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Today we’re reviewing Simply Nourish dog food to help you decide whether or not it’s a good choice when it comes to feeding your beloved pup.

History & Background

Simply Nourish is a line of dog food sold exclusively by PetSmart and promises wholesome, healthy ingredients for your canine.

PetSmart claims that Simply Nourish uses natural ingredients only, avoiding harmful additives that can commonly be found in other dog foods. They pride themselves on not using artificial dyes or additives at all.

Simply Nourish is an US-based dog food, manufactured by American Nutrition. They manufacture in three locations: Woodland, WA, Ogden, UT, and Hazelton, PA.

American Nutrition was founded in 1972. They are a quality and trusted manufacturer, and consistently meet USDA, FDA, and AAFCO standards.

There have been no Simply Nourish dog food recalls, to our knowledge – although there have been recalls of Simply Nourish’s pet treats.

Simply Nourish Dry Dog Food Formulas

Simply Nourish offers a variety of dog food formulas. We’ll cover some of the main types of dog food in the Simply Nourish line below.

Simply Nourish has a decent selection of dry dog food formulas – we counted over 25 variations.

Types of Simply Nourish dry kibble include:

1. Simply Nourish (Standard)

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Simply Nourish (Standard)

Simply Nourish’s classic line of dry dog food featuring a standard protein (chicken or lamb) with a healthy, wholesome grain.

The standard Simply Nourish formula features relatively affordable recipes with lamb and chicken as main protein options, alongside healthy grains like oatmeal or brown rice. The standard Simply Nourish recipes come in several variations based on your dog’s breed and age.

  • Lamb & Oatmeal / Adult
  • Chicken & Brown Rice / Adult
  • Chicken & Brown Rice / Small Breed Adult
  • Chicken & Brown Rice / Small Breed Senior
  • Chicken & Brown Rice / Large Breed Puppy
  • Chicken & Brown Rice / Large Breed Adult

2. Simply Nourish Grain-Free

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Simply Nourish Grain-Free

A line of grain-free kibbles that rely on peas and potatoes for carbohydrates, rather than traditional grains.

Simply Nourish’s grain-free formula features recipes that rely on peas and potatoes rather than grains for carbohydrate sources. These recipes have become less popular since the FDA’s report regarding the correlation between grain-free dog food and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs.

Still, for owners who prefer a grain-free option due to a dog’s issues digesting traditional grains, the Simply Nourish Grain-Free line does offer several options based on your dog’s age and breed, although there is not much variation in protein options.

  • Chicken with Peas & Potatoes / Adult
  • Chicken with Peas & Potatoes / Puppy
  • Chicken with Peas & Potatoes / Large Breed Adult
  • Chicken with Peas & Potatoes / Small Breed Adult

3. Simply Nourish Healthy Weight

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Simply Nourish Healthy Weight

A weight-management line designed to help obese dogs lose weight and stay healthy.

Simply Nourish’s Healthy Weight line aims to help overweight dogs shed a few pounds by relying on healthier, leaner proteins like turkey and chicken, along with a focus on complex carbohydrates like brown rice to help your dog feel full.

Recipes also include glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthier joints – a big bonus for older dogs, who are commonly those who suffer from obesity.

  • Turkey & Brown Rice
  • Turkey & Brown Rice / Small Breed Adult
  • Turkey & Brown Rice / Large Breed Adult
  • Chicken & Brown Rice / Small Breed Puppy

4. Simply Nourish Limited Ingredient Diet (LID)

Simply Nourish’s Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) line of food is designed to have as few as ingredients as possible, helping owners cut out any suspected food allergies out of their dog’s diet.

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Simply Nourish Limited Ingredient

This limited ingredient line features single source animal proteins and no white potatoes to limit potential allergens.

These recipes feature a single animal protein source, so that you easily avoid problematic proteins. LIDs are also great for conducting elimination diets. In many traditional dog foods, you may have a mix of animal proteins, like turkey and chicken meal, or beef and salmon meal. However, Simply Nourish LID recipes feature just a single animal source (so, for example you may have lamb and lamb meal in a recipe, but not chicken).

