’s an infamous gobbler. Another fun variation is putting your pup into a dessert box and calling him your Sweet Treat.

8. Whipped Cream Woofer

Is your woofer a whipped cream fiend? Show his appreciation of the sweet stuff with this adorable DIY look. Using a cardboard box, red wrapping paper, toilet paper tube, white tissue paper, and elastic, you can transform your floof into a can of the good stuff. You’ll need scissors, hot glue, and a printer to score the logo of your barker’s favorite whipped cream brand.

While this look is easiest to accomplish on a petite pooch, you can still size up to fit your colossal canine. You’ll just need to find a big, ol’ box.

9. Dobby Doggo

Use that old, tan pillowcase or sheet in a fun, creative way with this DIY Dobby costume. Keeping a somewhat baggy fit, shape the leftover linens into a sleeveless, potato-sack look. Leave some fabric rumpled around the neck, securing a loose strip with a messy knot to the right. That gives it the authentic Dobby look!

Now, admittedly, this look works best if your Rover already somewhat resembles the Harry Potter character with flopped ears, a notable nose, and big, expressive eyes. Still, any pooch can pull off such a shabby, chic frock!

10. Paper Towel Ghost

Want to take the perfect haha Halloween photo of your floof? Grab the paper towels.

No, seriously. Get ’em.

Using three or so sheets (depending on the side of your dog!), trace a ghostly shape with a rounded head and scalloped bottom. Next, cut out two eye holes and spot for your sniffer’s snout to pop through. Tada! You’ll have a simple, silly ghost getup for a pupper picture!

11. Raggedy Ann Rover

Extra red yarn can quickly become a woofer wig by taking a thick bundle and braiding it. Fasten each end of the length with a small ribbon or bow about an inch from the end, leaving the edges hanging loose. From there, you can tie small strips of yard to form barkin’ “bangs” around the middle of the strand on one side.

To put this DIY doggy wig on your pup, gently separate the braids and slip an ear in each hole. It won’t be the most secure costume, but it’s perfect for a fast photo or laugh. Just be sure your sniffer doesn’t chew or eat this accessory!

12. Beanie Baby Barker

Have some white cardstock around? Make your best buddy into a Ty Beanie Baby! This 90s-themed look is a must for any millennial’s mutt and easy as pie! It’s also not as restrictive as other canine costumes, as the DIY tag attaches to your pup’s collar with a ribbon or string.

Trace the classic heart shape of the tag and cut it out, ensuring the edges are smooth so your pup doesn’t suffer any pokes. Lightly outline the “ty” letters in the proper shape and fill in the rest of the space with red marker or paint. Want a more authentic look? Color a gold or yellow border around the heart’s edge. Next, punch out a small hole in the upper lefthand corner and tie the tag to your pup’s collar.

For an extra cute effect, form a double-heart shape that folds over like a real “ty” tag and add personalized bits about your barker inside!

13. Sniffin’ Superhero

A few scraps of leftover fabric or felt make for a simple, no-frills superhero costume for canines. Two short strips can be tied around your Rover’s front paws as wristlets, and one longer, thicker strand can be made into a mutt mask by cutting out eye holes. Just leave your pooch plenty of room to see and tie the strip around your hound’s head. Tada! No sewing is needed!

The look may not last long, but it’s great for a photo-op.

Want to make your mutt into a ninja turtle doggo? Create a turtle shell backpack out of leftover fabric! That’ll require some sewing skills and creativity, but it will make a memorable final look!