Simply Nourish’s LID line is also made without fillers, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. It also cuts out white potatoes and chicken, and is even made with NON-GMO canola oil. Carbohydrates include peas and lentils, rather than potatoes.

Simply Nourish Limited Ingredient Diet Recipes:

  • Lamb & Pea
  • Salmon & Sweet Potato / Adult
  • Salmon & Sweet Potato / Puppy
  • Salmon & Sweet Potato / Large Breed Adult
  • Salmon & Sweet Potato / Senior Dog

5. Simply Nourish Source

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Simply Nourish Source

A specialized high-protein formula with a mix of meats, with peas and potatoes serving as the main carbohydrates.

Simply Nourish Source is a line of dry dog food with a big emphasis on protein. Simply Nourish Source relies on a mix of high-quality animal proteins, featuring meats and meat meals as the first ingredients for a protein-packed formula.

High-protein dog food formulas are often great for working dogs, dogs who are extremely active, or dogs who need help gaining weight.

Simply Nourish Source is also a grain-free formula, relying on peas and potatoes for its carbohydrates. This may not be ideal for owners who are looking for a grain-inclusive dog food option. It’s also important to note that these are not single-protein sources – many recipes feature multiple animal proteins.

Recipes include:

  • Salmon
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pork

Simply Nourish Wet Dog Food Formulas

Simply Nourish also offers several varieties of wet canned food, with their “shreds” line as well as their “pate” line.

Generally, wet food tends to contain higher amounts of protein than kibble. Of course as a result, wet food tends to be more expensive per serving than dry kibble dog food.

Ideally, a mix of wet food and kibble is a great choice, providing a nice combination of nutrition and affordability.

1. Simply Nourish Shreds

Simply Nourish Shreds is the main line of Simply Nourish wet food. These recipes feature a meat + meat broth, along with veggies and carbohydrates, depending on the recipe.

  • Chicken & Rice Stew Adult
  • Chicken & Pasta Stew Adult
  • Chicken & Rice Stew / Small Breed
  • Chicken & Pasta Stew / Small Breed
  • Chicken & Rice Stew / Small Breed Puppy
  • Chicken & Rice Stew / Puppy

2. Simply Nourish Shreds Grain-Free

The grain-free Simply Nourish Shreds are a solid option for owners who want a canned wet food formula that does not contain grains.

  • Chicken & Beef
  • Beef & Vegetable
  • Chicken & Vegetable
  • Chicken & Tuna
  • Tuna & Salmon
  • Chicken & Beef / Small Breed
  • Beef & Vegetable / Small Breed
  • Chicken & Vegetable / Small Breed
  • Chicken & Tuna / Small Breed
  • Tuna & Salmon / Small Breed

3. Simply Nourish Pate

Simply Nourish’s Pate line appears to be single-source proteins. So, for example, while the beef recipe contains beef, beef broth, add beef liver, it does not contain chicken, lamb, or any other outside animal meats.

Simply Nourish pate also contains a healthy dose of veggies and fruit, with carrots, peas, blueberries, and cranberries. Carbohydrates include sweet potatoes, brown rice flour, barley, and oatmeal.

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Turkey
  • Chicken / Puppy
  • Chicken / Senior
  • Chicken / Small Breed

4. Simply Nourish Limited Ingredient Pate

Simply Nourish’s Limited Ingredient Pate relies on a formula similar to the standard pate, but with fewer ingredients and a bigger reliance on pea protein and sweet potato for carbohydrates, rather than grains.

  • Fish & Sweet Potato
  • Turkey & Sweet Potato
  • Venison & Sweet Potato
  • Lamb & Pear

5. Simply Nourish Source Shreds

Similar to the dry Source formula, the wet Source Shreds line features an emphasis on protein. These recipes have a mix of quality animal proteins from multiple sources, packing tons of protein that’s ideal for active working dogs.

  • Beef & Lamb
  • Chicken & Turkey
  • Duck & Venison
  • Beef / Small Breed
  • Chicken / Small Breed
  • Duck/ Small Breed
  • Lamb/ Small Breed

6. Simply Nourish Source Pate

The Pate version of the wet Simply Nourish Source features the same emphasis on protein, with high-protein recipes ideal for active pooches.

  • Chicken & Liver
  • Lamb & Turkey
  • Pork & Beef
  • Turkey & Bison

Simply Nourish Food Toppers

Simply Nourish’s line of wet food toppers are designed to be paired with kibble, enhancing your dog’s meal with an added dash of flavor and meaty goodness.

They’re similar to canned wet food, but use smaller quantities and are meant to enhance meals, rather than serve as a standalone dish.

Using a food topper and mixing it in with dry kibble is a great way to encourage a picky dog to eat their entire meal.

Food Topper flavors include:

  • Source Beef
  • Source Chicken
  • Source Seabream
  • Digestion Support Grain-Free Chicken & Pumpkin
  • Hip & Joint Grain-Free Chicken
  • Skin & Coat Grain-Free Oceanfish

Simply Nourish Quality

Simply Nourish dog food gets 4 out of 5 stars from Dog Food Advisor. As far as dog foods go, this is a pretty good rating. Good, but not stellar.

What earns Simply Nourish this rating? We’ll discuss below.

Simply Nourish Ingredients

Of course ingredients vary amongst Simply Nourish dog food formulas. Today we’ll be focusing specifically on Simply Nourish’s Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Kibble Recipe, as this is one of their most popular formulas.

Simply Nourish Dog Food Ingredients:

Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Barley, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Natural Flavor, Flaxseeds, Pea Fiber, Potassium Chloride, Dried Chicory Root, Dried Carrot, Dried Kale, Dried Pumpkin, Dried Blueberries, Minerals (Zinc Sulfate, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Manganese Proteinate), Vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Niacin Supplement, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxin Hydrochloride, Calcium Iodate, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement), Choline Chloride, DL-Methionine, Citric Acid (Preservative), Mixed Tocopherols (Preservative), Rosemary Extract.

Core Protein: Chicken & Chicken Meal

When reading the ingredient list, you’ll see that chicken and chicken meal are the first two ingredients in Simply Nourish’s ingredient list.

Seeing the first ingredients are chicken and chicken meal is a good sign – it’s always great to see whole meats and protein-specific meat meals (rather than mystery, unlabeled meat meals).

simply nourish protein

Generally, owners should want to see the first 2-4 ingredients in their dog food be meat. While 3 or 4 is ideal, it’s quite rare, and those formulas tend to cost quite a bit more. Still, having two trusted, reliable protein sources is great.

Carbohydrates: Brown Rice & Oatmeal

Next on the ingredient list are the carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are a sticky subject. You see, dogs don’t technically need carbohydrates in their diet at all. They only require protein and fat.

A diet based too heavily on carbohydrates can be dangerous for a dog, and unfortunately many cheap dog food formulas pack their food with carbohydrates because:

  • Carbohydrates are cheap and plentiful
  • Carbohydrates help the food last longer and be more shelf-stable
  • Carbohydrates are needed in order to manufacture the kibble

Many modern kibbles contain 4x more carbohydrates than is estimated to have been in your dog’s ancestral diet. It’s estimated that past wild canines had a diet containing just 14% carbohydrates, compared drastically to today’s doggie diet of 46-74% carbohydrates.

Still, carbohydrates in and of themselves are not bad for dogs – it’s just the excessive amount that can be unhealthy. All good things in moderation, as they say.

As far as carbohydrates go, oatmeal and brown rice are decent quality.

simply nourish carbs

Although some owners prefer feeding their dogs grain-free formulas, most dogs won’t suffer and can even benefit from complex carbohydrates in their diet.

The carbohydrates in Simply Nourish are estimated to be at around 45%.

As noted above, that’s still quite a bit more than the canine ancestral diet, but as far as kibbles go, 45% is fairly low – many kibbles have a much higher carbohydrate percent.

In this case, oatmeal and brown rice are fine carbohydrate ingredients, and are common carbohydrates found in quality grain-inclusive dog foods. Oatmeal and brown rice are high-quality carbohydrates and are a great pick, so long as you’re not in need of a grain-free recipe.