Halloween Dog Safety Tips

dog costumes

Halloween offers howlin’ good fun, haunts, and hahas with your hound, but it’s important to keep safety in mind to keep the paw party rolling. Follow these golden rules to make your Halloween as dog-friendly as possible:

  • Leash your dog when walking or trick-or-treating. A good leash protects your pooch from harm and complies with local laws, as most jurisdictions require dogs to be leashed in public places. Halloween isn’t the time to test your ruff’s recall. All that does is risk a runaway dog, dog theft, or worse. Keep it safe, and use that leash. You can even incorporate it into a cute costume, like a mutt marionette!
  • Use reflective or light-up gear when out with your doggo at night. LED light-up collars and leashes make your costumed cutie more than visible to passing motorists and people at night, making your howlin’ outing much safer. Best of all, that bit of glow can really make your canine’s creative costume shine!
  • Avoid scary costumes and decorations. Costumes for dogs and people aren’t always cute, with many featuring masks, wigs, and hats that can frighten your four-footer, including DIY costumes. Decorations are another scary trigger for sniffers, as most have flashing lights, spooky sound effects, or creepy appearances. Skip these around your ruff rather than risk scaring him. Remember: A frightened floof may run off or bite!
  • Keep an eye on the weather and adjust your plans accordingly. Pet costumes can quickly lead to overheating hounds, especially if it’s warm outside. Similarly, many outfits (particularly last-minute costumes) are thin, offering little insulation to your canine in cold weather. You also don’t want to be caught walking your woofer in the rain or snow! Match your mutt’s howlin’ agenda to the forecast.
  • Only participate in activities that match your mutt’s personality. While a social butterfly sniffer may appreciate canine costume contests and pet parades, an anxious doggo likely won’t. Other pups may find dressing up in a costume fun, and others may get stressed out wearing a new outfit. Plan your holiday festivities around your canine’s comfort level to ensure a fuss-free, fun day.
  • Adjust your Halloween plans to your pup’s health. We understand wanting to have the most clever costume to show off, but it’s important to ensure you’re considering your dog’s health. For example, a costume for dogs that’s heavy or bulky can put unnecessary stress on an older doggo’s stiff joints or make it harder for him to sit comfortably. Another costume from scratch may incorporate the cone collar your pup is wearing after surgery, but your dog may not be up for the day’s adventures while healing. Just keep what’s best for your barker’s health front and center.
  • Don’t let your doggo loose around trick-or-treaters. We know you’re eager to show the cuteness overload of your pupperino to the world, but only some people teach kids to interact safely with dogs. Rough petting and screeching kiddos may leave your pooch less than patient. Don’t risk your woof’s wellness and peace of pupper mind. Let him show off his spiffy craft closet creation out of children’s reach. Make sure he gets plenty of treats for hamming it up, too!
  • Double-check doors and gates. Halloween is a holiday that can transform your house or yard into a revolving door of guests. Unfortunately, not all visitors click the door or gate, potentially allowing your pup to take off like a lightning bolt into the night.
  • Help your Rover relax, if necessary. Halloween’s a time of spooky sights, sounds, and visitors — three things that don’t mesh well with a worry-wart woofer. Teaching your dog to relax before the holiday is ideal, but some doggos need extra help settling with calming supplements or collars. You can also try a Thundershirt or dog anxiety toys that put your mutt’s mind to work, distracting him!
  • Don’t feed your canine candy. Chocolate is one of many toxic ingredients to dogs found in candy. Another is Xylitol, an artificial sweetener that makes mutts seriously sick. Often found in sugar-free gum and peanut butter, this ingredient is super sneaky and sometimes called wood sugar or birch sugar, making it even harder to spot in human foods! Skip human candy entirely with your woof and opt for DIY dog cookies or cake pops as the day’s sniffer snack.
  • Monitor your mutt. Like most holidays, Halloween has hound hazards, from toxic candy to bags that can suffocate curious canines. Even DIY costumes for dogs can be dangerous, with a stray piece of cloth quickly becoming an obstruction or choking risk. That adorable costume from the store poses a threat, too, if your canine catches his neck on something and the Velcro fastener doesn’t give way. Avoid holiday heartbreak and watch your woofer closely.


Do you have any of your own ideas for last minute dog Halloween costumes? Share them in the comments below!

If you need a quick and easy last-minute dress-up option for your pooch, make sure to read our DIY Halloween bandana & dress-up ideas that can be stitched together with a sewing machine quickly.

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