Controversial Ingredients: Canola Oil & Tomato Pomace

Simply Nourish contains a couple of controversial ingredients that are worth mentioning.

New Formula Update:

Simply Nourish has updated their formula, with the section below now invalid – Simply Nourish’s Chicken & Brown Rice recipe no longer contains canola oil or tomato pomace. We don’t want to completely delete the info below, as we think this information is important and helpful for owners when assessing various dog foods.

In the new recipe, there is only one semi-controversial ingredient – pea fiber. Pea fiber contains a mix of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber from pea hulls. Pea fiber is actually an agricultural by-product, and while is offer some fiber, there is no other nutritional value for dogs in pea fiber.

Even with pea fiber included, it’s so low on the ingredient that there’s likely no concern for owners.

Simply Nourish Controversial Ingredient (Old Formula)

simply nourish controversial

The first is canola oil.

In this formula, canola oil is listed as the 7th ingredient. Why do some folks have an issue with canola oil? Largely because it can (but not always is) derives from genetically modified rapeseed.

Rape seed oil is considered toxic because it contains erucic – a poisonous substance. However,  canola oil only has trace amounts of erucic. Still, detractors claim that canola oil can lead to nervous system issues, blindness, immune disorders, and other health problems.

Ultimately, there isn’t enough research to say for sure how good or bad canola oil is.

The thing is… you probably use canola oil in your own cooking. It’s quite common. So unless you’re really 100% committed to having no genetically modified foods in you or your dog’s diet, it probably isn’t anything to stress out about too much.

In fact, some people even say canolia oil can be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. So we aren’t ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater quite yet.

Now ideally – yes, you’d rather see fish oil in your dog’s food over canola oil. Why is fish oil preferred? Fish oil contains EPA and DHA – two fatty acids that have a high bio-availability to dogs (and humans too) with positive effects.

While fish oil is preferred, most agree that even plant-based omega-3 fatty acids are better than none at all, so there are still plenty in favor of canola oil depending on what camp you talk to.

Tomato pomace is the other controversial ingredient – it’s the 6th product in this formula. So what exactly is tomato pomace? It’s the by-product that happens as a result of processing tomatoes into soups, ketchup, juice, etc. Basically, it’s tomato leftovers.

Some would tell you tomato pomace is a cheap dog food filler. Fillers are generally frowned upon, as they’re a cheap way for dog food companies to make their content numbers look more impressive and decrease production costs. However, others say tomato pomace is a great source of fiber and don’t have an issue with it.

Whether or not you’re pro tomato pomace, truth be told, there is likely so little that it’s not liable to make a big difference in the quality of the dog food.

In some other dog food formulas, you may see tomato pomace higher on the ingredient list – in that case you may want to be more concerned.

Ingredients: Flaxseed & Chicory Root

Flaxseed is another ingredient in the Simply Nourish formula. This is good to see, as flaxseed is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed is also another great source of fiber for Fido!

Chicory root can also be found in the Simply Nourish food. Chicory root is rich in inulin — another natural source of soluble dietary fiber. Chicory root is also a prebiotic that can help promote healthy bacteria to aid in your dog’s digestion.

Ingredients: Veggies & Fruits

Simply Nourish uses whole foods in their formulas – and the decent list of whole vegetables and fruits is great for any owner to see.

This formula contains carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and blueberries – wholesome, real fruits and veggies for your pooch!

simply nourish fruits and veggies

Advantages of Simply Nourish

Simply Nourish uses high-quality ingredients and lists real meat proteins as their first ingredients, which is a core component of good dog food.

The inclusion of whole fruits and vegetables, plus the lack of color dyes and additives, gets a big thumbs up. Simply Nourish makes big claims saying that they provide healthy, nutritious dog food with only real, authentic ingredients. I think they live up to these standards quite well.

Simply Nourish also comes from a trusted manufacturer based in the US, which is always a plus. This tends to be a brand that’s popular with fans of PetSmart.

We also love that Simply Nourish has such a variety of formulas – from large breed to limited ingredient, they have something for any and every pooch.

Disadvantages to Simply Nourish

There have been some reports of owners finding maggots or worms in the kibble upon opening. This can happen when a bag is compromised (aka rips or tears) at a manufacturing factory.

While this isn’t extremely common, it happens enough that owners should be on the lookout and always examine the kibble prior to letting your dog dig in.

This issue has mostly been reported when purchasing Simply Nourish from 3rd party providers with questionable sellers. To be safe, we’d recommend ordering Simply Nourish from Chewy or PetSmart only – not Amazon, where some compromised bags have been sent out.

Simply Nourish Review: Final Thoughts

Simply Nourish is a solid dog food option for ingredient-conscious owners looking for nutritious kibble for their canine.

Simply Nourish delivers on their promise of wholesome, real ingredients. Their food features a good percentage of protein with complex carbohydrates that are superior to the standard wheat and grain carbohydrates found elsewhere.

The lack of any recent recalls means owners can rest relatively easy – there is the concern over bug-contaminated kibble, but we think as long as you check bags for tears or openings prior to feeding, you should be fairly safe.

We love Simply Nourish a 4 out of 5 star rating. Not the best on the market, but pretty decent quality at a reasonable price.

Order Simply Nourish at PetSmart

Eager to try Simply Nourish? You can find it a PetSmart or can order it on PetSmart’s website online.

Let us know – what do you think of Simply Nourish? Share your experiences in the comments!

Disclaimer: K9 of Mine is unable to purchase every dog food reviewed in person. Instead, we rely on copious amounts of research and user feedback to inform our reviews. We use information provided from manufacturers as well as third-party sources to provide a thorough overview of various dog food brands.

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Meg Marrs

Meg Marrs is the Founder and Director of Marketing at K9 of Mine. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! She loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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  1. Rhonda Sweeney Avatar
    Rhonda Sweeney

    You write in the “Ingredients: Flaxseed and Chicory root”; “Chicory root can also be found in the Simply Nourish food. Chicory root is rich in insulin – another natural source of soluble dietary fiber. Chicory root is also a prebiotic that can help promote healthy bacteria to aid in your dog’s digestion.”

    I think you mean INULIN not insulin. Two totally different substances and for people who don’t know really misleading.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Rhonda.
      You’re 100% correct — it was just a typo that I missed.
      I’ve fixed it and appreciate you pointing out the mistake.

  2. Juanita Avatar

    I switched my dog to this brand a a couple months ago and I love it. His poops don’t smell as bad and he healthy as ever! I use the wet dog food so he’ll take his vitamins.

  3. Tessa Avatar

    My dog loves the beef & veggie shreds. She has allergies (peas, rice, chicken). It is very hard to find a wet dog food she can eat. Shreds is perfect except that I have to pick out the peas. My only complaint is availability. The Petsmart shelves are often empty. I have to really stock up when I find it.

  4. Cathy Avatar

    Has anyone asked about their dog smelling like cat pee after eating the LID food?
    I know another brand got those comments.
    Also, my puppy has bad gas since I started this brand

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Cathy.
      Well, the gas thing can happen with just about any food. But I’ve never heard of a food making dogs smell like cat urine.
      Maybe one of our readers has, though!

  5. Kim T Santre Avatar
    Kim T Santre

    Can you tell me why you put salt in your dog treats? I couldn’t figure out why my dog was drinking more bowls of water in one day that I’ve never seen her do before. When having to go to the veterinarian for her new shots they did blood work she then called me and asked me if there was any changes in what I fed her and the only thing I could come up with was dog treats and when I told her what dog treat I had changed she said stop giving them to her she said there was so much salt in them I’m seeing a change in her blood test and this is not a good thing. So I guess the only question is I have is why do you have to put salt in a dog treat it is so unnecessary and so unhealthy for a dog because I don’t want my dog become a diabetic so now I have to stop giving her your treats

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Kim.
      Sorry, but you’re mistaking us with another entity. We’re K9 of Mine (hello!).
      I am pretty sure Simply Nourish is produced exclusively for PetSmart now, so I believe you’ll want to contact them.

      But we’re sorry to hear about your pooch and hope everything works out OK!

  6. Randy Ferrie Avatar
    Randy Ferrie

    Something I don’t see mentioned is the lack of a recycling symbol on the large bags. I buy 4 a month and that’s a lot of plastic waste. I’m told our recyclers discard anything without a symbol.

  7. Brian Tulowitzki Avatar
    Brian Tulowitzki

    We have been using the chicken and rice formula on our 2 small dogs yorkie an maltese for years with no issues. Recently they changed the packaging and made the bag smaller. Since then both dogs have had horrible gas!!! I do not recommend this dog food, they must have changed the formula!

  8. Sandra Dean Avatar
    Sandra Dean

    Do you have any contact info for the company that mfgs Simply Nourish canned dog food? I need to know the MAX fat % in the canned dog food. Can labels have MIN fat listed. Thanks!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Sandra.
      Simply Nourish is manufactured by American Nutrition. Here is a link to their contact page.
      However, you may have better luck reaching out to PetSmart — the sole retailer of Simply Nourish.
      Best of luck!

      1. Randy Ferrie Avatar
        Randy Ferrie

        Thanks for the link I was searching for their contact info.

  9. M Avatar

    My Sister feed her dog Sam & my Dog nothing but dry food days & nights. Nothing else I know she’s killing them. If I had lots of money I pack the 2 dogs up move them too California I’m being treated bad because I’m disabled person.

  10. Melissa Schroeter Avatar
    Melissa Schroeter

    My dog loves the salmon senior formula, but due to it being grain free, I am not feeding it to him any more. Hes a larger dog, and I’m concerned with heart issues. Any chance there will be a senior salmon formula available any time soon WITH GRAINS?

  11. Adonna L Philipp Avatar
    Adonna L Philipp

    I have been feeding my dog the salmon jerky treats. He love them and I wanted to buy more but can not find them at Chewy, Persmart or Amazon. Have they stopped making them?

  12. Bibek Amatya Avatar
    Bibek Amatya


    We have been feeding our boys Simply Nourish for past 6 months with no problems. But yesterday I had trouble getting hold of their dry dog food. I was able to get one bag of their salmon flavored. when I asked the store associate at Petsmart, I was told all the other flavor was recalled. He said it had maggots and molds. Can you check on this and let us know whats going on? our boys love this and its not expensive either. Hate to look for alternatives .

    Thank you,
    Guinness – Vizsla 3+ and Riche – Lab 8+

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Bibek.

      I can’t find anything regarding a recall of Simply Nourish anywhere, but it may simply not have been reported yet or it may be limited to a batch that Petsmart purchased. Either way, that sounds like a one-off problem that I wouldn’t worry about over the long-term. Recalls are certainly not ideal, but they can happen to even the best manufacturers. They shouldn’t necessarily cause you to switch foods, although it’s probably a good idea to inspect it closely moving forward.

      If you can’t find the food at your local store, just check out Chewy’s website — they appear to have it available.

      Best of luck!


    This dog food has the same preservatives and chemicals as most of the others! I called Pet Smart bewcause it is supposedly THEIR brand – and they do not know or won’t reveal where it is manufactured. The person I spoke to said “some of it is “outsourced” and “distributed” in the USA. Very suspicious – “outsourced” can mean China of course.
    Their other brand, Authority has some cans marked “made in USA” and some other plastic tubs that are marked “made in Thailand”.
    And these brands are not exclusive to Pet Smart – they are available from Amazon, Chewy, etc.

  14. Monical Ivery Avatar
    Monical Ivery

    I love simple nourish is great dog food for my Maltese and for my Yorkie and for my chihuahua they love you I haven’t had any issues with it and I won’t change and put them on anything else. I will not change them to anything else you rock.

  15. Deb Pratt Avatar
    Deb Pratt

    I bought a can of Simply Nourish Turkey & Sweet potato from Petsmart today for my 3 1/2 yr old schnoodle to try. She liked it! Upon studying the label I noticed the company claims the product is “LOVINGLY COOKED IN THE USA FROM GLOBALLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS” Should I be concerned? Which ingredients? And, from where? If China is sourcing my dog’s food I definitely want to know about it. Thank you for any information you can provide.

  16. Felipa Avatar

    My dog has ate small breed puppy dog food for a long time here recently I purchased a bag and he got real sick. He went to the hospital stayed overnight was getting better when he was able to eat solid food he got sick again, vet said he was eating something that has poison. The only thing is this dog food. I have stopped given it to him and doing much better

  17. Jacqueline Clinton Avatar
    Jacqueline Clinton

    My puppy love the Simply Nourish Chewy Peanut Butter treats. We have notice lately that the treats are not as chewy as they use to be. Now my puppy has a hard time eating the treats. I don’t know what happen but please make the recipe chewy again.

    Jacqueline Clinton

  18. Ann Avatar

    It’s worth noting that SN has changed their formulation. They’ve replaced the canola oil with chicken fat or fish oil, and the tomato pomace is replaced with pea fiber. In other flavors (especially kitten) they’ve removed the methionine, another controversial ingredient. The new formulations are shown on Chewy’s site but there’s no mention on Petsmart’s site.
    Not sure if they’ve formulated every flavor, but I will be contacting Petsmart today to find out.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Thanks for the tip, Ann. We first published this article nearly two years ago, but we’ll make sure to note these changes when we update it.

  19. Diane Silva Avatar

    My six month old puppy is on Simply Nourish with Chicken and peas and potatoes. However he is exhibiting way looser stools than he should. He ran out of his other dog food and this what I had on hand as stores in my area don’t carry the other brand. What should I do?

  20. judy Avatar

    I cannot find the simply nourish turkey cranberry sweet potato anymore. Petsmart has no idea of why they don’t carry it anymore. My dog has a real sensitive tummy and that is just about the only kind she will eat. I have been trying other brands and she refuses and then doesn’t eat. Does anyone have any information on why? or Where we can still buy it?

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Judy. That sounds frustrating.
      Have you checked Petsmart’s website?
      I’m not sure if they make the exact formula you’re referencing anymore, but I found this one and this one, which both seem to be similar.
      Best of luck!

  21. Anthony Patrone Avatar
    Anthony Patrone

    Why are the treats from Simply Nourish made in the USA but the canned dog food is made in Thailand !!!!
    Can someone explain

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Anthony.

      It isn’t entirely clear why they do so, but many dog food companies produce their canned foods in Thailand.

      Note that Thailand enforces much stricter quality-control and safety standards than some other countries, such as China.

  22. Leah Avatar

    I have recently switched to simply nourish and my dogs love it! I have concerns with their wet food grain free chicken and vegetable stew in 10 oz can. I recently opened two different cans and the chicken had a green tint to it. It doesn’t look right and I didn’t feel right giving it to my dogs. I threw the first can away . After opening the second can and seeing the same thing I kept it and I am going to take it back to the store. I’m wondering if this batch is bad. The sell by date is 07/02/21. NX2269/B728F. I hope you can look into this and get back to me.

    Thank you ,

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Leah. Sorry you’ve run into problems with your pup’s food. It sounds like you did the right thing though. There’s no reason to gamble with your dog’s health over a couple of dollars spent on a can of food. We don’t have any specific information we can provide about that particular batch of food (we’re not affiliated with Simply Nourish).
      I’d recommend doing exactly what you plan — take the cans back to the store or call the manufacturer directly.
      Best of luck! Let us know how it turns out.

  23. Jim Schultz Avatar
    Jim Schultz

    If simply nourish gets a 4 star rating , which brands get a 5 star rating?

  24. JK Macke Avatar
    JK Macke

    Our cat has eaten simply. nourish rice and chicken for 7 years . The shape of the food has changed recently from August 2018 to 2019. Why? The current shape looks like kitten food but is in the adult bag.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Not sure about that, JK. I’d recommend calling the manufacturer if it concerns you.
      Thanks for reading!

  25. Kim Stiebing Avatar
    Kim Stiebing

    I recently bought a bag of your small breed puppy food.
    Chichenand brown rice recipe.
    I found the the kibble had what looks to be small toothpick like sticks sticking out of each piece of food.
    I bought this at pet smart in Carson City NV.
    I returned it to the store. But manager did not seem to conerned.
    I am. One of those pieces got stuck in my pups gums… Not ok
    I’ve been praying nothing bad happens on the inside of my pup

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Kim. That’s definitely troubling! Glad you noticed the problem, and we certainly hope your pooch will be fine.

      Do understand that we are not affiliated with Simply Nourish in any way. We simply provide reviews and information about a variety of products for dogs.

      I’d recommend reaching out to the manufacturer and sharing your story. I imagine they’d be eager to try to rectify the situation.

      Please let us know how they respond — customer service is one of the (many) criteria we consider when we’re reviewing products.

      Best of luck!

  26. Fred Perry Avatar
    Fred Perry

    This was very helpful. Thank you. Question: I bought their bacon & cheese soft chews dog treat. I notice that that it contains salt. Should I no longer buy that treat bc of the salt? Thanks.

  27. Terry Parker Avatar
    Terry Parker

    Why can I not find the Simply Nourish Lamb and Peas dog food in anything but he 30 pound bag. Why is nothing smaller offered as it was a while back?

  28. Michael Blaisdell Avatar
    Michael Blaisdell

    What I am curious about is the amount of Vitamins in each bag. I just want to make sure my dogs are not getting too much Viamin D

  29. Melissa Schroeter Avatar
    Melissa Schroeter

    I was looking for a senior dog food with a fish protein, as my dog is allergic to chicken, and many senior foods I’ve found, contain chicken. He took to this food really well. I was feeding another brand, but it was getting expensive. This food is economically priced, my dog likes it, and I am happy with the ingredients so we definitely will be sticking with this brand for a while.

  30. Burt Litton Avatar
    Burt Litton

    I bought a couple cans of the Essential which are a little smaller. Dog loves it. I started reading the label and it says made in Thailand. Shocked me since I thought it was manufactured in u s. Bought it at Pet Smart. Any thoughts.

    1. Sheila Avatar

      The pet food itself is manufactured in Pa. Utah and Wa. Could be bagged Maybe packaged overseas. (This should not happen) They do it with our food etc. Read labels carefully, and tell your Congress to keep manufacturing (Everything here in USA) We cannot support overseas with our food.

  31. Wendy Avatar

    I was actually recommended to try this brand by Chewy and they also sale it

    1. Trish Avatar

      Chewy is a part of PetSmart, now.

  32. Jenna Avatar

    What is the amount of taurine ?

    1. Renee Avatar

      I would like to know how much taurine is in Simply Nourish food as well. It’s recently been revealed that the lack of taurine in dog foods is causing heart problems. Please advise.

      1. Ben Team Avatar

        Hey, Renee. Just wanted to mention that taurine deficiencies have been correlated with some heart issues, but they haven’t been found to be causal yet.
        It’s a complicated issue, so be sure to check out our article about the connection between DCM and taurine to learn more.
        Thanks for reading!

  33. janis federowicz Avatar
    janis federowicz

    why can’t I get the essentials tuna in gravy broth in a larger can than 3oz? Is there anyway to get coupons?

  34. mary kim burns Avatar
    mary kim burns

    is petsmart the only supplier on line in canada carrying this food ?
    they claim to not ship to my address in norther new brunswick :(:(:(
    13 YEAR old dashund on this senior small bread for years …CLoset sullpier is 3 hours away by vehicle …PLEASE ADVICE ….she is in the care of seniors who cant ontain this food .
    WHERE on line can it be found for shipping in canada

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Sorry Mary, this is PetSmart’s brand and only available from them.

      1. Lori Wrenn Avatar
        Lori Wrenn

        Mary try ordering from that is owned by Petsmart

    2. mallory Avatar

      this is also available from That is where I get mine from. well the large breed one anyway.

    3. Monical Ivery Avatar
      Monical Ivery

      I love simple nourish its a great dog food for my Maltese and for my Yorkie and for my chihuahua they loveit I haven’t had any issues with it and I won’t change and put them on anything else. I will not change them there food, my dog food rocks.

      1. Brian Tulowitzki Avatar
        Brian Tulowitzki

        Did you buy the more recent package yet ? are your dog’s farting like mine? I have the same small dogs and it’s unbearable!

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